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Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150, 240GB $300 - Both with Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries


Deal starts today

Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out.

There is no word about deal expire or how long to activate the sim unfortunately

Critical information summary

$150 Plan 80GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
Chile, China, Colombia,
France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guam,
Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Spain,
Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

$300 Plan 240GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,
Canada, Chile, China,
Colombia, France, Germany,
Greece, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,
Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Kuwait,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia,
Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto
Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

Thanks cdawgz's link.

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                • @superforever: The website shows $2 to me for that one.

                  Has 5c promo ended for that one?

                  Or is it 5c in-store?

                  • +1

                    @prxy: 5c in store only, I bought it at Dee Why Officeworks Sydney.

                    They still have some left.

              • @prxy: yes, that 5c nano sim is only 3G, not 4G

  • Has anyone considered using this sim card as a cheap primary home internet service (e.g., couple with 4G modem + wireless router)? Would be keen to hear what your set up is like.

    • as a cheap primary home internet service

      240GB a year for home use?

      • +3

        Many people only use a couple of gig a month… emails, light browsing… they are paying for much more than they use but are unaware of it.

    • I am using a 200gb a month optus sim only at home with an Asus rt68u, and a Huawei USB stick modem. Runs very reliable going weeks without reboot. Fastest speeds I see 50/20. Most times about 30/15 or so. Ping always hovers around 40 to 50ms.

      Great alternative to nbn, so much quicker than adsl, and for our family use 200gb has never been a problem.

      • Thanks for sharing. What's your rt68u setup like? Dual WAN, with the USB stick set to 'primary'?

  • How everyone finds the network coverage in Melbourne and in regional Victoria?

  • Does the $150 plan include calls to 13 numbers and 1800 numbers?

    • Yes or should I say, I am on the $100 plan 6 months and no problems dialling to 13 or 1800 numbers (just checked by dialling both).
      Conditions are the same for both plans (Except Data Quota and the $150 has more Int'l Countries included).

      • Thanks…will go and sign up.

        • Whilst I am almost certain that 13xx number are included as I see people all over the internet stating that they are. The Boost help chat are repeatedly stating that 13, 13xx and 1800 are quote "These all are premium numbers which was blocked by Boost."

          • @Danam: Dialled all of them today without issues.

            • @Borg: I hear you Borg. I believe you are right. However the online chat just told me "I have investigated our terms and condition and please note that we wont be ale to make call to 13xx premium um number"

              • @Danam: They are wrong and just to triple check I dialled 13 13 47 (HP Support) for you a sec ago……not a problem. Plenty of 1800s and 1300s earlier and since signing up. All work fine. It would be silly of them to exclude as many numbers these days are those.

                • @Borg: I am trying to get them to admit they are wrong.

                  ME: "can you please link me to the relevant terms and conditions?"

                  BOOST: "I wish I could provide it however this link will never work on your mobile or any device as it is allocated only for us. this service not longer active with Boost, that is only for existing customer. boost has launched new plan which is not suitable to premium service numbers"

                  • @Danam: BOOST: "I can understand that our dedicated support stating that the 13xx numbers are not considered as premium number however we have received a update from higher authorities that this numbers are premium um and cannot be make call to that number "

                    • +1

                      @Danam: As a follow up to the confusion surrounding 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers - I paid $10 for the 7 day plan to test out the service and I had no problems calling every 13, 1300 and 1800 number I could think of that I may need to call in the future (around 15 of them).

                      The coverage and speed was really good. Calls to people on Aldi plans were noticeably much clearer than my old TPG (Optus network) plan. Calls to Optus plans were not so clear, but fine and what I am used to.

                      I was told by 3 online chat agents and 1 over the help line that 13, 1300 and 1800 would be straight up blocked on these new plans. 1 told me that I would need to set up a extra balance to draw from when I needed to make these 'premium' calls. I now believe there is confusion from the help team surrounding these numbers. They blanket consider all non 04** numbers to be TOLL numbers. All the business numbers I called are not TOLL numbers, and worked just fine. The online chat help were the worst I have ever dealt with. Every representative had a different opinion that they were certain was correct. The terms and conditions for Boost plans are seriously lacking in clarity, but I will still jump on the $150/12 month plan. The actual service worked really well.

  • Thanks OP. I port my number from Aldi Mobile to Boost mobile this morning and it took about 30 mins for the whole process.

  • +2

    I spoke with Boost Mobile today and they said that the $150 recharge included unlimited calls and text to the Philippines. Amazing. Going to get the sim today.

  • +4

    Thanks OP.

    I ported my number across from Lebara to Boost this afternoon. Activated the sim online at 2:24pm and port was completed at 2:32pm. Recharged via #111# using the recharge voucher purchased from Woolies this morning using egift cards.

    Net cost $2 + $142.50 = $144.50. Not bad.

    I missed the 5c sim from officeworks earlier so can't complain.

    • Is the Boost recharge voucher still available at Woolworths? Someone mentioned earlier that it was no longer available.

      • It was pulled off earlier when I tried to buy on 16/03/2019. But was able to purchase it on 22/03/2019 from manned checkout and paid by egift card. I will be buying one more for my son in a day or so and will update then.

        • Thanks. Let me know how you go. Do you know if this recharge voucher can be purchased now and used a month and a half later? What happens if this plan is no longer available when I try to use it? Will I still get this plan since I have already puri the voucher?

          • @dealexpert: Expiry date on the recharge voucher was sometime in 2021! Not sure if that's correct. Also not sure what happens if $150 plan is no longer available. But given the discussion in the thread, it looks like the plan is going to stay. And if history is any indication, it might become better by 2021. Don't hold me to it though!

        • sorry noob Q,

          is manned checkout the self serve one?

          also if you buy it in woolworths,is it you can use that bought voucher to get the $150 plan instead of paying through credit card?


          • @Triton: Manned is where a human checkout operator does the scanning for you. And yes, you can use the voucher you bought to get $150 yearly plan instead of paying through credit card. In short a 5% saving by purchasing $150 egift card via credit card.

            • @djshitu: Oh right thanks

              Also wondering if you buy the $150 voucher from woolworths can you avoid auto renew?

      • How do you use the recharge voucher as the only option to recharge from Boost is either credit card or paypal?
        Edit: i was referring to online recharge and found out have to dial #111# to put voucher in.
        Another question, how do we know $150 is for 1 year ?

        • I actually called up the customer service and they confirmed that $150 recharge "will" give you one year plan. I have recharged it my self and that is true.

  • Anyone else experiencing data blackspots in melbourne city loop? Especially around Flagstaff. Was fine with Kogan

    • +1

      Yep. Unfortunately, Telstra/Boost both terrible there.

      Optus & Voda and their resellers pretty good in same area.

      • Who is the leading operator for the Melbourne underground rail link?

  • Is VoLTE supposed to work as soon as the porting is complete?

    • All good now, took an hour to fix itself.

  • Hi guys, I am on an Optus Sim only 12 months plan which is about to expire. Am I able to transfer my number to Boost to have this deal?

    • Yes. Just grab a Boost Sim and port your number across.

  • +1

    Advice for BAD SIM.

    Bro ported over. Recharged, then put sim card in, but no signal . Tried on djff phone, no signal. Confirmed a dead sim.

    Call up boost, need to get them send out a new sim. You csnt just go buy a $2 and ask them to transfer over.

    Easier way is walk into a Telstra store, tell them dead boost sim, and you want a FREE boost sim, not paid one. (cs said laid 2 dollar sim won't work)

    Telstra shop can fix up this issue straight away.

    Sk dont wait for sim sending out which takes 5 days.

  • Has anyone been successful porting to Boost USING A TELSTRA $2 SIM ??

    • Unlikely as although Boost use the Telstra network, they are their own business and use their own SIMs.

      • Further to above and by chance came across this on Boost community forums (Extract below):
        "Boost owns Boost and not Telstra. Boost just resell some of Telstra's network.
        In some circumstances a Boost SIM will work in a handset locked to the Telstra network however if you’re ever unsure it’s best to check by calling Boost on 1258881"
        Main Point here is: "This doesn’t mean you can use a Telstra SIM to activate a Boost service or use a Telstra recharge voucher on a Boost service".

  • +3

    Anyone want free $2 SIM (Telstra or Boost) can pick up one from Melbourne airport international arrivals hall. (Next to vending machine).

  • So I assume the Woolies $150 boost voucher is the same as the this $150 online, right?

    • +4

      I just bought a $10 credit sim to get a 12 month deal. Be warned, don't do the same.

      Did you read here before what to buy?

      Everybody bought $2 or 5c SIM.

      • Dungeon Master has a point, though. It was a prepaid sim he bought. I'd have though you could load any prepaid sim with this deal too.

        • I assume he can just use it for 7 days and recharge it with the $150 voucher.

      • I checked 4 stores in the CBD, none had a $2 sim.
        From memory, the more expensive sim packs indicate you're purchasing a particular amount of Gb for a certain period.
        This $10 sim pack gives no indication anywhere on the pack that it can only be used for a specific limited plan.

        Did I read here before I bought?
        Yes, a bit, but there were 8 pages of comments and who knows if someone posted about this exact unexpected problem.

        Hence, I'm posting to warn others about some deceptive advertising.
        If that puts your knickers in a twist, so be it.

        • Original description up top says:
          "Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out"
          Regardless, you should be able to just top up your SIM with the $150 top up and all should be well.

  • Is it I have to do the porting Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm?

    • No. I ported on a Saturday morning and it was completed within a few hours.

  • +1

    Ok guys, so I bought sim from coles. Have activated the number.
    How do I get the $150 12 month plan? It is not showing up online for me to activate it. Help pls

    • Buy the voucher and recharge it.

    • This is a good question because when you activate it you are not given 365 day options to purchase .

      • Just buy the $150 online or from Woolies.

        • I activated it then after it was actually activated I used the pc to navigate to the "recharge " portal and then selected the $150 deal .

          Edit: took about an hour to port from Kogan (Vodaphone"

  • Tried five $2 different sims but get this every time..

    The SIM serial or service number entered is invalid or is already active. Check that you’ve entered the correct SIM serial or service number before trying again. If you’ve already requested to activate your Pre-Paid service, allow up to 4 hours for your activation to complete. When complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email, SMS or both from us.

  • Anyone tried port it on Sunday? Will it do it on the same day?

    • Porting only work on Mon-Sat

  • Port this before 12pm and received a SMS from existing SIM said Welcome to Boost your new mobile number etc etc.

    Not sure why it said new mobile number, chat with them online they re-submitted it again and now still waiting. (From Kogan)

    • Found out that instead of porting my number they activated a new number on that SIM for me. Not sure why.

      When activate it ask about "boost anytime plus" and no other option, is it just select this?


      Finally have to call Boost and use another SIM to port it again. Also I did receive the first email from Boost with my old number on it.

  • Anyone have experience porting from Vaya (Optus)?

    • Fyi the process is absolutely tedious. Well looks like I'll be billed another month

      • I’m looking to port my parents from vaya to this. Care to share ?

        • I wouldn't expect the transfer to be instant but it wasn't as terrible as I made it out to be in hindsight. I was also porting for both my parents at once, and I had some account-specific issues which I wasn't made aware of. I tried contacting both Boost and Vaya, and they kept just redirecting me to the other company. Vaya ended up helping me finally resolve the issues and the porting was processed, I think under 24 business hrs but not instant. I would say go ahead if you don't mind the 24 hrs (Potentially 48 hrs), my experience wouldn't exactly be representative. It may as well be instant if you did it.

          • @Bard: Thanks for the reply man. I’ve read porting from vaya is a bit of a pain. Even though it’s been cancelled some people are still getting billed - these were noted from 2014-2016 though so they may have fixed this issue. Did you just port over before the next billing period and they did the auto cancel ? Or did you cancel the plan on the login manager thing first then tried to port over ?

            • @.ady: Yeah that seems like the general consensus on OzB. I haven't been billed past the port personally. You could call them or live chat them to verify/confirm any amount due after the port and get a transcript as evidence. Should just port over during the billing period, cancelling the plan first would lose your number iirc. I didn't have my problem resolved quickly enough so I was like screw it, just ported during the beginning of the following month when the problem was solved.

  • +1

    This will be good for the NRL live pass??

    Telstra mobile customers get a 2019 NRL Live Pass* to stream NRL matches live, fast and data-free!

    Watch Telstra Premiership games live
    On-demand full match replays
    Live press conferences
    * Included in all Telstra mobile plans or when you maintain a $30+ recharge

    • NRL Grand Final and State of Origin matches not included


    • Just took a look and incl A-League and others. Nice. Just downloaded the app and sure enough free against my Boost mobile no. Thanks for heads up. Pity it doesn't Chromecast (but can't be greedy). Watching something now to see if it is free Mobile data as well (but works via WiFi regardless).

    • Thanks for letting us know. This should have more upvote so people know

  • My postpaid contract with Optus finishes on Monday. When should I do the port to Boost to avoid being charged another month by Optus. Cheers

  • I tried to port my son number across with the 5c SIM, the same happened (even with online chat).

    Received SMS from Kogan SIM (old number) said Welcome to Boost your new mobile number xxx xxx xxx and the same on the Boost SIM.

    My friend ported received a difference SMS "Thanks for choosing Boost Mobile. Your switch to us is in progress and should be complete within 24 business hrs.

    Totally difference message.

    I think the 5c SIM got activated on a new mobile number again.

    The agent said he saw that happened before. Problem has been raised already but still no fix from Telsra or Boost. Can only advise customer to buy another SIM to do the second time.

    • +1

      I think I know the reason why now.

      I should not put the new SIM in until the old one stopped working. (Actually the agent asked me to put the new SIM in)

      I think as soon as I put the new SIM in, it got automatically activated the new number on the SIM.

      I have one more 5c SIM left, have to do it again tomorrow.

      • +1

        Very strange SIM ported and activated this morning.

  • How long did you guy take to receive the Woolies eGift card?

    Ordered at around noon received the order confirmation and just received the tax invoice.

    • It usually take about an hour or so. But sometime may take longer.

      • Finally received after around 4 hours, all good now bought the $300 recharge at Woolies.

        • Cashrewards already approved, so quick this time.

  • +3

    Current lebara plan expired last night and couldn't get another reasonable deal with them unless I was a new customer. So I bit the bullet and followed the advice of everyone on here and went to my local Woolies bought a sim and a $150 recharge voucher using a 5% discounted gift card and activated this morning through the Boost chat desk. All ported over and running within 30 minutes. Thanks everyone for their tips. No worrying now for the next 12 months.

  • I want to purchase the $40 28 day plan which gives 45GB for $20 (half price ends today).

    Then before the expiry, purchase the $300 365day plan which gives 240GB.

    I have confirmed with the chat that the unused data from the $40 plan will rollover to the $300 plan.

    However, I was getting additional contradicting views from different chat reps.

    1) The rollover data expires within 28 days and the current plan data is used first before the rollover data.


    2) The rollover data does NOT expiry.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi,

      Did you get to know if the data balance would rollover and if it does, would it be valid for 28 days in the second month or 365 days if you rechrge with $150 one year plan


      • Looks like data rollover does not happen from what is mentioned below

        All to use in Australia
        Things you need to know:
        Any unused data expires unless you recharge $20, $30, $40, $50 and $70 before expiry. For these recharge amounts, unused data will then rollover and expire at the end of the next 28 day period.

      • Hi,
        I just ported my number from KOGAN today. I bought the 30$ SIM card with 20GB of data from Coles, along with the 150$ printed voucher deal.

        I activated the 30$ Sim today, with 20 GB of data.

        To answer your question, I was told by their representative that the rollover data from this plan will only be valid for 1 month from the date of the first recharge.

        And I am also unsure whether or not I will get the 15 GB activation data on doing the 150$ recharge.

  • What does the t&c for the $40 28 day deal say?
    They can't argue if it is in writing.

  • +4

    can confirm, you can buy $150 Boost Voucher from both Woollies and Coles. I bought from Woollies with eGift card, further savings!

    • +1

      Thanks for letting us know. Do you happen to know what the expiry for the voucher is?

      • Mine had expiry somewhere in 2020. Not sure if the plan will still be around at similar terms by then.

        • Thanks. That's alright; was just worried if it would expire in like 30 days or less.

  • Does anyone have experience with buying international roaming $5?
    I can't find option in boost app and they don't have a customer portal on website.
    Can I buy recharge from woolworths and add as credit then buy addon international roaming $5 with credit?
    I'm using $150 12 months plan. I only need to receive text message when traveling overseas. Don't need to reply or call back.
    Thanks in advanced :)

  • I see from the previous comments that we can activate and then use the voucher purchased from Woolies to take the $150 plan. In such case, what to choose during the activation process? Does it allow to activate without any plan (during the activation process). Just want to understand how to complete activation without taking any plan, and then use #141# to enter the voucher. Thanks.

    • +1

      Buy 2$ Sim, activate it with new # or port existing#.
      Once activated then recharge using #111#.
      (Recharge voucher of Ur choice)

      • So it does let us activate without choosing any plan during the process. Thanks for confirming.

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