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Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150, 240GB $300 - Both with Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries


Deal starts today

Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out.

There is no word about deal expire or how long to activate the sim unfortunately

Critical information summary

$150 Plan 80GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
Chile, China, Colombia,
France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guam,
Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Spain,
Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

$300 Plan 240GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,
Canada, Chile, China,
Colombia, France, Germany,
Greece, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,
Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Kuwait,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia,
Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto
Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

Thanks cdawgz's link.

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  • $30 more than Optus 365 prepaid deal, this has extra 20GB and unlimited selected countries international call and sms, and also full Telstra coverage and speed.

    • +10 votes

      Well there goes Aldi's chance of me signing up for a lesser deal for $249 not that I use the international calls much but same data and call inclusions for 100 less.

    • You mean this is $30 less than Optus 365 @$180?

      • Optus $180 for $120 in store only.
        This deal is $30 more

        • OK my bad. I didn't see that other deal before. thanks

        • If you mean this deal, it's listed as expired.

          • @Osprey06: It's still on in-store until March 31.

            • @Wardaddy: Righto, thanks.

              Lazy research from me. Should have followed the link in the expired deal :P

            • @Wardaddy: Anyone know if this Boost Connection uses all of the Telstra 3G/3.5G/4G/4GX bands?

              And does anyone know if these connections are subject to throttling (ie/ max 30Mbps speed)?

              As opposed to full, unfettered Telstra 4GX connection?

              • @Kangal: It uses all bands, the whole Telstra network. Dunno about throttling.

                • @Wardaddy: Alright I did some snooping.

                  There seems to be a lot of users claiming that Boost is similar, but not identical to Telstra. It's mostly anecdotal, but there is enough "noise" to make this seem as a probability. It's mostly to do with top 4GX speeds/bandwidth, and some rural coverage. The consensus seems to be that regular 3G/4G coverage is the same, and 3G speeds are the same.

                  However, it seems Boost Mobile official stance is that they have true "full access". And some representatives have gone on record to say their coverage is exactly the same. That what you get on 4GX on Telstra will be just as fast on their Boost MVNO. This is opposite to other Telstra MVNO's that use the "Telstra Wholesaler" category to get weaker signals and noticeably lower bandwidth/speeds. It's possible that in the coming months/years, Boost Mobile's connectivity may get better as Telstra could differentiate themselves from it using their 5G Network. And the same advantages could come to the Telstra Wholesaler MVNO's at a later date too.


                  • @Kangal: They are basically reskinned Telstra prepaid sims

                    • @xsacha: Given the voucher recharges show up in the history as being done on m.telstra.com, there are references to Telstra Prepaid Plus plans in the Boost app, when at Telstra stores the Boost plan shows as a Telstra plan, you can't port into Boost from Telstra because you're already a Telstra customer…

                      Yeah, evidence is pretty strong on that. It's not impossible that Boost sims are lower priority to Telstra ones, though.

                  • @Kangal: I believe that the ownership of Boost is quite murky too. Most seem to believe that it is owned by Telstra, and allows them to compete with MVNOs without besmirching or cheapening the Telstra brand.

    • Is the unlimited calls and text just to international numbers or does it have roaming in those countries as well?

  • 50c per day isn’t bad at all

    • True. But can we buy now and port the number later and get the same deal? Say, 2 months later? that's when my current plan ends. :(

      • AFAIK, you can only port a number when you sign up.

      • Well, I don't see any expiry listed on their page, it's possible these are new standing offers (fingers crossed).

        • Like kogan voucher code, we can't buy this deal now and activate later, you have to buy this deal when you want to activate / port to boost.
          Yes, as you say fingers crossed when your current plan is going to expire and see whether this deal is available or not.

          • @Kas: But Kogan code is just a code u can use later. Yes, there’s normally short expiry depending on deals but certainly not right away

      • I'm in the same boat.

        I hope the deal remains available when it expires.

  • Thank you for letting me know

    I've been waiting for boost to have a 12 month plan
    You cannot compare boost (full telstra) to optus or Vodafone
    I'll be buying one this month

  • Geez, might jump on that $300 plan.

    Does Boost offer unlimited Apple music streaming etc like Telstra does, considering they use the same network etc.

  • I literally just ported from Aldimobile to Boost 10 min ago (the $30 half price sim deal). Would it be possible to change from the $30/28 days deal to this deal via the portal (at the end of the 28days)?

    Don't forget the other advantage over the Optus deal is that this one most likely includes wifi calling and volte.

  • Thanks, Do i need to buy $2 sim and recharge it later for $150 to get this offer? I am not getting option to pay $150

  • My Kogan 365 plan is about to expire. I'll be taking a look at this for sure. At face value it creams the Kogan plan (3 GB/30 days for $152.10 vs this plan, ~6.57 GB/30 days + international + Telstra network).

    • Kogan sells plans on ebay so you can double dip savings there. I got 40% and 20% off my kogan365/40gb, over the 12 months it'll be 480gb total.

      • Hi, mate, just wondering how do you get the 40 and 20 off, thanks

      • How can you double dip? The voucher you pay on ebay is for the actual full amount of the plan itself - not a monetary voucher? Or you talking about getting the Kogan Gift Cards on special (20% off????) and then using it on the plan itself from their website?

      • Kogan doesn't have international calls in their plans though.

    • When you buy Kogan plan on eBay using eBay discounts + eBay gift cards (that you buy at discounts), value is better.

  • Does anyone know if there are excess data usage charges or if data stops if the limit is reached?

  • Also the data inclusions have been increased on the existing $20/30/40 per month plans. E g. $30/month has gone from 12gb to 20gb data.

  • The $300 one says it has a 6 month expiry?

  • is this for limited time only?

  • +3 votes

    How long to activate?

  • I need to know how long this deal will be available and also how long after purchase to activate.

  • Does anyone know the purchase & activation process?
    I have a previously used boost sim sitting here, but am on aldi currently. When go to buy the $150 voucher, it states buy $2 sim with no option to buy the $150 voucher.

    • Looks like to buy a $2 sim and activate to choose this plan, then pay $150 at checkout.

      • So I can't recharge my current plan or switch to this one? Looks as though I'd have to port out and back in with the $2 sim?

        • Looks like it's a new regular plan.

          You can recharge with a credit/debit card, PayPal™
          or a voucher:
          • using the Boost Mobile App (available on App Store
          and Google Play)
          • type care.boost.com.au into your mobile's browser
          • at recharge.boost.com.au
          • by dialling #111# from your mobile

          But it looks like there's no $150 voucher.

          If your previously used Boost Sim is still active, you should be able to use the mentioned methods.

          • @kururii: do you mean no $150 voucher for existing customers?

            • @Triton: I'm not a Boost customer, so I'm
              I interpreted it as no voucher (online or in-store) is available for this $150 plan. You can be a new or existing customer with a payment method linked to your account, go online/app to pick the plan.

        • I'm an existing BOOST customer. I bought the $2 sim, but when I tried to activate online, I was prompted to call them. The guy added the $150 recharge option to my account and he said I didn't need to buy the $2 SIM card after all.

  • Boost is great !! The only Australian prepaid provider that also uses Wificall …..

    • As well as VoLTE and RCS.

      Unfortunately Telstra/Boost don't do SMS/MMS over WiFi Calling though, like Optus or Vodafone do

  • +17 votes

    The first time I see an unlimited call deal to my home Vietnam :D
    5 stars for this deal :D

    • I surprised as well, most of Telstra plan only offer 15 selected countries, but boost offers more countries even at low entry plan.

      • Because Telstra makes profit by letting their towers or equipment that is why they keep their plans expensive so people can go these third party vendors for affordable options. These vendors are sometimes seen as contractors.

    • That's the first thing i noticed too, i've never seen vietnam included in unlimited calls. Problem is i've just bought kogan's prepaid voucher, haven't used it yet though, wondering if i can get a refund?

    • Belong mobile $15 per month, unlimited call to VN too but only 1Gb data per month. Good for our oldies

      • The $150 deal is less than $15 per month

        • $150/12 = $12.50 AUD per month for roughly 6.67gb per month and unlimited calls and texts to most numbers within Australia and 25 countries. It is the best deal I have ever seen unless you only need within Australia and don't mind SIM/carrier hopping every few months with the freebie and promotion few month deals.

      • get the calculator out again ..

    • Australia not your home?

    • Indeed. Never see unlimited calls to VN. And this plan is cheap

  • So this deal is actually $152/$302 then!

  • is boost easy and safe to port in and out of?
    I remember reading one company was a pita to do it with and you sometimes got stuck with them.

    • Very easy, I did it with 2 numbers last month, took minutes.

    • From what I've heard Boost is fine. It's been around for a while also, so there's that.

      TPG is a nightmare to get out of and OVO can conveniently "forget", but boost should be fine.

      For the price paid and the service provided (Full Telstra) it's a no brainer

    • Is a little trickier when porting from Telstra to Boost IIRC. Needed to ask Boost to send a blank SIM first.

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