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Catch Connect 90 Day SIM Only Plan for $15 (54GB, Unlimited Talk/Txt, New Sign Ups Only)


Just noticed that Catch Connect has renewed this deal, couldn't find an expiry date this time.

Don't forget to get your $5 cash back from cashrewards/shopback which brings it down to $10.

Edit: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank OzBargain for creating such a great platform and community :)

What you get

54GB data allowance for 90 days
All your data is available from day one. Charged per KB

Recharges are at $89. Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation.

Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail. Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS

Expiry: 90 Days

You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier). This offer is available to new services only. > > Automatic recharges at $89 unless you opt out. Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation.
All for use in Australia.

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    Don't forget cashrewards.com.au $7 cashback to bring this deal down to amazing $8 per 90 days

    • There is no $20 cashback.

    • Also most likely you will not get cashback because this is "90 Day Plan - ID: 406c" as opposed to their normal 90 day plan, so cashrewards won't pay you.

      • +1

        Once ordered, I had it tracked in cash rewards within 10 min, the cash back amount is $5.

        • Yep you are right. It’s $5, funny it says $7 in the tracking tool.

    • Ok I just signed up for cashrewards. How do I do this?
      EDIT: Figured it out

  • Says $89 for me but if I open in incognito window says $15. Weird.

    • Perhaps you are logged in to your account so considered as an existing user and not eligible for this deal?

      • No I've confirmed I'm not logged in.

        • Good to know. They might have stored a cookie to make you ineligible.

      • can you explain this? i ported out last month and my account still have previous phone number..when account doesn't have existing user?

  • I moved from Kogan to Catch Connect and can confirm Catch Connect has way better reception.

    • +20

      They are with optus and kogan is with vodafone, all depends on where you live for better reception.

      • -11

        must be vodafone employee. We know as a fact voda only invest in city areas, and even then, it has more data blind spots.

        Why do you think vodafailed happened and their quota now is still double optus's!

        • NSW south coast, which has no cities, Voda is way better than Optus, which stops working every holiday weekend. Although Telstra is by far the best

          You must be an Optus employee I guess

        • I have better reception withVodaphone than optus….

          • @frewer: Same here. Though, as @demiurge mentioned, it is fully reliant on your physical location in relation to the cell tower / transmitter.

    • without mention locations, it's meaningless to others

      • +16

        "I confirm it's definitely better. Trust me, I'm an expert".

    • -1

      Did you have roaming enabled ? kogan uses both networks

    • My experience was the complete opposite when I changed from Kogan to Catch Connect…

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought one

  • +3

    Thanks OP, my Lebara plan expires next week so this is just what I was looking for.

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    Be very aware and careful that you may face difficulty and significant delay when you're about to port out from Catch Connect to other providers i.e. Kogan

    • I just ported out from Catch Connect to Vodafone, no issues.

    • Did it twice in the last year. No dramas at all.

      • +2

        Lucky for those that didn't have any issue but lots of us are having issue porting out

    • +1

      yep, can confirm, i literally just now ported out from then to kogan and i had to call kogan up and get them to go through some manual investigation and all that shit. it was very annoying. oh ya ur the guy that started the thread. so (profanity) up. its not worth the value!

    • I ported 3 numbers last week. 2 numbers within 20mins. The one with catch connect took 5 days and many phone calls. What’s more, I turned off auto recharge, they still charged me. Now in the process of refund. Hope I can get my $35 back soon.

      • heard so many stories about auto recharge and porting…reluctant recommend to my family members and households.

    • I attempted to port out to Kogan on 14 Jan. It still hasn't gone through, but it suits me as I still have another number with credit on it. However, thanks for the tip, I'll allow a week to remind them before this other number expires.

  • ported to this just before christmas to port back to telstra via JB (giftcard + extra data)
    had zero problems porting out from catch connect to telstra

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    If you've ported out in the past and port back in, just confirming that still counts as "new sign ups"?

    • +1

      I ported out from Catch last year at the end of a similar deal. Ported to Kogan for 30 days and then ported back to Catch on another 90 day deal with no problems.

      • The last deal was worded “new customers only”

  • +1

    awesome! just in time as my previous 90 day catch SIM is going to finish early next month.

    12 month 4G+free calls for less than $50 total is amazing value! :D

    • Isn't there like a 30 day minimum you need to be off their network before you can port back in? Or was that just Kogan?

      • +3

        sorry should have mentioned I have a dual-SIM phone. I use the 2nd SIM to get a brand new service every time a new deal like this comes around.

        • So you just create a new Catch Connect account with new number each time and use that SIM for data and your regular SIM for calls?

          • +2

            @dazweeja: yes, I use the new sim for data and outgoing calls. incoming calls come to my original number that's on SIM 1.

            • @FeZZa21: Thanks mate. I've never owned a dual-SIM phone but now I'm interested!

              • @dazweeja: Dual SIM phones are great if you need a phone for work. My last 4 phones have been dual SIM and I no longer have to carry 2 phones all the time. Have a look at the Moto G6 Plus. It seems to be a favourite on here, I'm waiting for another good deal on one to come round to replace my Moto G4 Plus. I missed out on the last couple of deals.

                • @banana365: Motorola moto g6 play 32GB Smartphone - Deep Indigo is $249 at Big W or $247 at Office Works

      • Where did you read about the 30 day minimum waiting period? Thanks

    • How do you worth that out?

  • Hmm won't let me sign in, is this a different account to my catch of the day account? Should I make a new account for catch connect?

    • yea different account

      • Ok thanks mate

  • has anyone found the end of deal date yet and activate by date? thanks :)

    • You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier). This offer is available to new services only. > > Automatic recharges at $89 unless you opt out. Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation.
      All for use in Australia.

      • +1

        So what is the date advertised in the promotion? I dont see one.

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    Beautiful. I have now decided to stop using NBN and use 2x sims. $70 for nbn is tooo costly. These deals alongside amaysim/kogan/telstra will keep me on the cheap :D

    • That's what I have done also as I have no NBN in my area. I am hoping these deals don't dry up overnight.

    • +1

      Just a note: The data is 54GB/90 days.

  • Does this work in a 4G dongle?

  • Anyone know if can port your number to a new provider if your plan expires? I'm on aldi 1 year super pack which expires tomorrow the 19th but I'd like to use my same number, just unsure if I can let plan expire then port or have to port while plan active.

    • Yes, you have some leeway. Kogan is the worst, you won't be able to receive calls after 30 days. I have Telstra numbers that are six months expired and are still under my account and can still receive calls.

      • Ok sweet, cheers 👍

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    Thanks OP.

  • +5

    Shopback tracking says $10 tracked.

    Thanks OP.

    • I says that the $10 cashback is only for 30 Day Mobile Plans. I'll get it via shopback then.

    • $10 shopback confirmed

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  • I am with Catch before then switch to Vodafone. Am i able to hit this deal??

  • +3

    I am ashamed to say I forgot to cancel the plan last time … so uh don't make that mistake.

    • +2

      Me too, I forgot to untick the auto payment and was charged $49.90.

      • +2

        How do you turn off auto recharge?

      • You could have called them and requested refund. I forgot the same with kogan and they were happy to refund.

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    Does anyone know delete account? After cancelling mobile service my Credit card information still there.
    How can I delete "Credit card information"?


  • Real question is - what after 90 days? That's where Kogan consistently does better. Bring on cheaper long term plans and reasons to stick on even after one year.

    • Jump on another deal. There are so many sim deals running around it's silly to stay on a long term plan.

      • +2

        It's a bit of pain, mate. Get onto a nice deal and don't bother about any activation or bills for a year. It's a pleasure. Kogan has learnt what people prefer and have encashed the opportunity.

    • Sorry you got that one slightly wrong about Kogan.
      The Small 365 day plan started out at $125 on promo and is now $162 on promo.
      They have cut back the discount from 15% to 10% on the small 365 plan.
      So Im done with Kogan. Thanks for a good ride. No issues.

      Belong Mobile is only $10/mth ongoing for 1GB plan with unlimited T&T and with unlimited data banking. And it sits on the Telstra network. In fact I suspect telstra owns Belong.

      • +2

        It's not just price which is important but also the length of the plan at that monthly price. The convenience that 365-days plan offers is invaluable as I mentioned above. Having not to worry abt my mobile plan or bills for one year straight, without any compromise in price, is a luxury that I highly appreciate after being with Amaysim and other carriers for several shorter periods.

  • how's the porting? i heard issue with porting…

  • PSA: Anyone having issues with porting or any skulduggery, vaguely threat the telecommunications ombudsman and watch them haul arse for you.

  • Damn! Just bought the Telstra sim for $8 a month a couple of days ago.

  • Can this be used in an iPad just for mobile data usage?

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  • +3

    Perfect, my Kogan 365 Days Plans ends this month.

    Will port out of Kogan for 90 days, and wait for a Better Kogan Deal/10% off Kogan Gift Card Deal.

  • +2

    You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier).

    I couldn't see the one in bold; what is the date advertised in the promotion?

  • I bought the SIM card on February 1st Friday and still haven't received it…
    Is this normal shipping times for Catch?

    • I bought one two on the same day and haven't received the SIM. Their support is kind of worst of the worst (service call quality is 1/10 quality of Skype/Viber and online chat keeps disconnecting and very slow to respond to each of your question) so you may want to wait for a few more days and then contact them for replacement if it's still not arrived. They said SIM is shipped out the next day but I wouldn't trust it.

      • I contacted them on live chat on Sunday.
        At first they said to wait a few more days. Didn't like that, so I gave them a call on their support number. The guy on the phone said sorry for the inconvenience and said they will send the replacement SIM card on monday with express post!
        Try calling them!

  • I was previously with Catch and now I've ported out to Kogan. If I port this back to Catch using this deal, would I be considered a 'new service' and would I still be eligible for this offer?

    • +1

      There seem to be a few OZB'ers around here who are sim-slutting between Kogan & Catch all the time :)

  • just port in with catch connect 4.90 plan …i have no expectation regarding waiting time but within 30 mins got ported and follow instruction remove the auto-recharge.

  • Anyone having any issues porting in? Our service has been in porting limbo for 2 days from Kogan, haven't had a issue like this before and the info given was scarce

    • Had that issue before as well it took more than a week for me. The best way is get yourself a $2 Telstra sim and port your number into Telstra. After it’s ported then you’re good to port elsewhere. Kogan and Catch are hopeless with resolving porting issues.

      • Yeah took 3 days in the end will keep in mind for next time

  • Can i port my existing number to this sim? Im at the payments stage with the credit card details but i have yet seen the port my number function. Can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      At the moment, you are probably just buying the coupon. They will then send you a confirmation email and a SIM card in the (snail) mail.
      When you go to activate the account, after receiving the SIM card, you have can select option to keep your existing number

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This is perfect timing as my Kogan 365 plan is about to expire and Vodafone has been quite slow during peak time (even with proper bands).

  • Perfect, I needed one of these for online gaming. Now I just need to figure out how to plug an Ethernet cable into it.

  • Might be a silly question - can I use this in cellular iPad?

    • Yes, you sure can