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Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150, 240GB $300 - Both with Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries


Deal starts today

Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out.

There is no word about deal expire or how long to activate the sim unfortunately

Critical information summary

$150 Plan 80GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
Chile, China, Colombia,
France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guam,
Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Spain,
Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

$300 Plan 240GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,
Canada, Chile, China,
Colombia, France, Germany,
Greece, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,
Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Kuwait,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia,
Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto
Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

Thanks cdawgz's link.

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  • +2

    I received my new sim within 24 hours by courier. Activated online and ported over from Telechoice within 10-15 minutes on the $150 option. Also registered for free AFL Livepass. This is a cracking deal!

    • Awaiting my SIM. How do you register for free Livepass?

      • never mind found the previous deal

    • I received my new sim within 24 hours by courier TOO. wont need to activate it yet.

  • Can you buy a $300 recharge voucher at Woolworths or Coles?

    • Good point. Will like to know as well.

      • Wait so do the Woolworths vouchers and spend x amount get x off work with these Woolworths checkouts on the boost recharge vouchers?

  • anyone else had problems with getting this activated???? i activated the sim and chose $150 recharge at about 3 pm yesty, not active this morning, rang them , they told me to ring telstra???, rang the telstra number and it dint answer,rang boost back and they told me due to backlog may take 24 hours to activate???? still not activated as we speak

    • That's weird. I just set up a second one for my wifes phone and it took less than half an hour.

    • How is it now fivefox did you get it fixed in the end. Some may take a couple of business days and there is always the chance the computer system or user error mucked it up and your order could have gotten lost.

  • Is this 80GB per month or 80GB for 12months?

    • For 12months

    • Think about it…

  • I received my sim today and for the activation probably I will be waiting for one more month when my Kogan 12 month prepaid contract end up.

    • Why would you even buy it from now? Who knows there is a better offer from other provider?

      • +4

        It's only 12 months and you're unlikely to find a much better deal than this on the Telstra network in that time-frame.

        • What I meant was during this waiting period of one month, why not wait until closer to ending of current period with Kogan?

    • +1

      You can buy the $2 sim card anytime from several places including Australia Post.

  • +1

    Has anyone confirmed if the 12 month plans have data rollover?

    • I read the critical information summary. In the table it says "ROLLOVER RECHARGE OFFER BEFORE EXPIRY TO ROLLOVER UNUSED DATA TO USE WITHIN YOUR NEXT RECHARGE".

      • I saw that as well but the "Rollover" row in the product table only seems to be listed in the monthly plan table and not the long expiry plan table. So possibly no rollover for the long plans?

    • Or.. can we rollover data from a 28 day plan onto the 12 month plan?

    • Rang their help line, they said that data rollover doesn't apply to plans other than their monthly ones.

      A bit late, but thought it would be good to put this up for anyone else interested in this deal.

  • Was literally about to go to the store to get the Optus $120 deal when I saw this. Great deal!

  • Perfect timing! Thanks OP signed up last night.

  • very interesting plans

  • Anyone know if I slip the SIM into a Telstra Prepaid 4GX USB it'll work without needing to unlock?

  • Is anyone porting from Optus Postpaid to Boost Prepaid?

    Spoke to Boost/Telstra portning support and they mentioned there was delays from Optus releasing numbers? Not sure how accurate that is considering my friend moved from Optus Postpaid to Boost Prepaid last night and it took all of 15minutes for the port to occur.

    Submitted the order at 6pm last night and its still not ported at 10:10am this morning.

    Any ideas?

    • redo or contact support to port. there couldve been an error along the way. my attempt to port via the website didn't work. after going thru the port with support team I was active after 20mins

  • Should I get this plan even though i have a Xiaomi phone which doesn't support B28 or should I stick with my kogan plan? Will the coverage be impactful on reliable connection to 4G?

  • Hey, can anyone help me please if this can be stacked for 2 years?

    • Called boost support only one year or 12 months can be done no stacks allowed unfortunately.

  • Anyone know if Boost can provide tax invoice for the recharge?

  • 2 questions

    Q1 If I wanna buy a sim for my housemate does he have to use his details to buy the sim or just to activate

    I am buying a sim for him now using my details but he is going to use his details when he actually activates

    Q2 Just in case because I forgot - will he be able to keep his current mobile number with no port over fees

    thanks ozbargain you are always so helpful

    • OK if you buy using your details then he activates with his details.

      Yes, no fees to port number - unless his existing provider charges.

      • Thanks this is the answers that I needed.

  • Anyone tried recharging for the $150 Anytime Plus plan and received an error? According to Boost they have inquired to me there has been a glitch that anything more than a $100 recharge won't go through. Therefore the solution they insisted was recharge $100 Anytime Plus and grab a $50 voucher to equal to $150 in which they'll have to manually change it to the $150 Anytime Plus.

    • +1

      Strange - we recharged $150 on our 2 sims last night / this morning. No issues (aside from data not working on my phone until I restarted, so I couldnt access the recharge site even thought my phone was connected to the network. So I just used the main website to recharge).

      Have you tried using the main website (where you input your phone number), rather than

      My fiance used, but I used the main site.

      • Yeah I've tried the main website. Just might be me who's having the problem. Thanks for that caprimulgus. Much appreciated :)

        • No worries, hope you got it sorted in the end! :)

  • -1

    How does the 80gb work?
    Do they give you 6.66gb per month with data roll over to the next?
    Or you can use the 80gb as fast or as slow as you want?

    • +5

      Obviously you have not read this thread.
      In short: you can use it all on day one but then you will have none left for the rest of the year (no method of topping up)! In turn not about what rolls over from month to month and is 80GB for the year total.
      This is plenty for general email use, occasional Google Maps and Browsing but certainly nowhere near enough for Movies, Music etc.

      • I see. Thanks for the clarification.
        I prefer the monthly plan but this deal is too good to miss

  • When and if we're offered 5 to 8 GB p/month, with at least 2000 minutes standard Aus talk incl. 13/1300/1800, and 100+ txt, I'll sign up longterm.
    I think Indians and Saudis get this cost level so we'll get there too hopefully.

  • +3

    For anyone having trouble activating this on Boost, I will share my experience with activating a different Boost service - perhaps following that will help. I got the $40 sim from Boost, with a new cell # (not porting). Even 24 hours after putting the SIM in and filling out the activation details on the boost website, the SIM had not been activated. Talking to customer support, they recommended I reset network settings (on iPhone, General->Reset->Reset Network Settings). After resetting and rebooting, the phone was up and running. Got the activation text message a bit later.

    Hope this helps!

    • So rebooting the phone is the solution?

      • Resetting the network settings (on iPhone) and rebooting did the trick for me. Might not apply for everyone, but worth a shot :)

    • $40 sim? so you only need to pay $110 balance when you activate and choose $150 plan?

      • Had bought the SIM before this deal was announced. Unrelated to the deal, but potentially related to activating a new SIM on boost.

        • Yes, I am on same boat, I have $30 sim card bought last year, not sure if I activate the $150 plan and lost $30 credit? or do I need to activate with $30 plan and renew with $150 plan. That's why I am asking.

  • +1

    picked this up for a family member. switched over from iiNet - took a few hours but was all done with a ported number overnight - easy.

    Was getting 2Gb for $19pm on Iinet with $450 calls. Now she gets unlimited everything just about and telstra speeds.

    Nice one OP +1

    • -1

      This is the best deal I have ever seen well for value but if you need something month to month belong can be better if you only need certain months or less than 12 months for whatever reason.

      Belong mobile plan

      $10/month base plan (unlimited calls and text within Australia and 1gb per month)

      +$5/month international add on (unlimited international calls and texts to 33 selected countries)

      Total $15/month

      Unlimited international calls & text to the following selected countries:
      Hong Kong
      New Zealand
      South Africa
      South Korea
      United Kingdom

      For use in Australia. Calls & text to standard landline & mobile numbers.

      Belong mobile doesn't offer calls & text to satellite numbers, premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), 1234, 12 455 & 12 456, or international numbers outside the 33 selected countries.

  • +2

    Porting from Aldi. Same network, same coverage, same quotas, $100 less.

    • +3

      I'm not sure Aldi has the same network as Boost. I don't think Aldi has the full Telstra network.

      • +2

        Aldi is second tier Telstra.

    • Telstra and only boost have full Telstra retail coverage.

      Aldi etc is Telstra wholesale coverage.

      Thanks for posting, bought $150 plan.

    • So, put the activation request through on Saturday. It's now Monday and the service is still not connected.
      Trying to call Boost is a nightmare, for some reason their telephone number was not routeable, so that's fun. By the time I got through to them (via Tesltra) all they could tell me is that they saw my order as Pending and it should be connected soon. So far it's after COB Monday and still nothing.

      Not impressed so far. Certainly not "most satisfied customer" experience.

  • +1

    Time to ditch Lebara

  • +4

    Bought boost sim from Officeworks for 5c yesterday ported over from ALDImobile last night no problem great deal

    • Cool thanks for sharing this info.

      • Dang - picked up my sim cards from OW and found out that they gave me micro-sims. Need to head back to OW. Was in a hurry last night and should have checked the package there! :-(

        • +1

          Had the same issue - OW switched them over without issue.

    • Thanks. I stopped by and got one. Note that several on the shelf expired in 2018.

      • Same as when I swapped, I had one that expired Dec 2018 and had to scurry back and swap it again.

    • +2

      Got JB Hifi to price match.

      • lol, good work.

      • Have u tried thay, cuz jb hifi dont have same sku number I think :(

    • Hi, just out of curiosity, the 5c simcards are listed on OW as 3g enabled, as opposed to the $2 simcards which are listed as 4g.

      Is this just a specification error or is it as it says?

  • great deals

  • We got a sim card $2 but how do we recharge?

    • After you activate

  • Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has an issue with Boost mobile porting your number from your previous provider to Boost?
    Heard someone complaining about how it took boost to a couple of days to port her number etc and was wondering how often it occurs. Thanks!

    • +2

      Ported from Amaysim, no problems. I activated/arranged port about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, and received text about midday Friday to say all done.

    • I had issues with my port where my number ported but could not activate on Boost. Had to port out and back in to resolve. Very frustrating experience.

    • Ported 2 mobiles from Optus from Friday early morning. One connected by end of Friday, second one connected on Monday night but had issue receiving phone call until next day . Very average help support, just try to push back and say porting can be up to 48 hours.. LOL
      Anyone has reception issue? Data speed is good when connected but from time to time its totally out of range and restart in metro melb.

    • Activated and the number was ported across in under 15 minutes.

  • Is AFL data unmetered?

    • Would also like to know this for the NRL app (assuming that there will be enough players left to start the season).

      • Hey team, I had the same question and found the answer in another deal here:

        Basically, no unmetered data for these services on Boost. But you do save the subscription cost which goes a way to buying the next recharge… Once you run out of data.

        I'll be jumping on the Boost deal once my current Amaysim deal expires. Haven't seen any competitors put up deals for pre-paid yet so until then, Boost holds torch for cost vs service.

  • I was paying $70 per month on an expired Telstra post paid plan with unlimited calls/text and 2.5GB data (which was enough for my needs).

    The Boost sim is now in the mail.

  • hi, does anybody have a promo code?

    • Yes..use this..BOOST1APR

      • cheers

      • What the promo code for?

        • Whoosh

        • April fools day joke (April 1 is April fools day)

  • +2

    Easiest port and setup I've ever experienced. Bought sim from the post office, stuck it into my dual sim Moto G4, activated online at 7.30 pm. They didn't even ask for my current providers account details, just my licence number. About 2.5 hours later it switched to the new sim, I used the Boost app to buy the $150 pack, done.

    Very different from porting away from….I think it was Amaysim to Kogan?….. For some wierd reason the account number they used wasn't the one that was visible on the user portal. Tried 3 times to port, only to be rejected. Add to which it was the mother-in-laws phone so any phone support had to have her there to approve me to speak on her behalf (a deaf 84 year old negotiating with an Indian phone jockey, yay!)…never again.

    This port was awesome. Great work, Boost/Telstra.

    • Agree - ported from Aldi at 10:50am and all done within 5 mins. Impressive - thanks Boost.

  • +2

    Great deal. The app is way better than the shitty lebara website. Don't have to worry about phone plans for another 11 months or so!

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