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Boost Mobile 12 Month Plan $140 @ Coles in Store Only (Telstra 4G, 80GB Data, Unlimited Calls & Text, Overseas*)


$10 cheaper than Boost direct, and includes a free $2 SIM. Starts Wed July 24. Enjoy :)

*Unlimited overseas calls & text to 25 select destinations, and 1200 minutes to a further 30 destinations.

Click here for product information & terms on Boost website.

Offer valid Wed 24 Jul - Tue 30 Jul 2019
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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            @jakeyo: I am on a Telstra month to month plan. Do I have to move to pre-paid first?

            • @apprentice: I believe so. If you contact boost and say you are a telstra customer on postpaid they will tell you the steps to switch over. After a quick ID check they will send you a blank boost sim.

  • Anyone tried the trick of switching from post-paid to pre-paid first before porting to eliminate the "port-out fee"? Any trouble for either step? I'm on postpaid (month-to-month) and want to avoid unnecessary charges.
    (old discussion on Whirlpool https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2685158)

    • You actually have to transfer to telstra prepaid before you can move across to boost anyway I believe.

    • You will get the port-out fee either way you do it if you have one

    • Just got off chat with Vodafone (who I'm with), and they confirmed prepaid has zero port-out fees:

      I confirm that porting out your prepaid number will be absolutely free.
      You just need to purchase a starter pack from other provider, activate it and call the other provider to port in your number to them.

  • Does anyone know of a service provider that offers unlimited calls to Italy on a cheap plan, not worried about data?

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    Does anyone know if Boost allows call forwarding and if so, is it included within this?

  • will these work in an iPad for data only?

  • So we can now release catalogue items before the 5pm embargo?

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      No embargo on Coles, only Woolworths.

  • Does anyone know if buying this now and activating it in 6 months' time will work, or do they need to be activated within 30 days or something?

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      The one I bought on 30/4 expires on 17/1/21.

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    is it comes with unlimited data like belong, even though belong website says speed will reduce to 64kb/s after monthly data allowance I get full speed after finishing monthly quota.. tempting to move to boost…

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      I don’t believe you have a ‘monthly’ quota - you could end up using the whole 80GB in a month.

      • yea, hard to split it for a year..

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      If you get unlimited data on Belong, why change?

  • Is there any way to add more data if I run out of 80GB before the 12 month period?

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      Yes, you can add up $5 for 1GB of data.

    • Buy the bigger one up front if you reckon you’ll struggle.

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      Why not recharge for another 12 months? That is my plan, just means your monthly overall cost is higher over 12 months

      • If you are going to buy 2x12months recharges it's better to go for $300 recharge option which will give you 240GB data.

  • What about roaming?

  • Boost is the way to go!

  • Can boost users confirm if there's a proper voicemail feature with this pack? Quick look at boost's forums suggests so but my current provider Belong only had message2text and I need a voicemail.


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      hi boost user here on this plan. there is voicemail.

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      Yes I’m on boost also voicemail is free on 101,

  • Some people say Boost uses the Telstra retail network. How about Belong?

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      Telstra and boost are the only ones to get full access to the telstra network. The rest get limited coverage

  • Can we purchase this online and get the code Or do we need to go in?

    • In-store only. See here.

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        Was just about to edit my post to say this, couldn't find it till I realised it was on page 2 lol.

        A few takeaways:

        1. Go to normal checkout:
          Step 1: Hi, how you doing today>
          Step 2: Staff member scan $2 sim card
          Step 3: Can I buy $150 boost recharge, please?
          Step 4: Did price change to $140 on the computer screen?
          Step 5: Pay with Cash/Card/Gift card
          Step 6: Thank you, have a great day

        2. Cigarette counter:
          Cigarette counter. Asked for Boost $150 recharge. Did not buy SIM. Voucher code printed on receipt. Used code straight away on existing activated SIM, since I did not have any credit.Checked balance on phone. All seems good.

        3. Self Checkout:
          Picked $2 SIM and then went to Self checkout, selected $150 recharge under Boost Prepaid Recharges, price came down and free sim.

        • Thanks for the info!

  • Also interested in Roaming availability, going to US. appears my G4plus will only get 2g with Tmobile in the us.My usage mainly for local calls, so probably ok [ignorance is bliss]
    Rarely use data here. I am someones grandpa!!
    This deal Seems cheaper than Aldi so interested in their response.
    Difference between TLS retail and wholesale is significant for some.

  • Does Wi-Fi calling work with Boost? That's the only way I can get signal in some parts of my house, even in the Telstra network.

    • Yes

  • Thanks!!!! With my team member discount as well this is a great deal!

    • Staff discount didn't work last time

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        I can confirm it worked when it was $150, I did it a week ago for the parents.
        We did it on a self check-out. At first it scanned but the scanner light went red and froze up, then we pressed to go the final checkout/pay section, scanned team member again and it worked

        • I got ripped off then. I scanned and did not work.

  • I am seeing cashback offers linked with this deal. As above post …this was "in store only"… so how do we get cashback?

    • Click the more details - the cashback should only be for the $2 sim, and the monthly less than $40 sim options

  • Is it easy to port out of Boost prepaid? Do you get a customer number when you port in to this Boost prepaid plan?

    • I need to know the processes to port the number to boost as well.

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      If you are referring to porting out of boost, since it’s prepaid you will only need name, D.O.B and ID (licence or passport no.)

      You only need to supply an account number if it was a postpaid service you were porting away from

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    Just double check.
    So I buy this $140 from Coles and get $150 recharge 80gb for 12 months expiry, with $2 free boost sim.
    Then what is that in the Coles catalogue that shows include $40 recharge?

    or is it a mistake supposed to be include $150 recharge?

    • It’s a mistake

      P.S. did you see next to it how it has Vodafone $40 pack, then says 80gb 12 month expiry.

      I think they were meant to be swapped around!

    • Good spot. I think it's a mistake in the description. I bought the same deal last time (for $135) and it was exactly as you described.

      It's a SIM and a recharge voucher for this: https://boost.com.au/shop/150-prepaid/

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    Using Boost now a while near Montville, Sunshine Coast QLD and in travels. Always have signal and always have data. Data speed not huge but adequate and much better than my crappy Telstra ADSL which has lost 30% of speed over some years with deteriorating copper. Also running Kogan/Vodaphone deal on another phone. Vodaphone coverage has increased heaps since I last tried them and their data for me can be twice Telstra speed where I live BUT it just goes away for periods at times. How good is an internet if you just cannot get it? Also have an Amaysim/Optus service trying to run credit out, reception is spotty. Go for Boost I think.

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    Note the $30 SIM pack is also on sale for $15 with 35GB.

    One strategy is to get the $30 SIM for $15 (rather than the $2 SIM) and buy the $150 voucher for $140 at the same time. Then, in the first month, you use the 15GB bonus data. On day 28, redeem the voucher. In the second month, you can use the 20GB from the $30 SIM, which rolls over for a further 28 days (despite what it may say on the website). This then gives you 80GB to use over the remaining 11 months (7.27GB per month).

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    Does Boost offer roaming? I am travelling to the UK and US soon and would like to get this before heading off

  • Can be used to top up credit for the offer from last year?

  • What happens when it expires? And will there be a plan to replace this?

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    How come internet data is so cheap these days?

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      How come data has been so expensive all this while, and still is now?

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        The ones charging more are doing it because their customers are not aware they are being screwed.
        I just bought/activated 54GB/3mths & ulim calls & txts $15. :-) Over a yr that comes to 216GB @ $60.

  • Thanks TA! Bummer I got stuck on Amaysim via Groupon the the earlier 9.95 1 gig deal did not even work so am stuck with slow data and having wasted 19.95 by now.

    Was on Telechoice before and sure was heavy castrated system, could not dial some clients without prefix it kept on telling me that their number was disconnected.

  • Does anyone know if this Would count towards the flybuys 4 week shops promotion?

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      The Coles receipt shows the message at the bottom to say this week's shop has been registered. So that is an indication it works. I hope they don't turn around the come up with some excuses to classify this recharge voucher as a gift card….

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    Hopefully a representative from " ALDIMOBILE" reads this ,

    and makes ALDI pull up their lederhosen

    and offer a better deal

    • and better coverage?

    • Cant see why they need to. Just go with the one that offers the best deal. You know what customer loyalty gets you these days??

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    For those taking up this deal is it due to you needing/wanting to be on Telstra? Since Kogan Mobile seems to be a better deal. Not trolling or having a go, genuinely curious.

    • Kogan charges $152.10 for 85GB over 365 days, so $2.10 buys 5GB more.

      BUT Kogan doesn't offer VoLTE (despite its ads) so you drop back to 3G when on a call, VoWifi, RCS, unmetered Apple Music, or unmetered and free AFL and other sporting live passes, and coverage is a bit patchy in regional areas….

      • MELso - if you buy the larger Kogan plan it’s $310 for 40gb each month so better value. But I guess not everyone needs that much data.

        You’re right about Volte on Kogan, I’m currently got a complaint with them as they’re advertising Volte but not providing it.

      • Interestingly, or not, I just tested volte on Kogan with my Xiaomi and it appeared to work.

        I say the word "appeared" because no volte symbol showed on my status bar but the call was noticeably clearer, and the call recipient had the volte call indicator on his S10+.

        My understanding is that both parties need to be volte enabled for volte calls so can only conclude that volte on Kogan is working.

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          You shouldn't confuse VoLTE with HD Voice.

          Does your phone drop back to 3G when on the call? If so, you're not on VoLTE, even though you may be on HD Voice.

          The recipient can be on a carrier that does support VoLTE (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone or Boost) and their phone will stay on 4G for the call, even if your phone is on 3G…

          • @MELso: Yeah I need to do more thorough testing for sure.
            But the fact that the recipients Samsung S10+ clearly came up with the volte notification is reason to test further in order to confirm.

            I've never had a Sammy device so not sure under what conditions they signal a volte call, but there should only be one.

            Edit: I think you're on the money regarding HD Voice.
            Thought I read that both caller and receiver must be volte capable for a volte call but it seems that's not true.

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      Boost offers more coverage in regional areas which I need, and I need to be on the telstra network. This is a much cheaper alternative while still getting great coverage

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    Needing help with this deal!

    Say 8 months down the road my data runs out, can I simply recharge with any of their long term expiry deals to keep it going?

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      Yes. You could recharge with any of their deals, not necessarily the long expiry ones.

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      As soon as you recharge the 12 month plan you will loose the remainder of the 12 months free calls. The recharge will commence a new period of calls and data as per the chosen recharge option.

    • +1

      You will need to pace yourself and not finish so early

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    will this still work if i buy one now and activate it after december? i am with telstra prepaid now till dec. i know porting between telstra and boost, it's a bit tricky.

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      The recharge voucher itself should have an expiry of around 12 months+ to use it (I'm sure someone will confirm on Wednesday). Last time Coles had the same recharge for $135 was only a couple of months ago so perhaps it'll become a regular thing.

      The $2 sim will have an expiry but you won't need it anyway if you're going to port from Telstra.

      The process, while not as simple as porting from anywhere else, (especially if you're still on a postpaid contract) doesn't seem that hard. Certainly worth a bit of hassle if it's going to save you money. I'm waiting another couple of weeks to use up my current Telstra prepaid credit and then calling Boost to request the blank sims - will be buying one of these recharge vouchers this week for one of my numbers.

      There's a massive thread over on Whirlpool if you want to read people's experiences porting Telstra - Boost.

      • thx. i might just wait for a few months.

  • I ordered Boost $2 sim for my mrs and I yesterday :( It will be delivered tomorrow! Can I return it? or just throw away and buy these? Should I be worried of having 4 sim cards under my name?


    • The SIM cards are free/included in the $140 price from coles.
      You can just discard them after purchasing, you don’t need to register them in your name or anything until you activate them anyway

    • Only if Dutton reads OzB.

  • Dual sim question: any thoughts about getting this deal and having [this deal $170 for 150gb] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/470907) on standby for when 80gb gets close to zero? I guess this also depends on when the 150gb deal needs to be activated?

    Currently using ~15gb/month via Telstra. So 80gb will only last ~6 months.

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    Just an FYI for those thinking of moving to Boost. I have found it annoying that 1300 and 1800 numbers are not included in the "unlimited calls and texts". Besides this issue, I've been quite happy with the Boost offering.

    • I just rang a 13 and 1800 number and works fine? I’m on the boost $40 though, going to the $150 deal soon. But same inclusions just 80gb data over 12months

      • I'm on the $150 deal. The Telstra Livechat agent advised me that on the $150 deal, had to get an add-on pack. I'll Livechat with them again tomorrow and see if I was misinformed…..

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      Been on Boost for years. 1300 & 1800 numbers have always been included. No idea where you’re getting your information from.

      • I enquired on their Livechat and was advised had to get an add-on package to make 1300/1800 calls. I'll chat with them again tomorrow to confirm. It would be great if they were included…

        • +1

          They are included. Live chat person is misinformed.

          • @matt_will_fix_it: Spoke to Live Chat today. Although still not entirely clear response, I think it is safe to say that they are free, which is great!!!

            You are now connected with Maryjoy
            Sherman at 10:42, Jul 23:
            Hi Maryjoy, Are 13 and 18 numbers included in the UNLTD calls on the $150 for 80GB 12 month-expiry plan?
            Maryjoy at 10:44, Jul 23:
            Hi Sherman, the unlimited calls on the $150 recharge option is for Autralian standard numbers and excludes premium numbers such as 13 and 18 numbers. The 13 and 18 numbers charge against the main credit according to the rates set by the third party the number is related to.
            Maryjoy at 10:44, Jul 23:
            Some 13 and 18 numbers are free of charge.

            After further interrogation:
            Maryjoy at 10:56, Jul 23:
            You are right, other service providers claim that it is free but I want to set right expectation to customers. As this one is beyond our control since the rate is set by third party. While let's get it this way that most of the 13 and 13 numbers are free of charge incluidng the government numbers.

            So, I think they are free, but they just have to make it so confusing for people!!!

            • @Sherman: I rang Boost and asked about this as well.

              Person on the phone said that 1300 numbers are free as long as they are ten digits long (including the first four digits 1300).

              So to clarify, if the number dialled is 13 30 30, it is not free.

            • @Sherman: Because… they just don't know…
              The T&Cs should show it, if they don't then they can't charge you.

  • Do we get minis with this SIM purchase?

  • Would you say this is the best mobile prepaid deal so far?!?!