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Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150, 240GB $300 - Both with Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries


Deal starts today

Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out.

There is no word about deal expire or how long to activate the sim unfortunately

Critical information summary

$150 Plan 80GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
Chile, China, Colombia,
France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guam,
Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Spain,
Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

$300 Plan 240GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,
Canada, Chile, China,
Colombia, France, Germany,
Greece, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,
Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Kuwait,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia,
Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto
Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

Thanks cdawgz's link.

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  • Before I mess this up - just making sure I have the process right - any help is appreciated!

    I'm porting 3 x numbers (1 x Telstra and 2 x Optus)

    1) Go to Telstra store and get blank Telstra sim
    2) Go to Coles / Officeworks and get 2 x blank Boost sims ($2 ones as the 5c ones may not work properly with 4G?)
    3) Jump on Boost site and activate all 3 x sims
    4) Once activated (or ported) then recharge each sim with required plan

    I've seen that porting won't work on Sunday (except maybe for the Telstra sim). Assuming if I process on Sunday, then sometime on Monday they'll switch over and then I can recharge each sim?

    Thanks so much!

    • This might help someone else so here goes;

      1) Port from Optus to Boost was done in 10 minutes. I ended up using chat and they did it all for me there.

      2) Port from Telstra to Boost is painful.

      Telstra shop at Broadway didn't want to give out or sell blank sims. Boost sent one out free of charge and to their credit it arrived in 24 hours.

      As my Telstra phone was on account, it wasn't a straight swap over. I had to call Telstra and convert the post paid account to prepaid (about 25 minutes with the slow rep)

      Then called Boost to register the new sim with the existing Telstra (now prepaid) number.

      Wait for an hour or so and the Telstra sim goes dead.

      Insert Boost sim and recharge.

    • Why did you need the blank Telstra sim? If you were porting 3 numbers to Boost, all you needed were 3 Boost sims (and obviously 3 vouchers). No?

  • My first $2 sim card didn't work - "invalid/in use' error message. tried to activate it initially from my desktop pc. Not sure if that was it. 2nd sim card I went thru the activation process entirely from the phone and it worked.

    Port from aldimobile was fast. About 30 minutes or so.

  • My Kogan 365 plan finishes today and started activating Boost and recharged $150.00 by paypal all done by 20 mins. Very quick one.

  • I'm currently on Boost Anytime Plus. Is there data rollover if I recharge to this 365 day plan?

    • Can't confirm, but I think this might just give all the data at once, instead of splitting it up.

    • Did your data carried over after recharge?

      • I haven't recharged but have bought the recharge voucher ready.

      • +1

        I have just recharged. I was on the following plan which expires today:
        Boost Anytime Plus
        20GB data
        15GB bonus data which I only used 5GB. So 10GB balance.

        I recharged on the 80GB 365 plan today and this is what the Boost app says:
        80GB expires 9/5/20
        20GB rollover data expires 7/6/19
        10GB bonus data expires 10/5/19

        • Thanks a lot for letting me know. So your 20gb roll over for 1 month? Thats not too bad. At least you will not touch the 80gb for 1 month after recharge

        • Great 'Boost up' strategy, for $15 extra providing 56 days with 35GB then increasing the monthly average data to 7.3GB over the next 11 months! :)

  • "UNLIMITED Calls & Text
    to standard numbers"

    I assume that include aus mobile numbers as well?

  • Activated my number yesterday. Attempted to transfer my old Optus number across and received a text from Telstra saying the switch from my old number was successful, then another text 5 minutes later saying it should be complete within 24 business hours?

    Just wondering if the same happened to anyone else? I receive texts when sent to my old number but my iPhone has found the boost number in the settings.

    Is it safe to use the $150 recharge yet?

  • I brought the voucher and got the receipt with the voucher number but didn't get a sim as I already bought a new $2 sim a few weeks back. Am I able to use the new $2 I brought a few weeks ago to churn my number and use this voucher or is the voucher tied to a particular sim I should have got when I got the voucher?

    • This is just a recharge voucher. You can use the $2 boost sim to churn the number.

      • Does this mean we pay $135 for a sim card with a balance of $ 150?
        When activating it, we have to choose a plan?

        • +2

          Not really as the SIM card has no value. its just a SIM. Method reminder:

          At Coles,
          - Grab a $2 Sim card (to save paying $2), scan it.
          - Manually seach products and select the $150 top up. Add it.
          Total now will be $135 upon check out.

          Activating: Either port existing number to this SIM or grab a new number.
          As the SIM has no credit, one now applies the Coles $150 voucher to it which by default is the 1 year $150 plan.

          Whether you use a Coles purchased or elsewhere purchased new $2 Boost SIM doesnt matter. Buying at same time as the $150 Vchr from Coles just saves paying $2 forthe SIM.

  • FYI it's a nightmare to port your number from telstra plan to boost! First you could not use the sim from supermarket, they have to send you a blank one in mail, and also have to call Telstra to do that, NOT boost. In the process, different rep will tell you different thing too. What a pain! You would same company would be easier, but NO!

    • This should be added to the op. Wasted time and money getting the $2 sims for the family as well as the run around by the reps.

      • I am not sure if process has changed since but a couple of years ago I was in the same boat and ended up going to Telstra Shop and the bloke fixed it for me in 15 minutes. Hope this helps someone.

  • Has anyone try this: activate a $30/$40 starter pack for 35GB of data, then recharge using this $150 voucher, would the 35gb data from the starter pack carry over to the longer expiry voucher plan???

  • I'm looking to activate this in October 2019. Will this plan still be available?

    • +1

      Hummmmmmmmmm……..waving magic predictor wand………hummmmmmmmmmmmm………wand not detecting what Boost may offer in 6 months time. Dam….silly wand :-)

      No way of knowing but it is a ongoing standard package so probably orhopefully something better will be around. Best wait until closer to Oct to see whats on offer as doubt prices will increase.

  • Activated my SIM on Sunday, 5:30pm on Monday and I still haven't seen the service confirmed or anything

  • Day 5 without Boost/Telstra being able to fix the problem.

    Give me death

    • Did you talk to Telstra porting team 1800 631 334 directly?

      • Sorted now, finally. It had been ported, just couldn't recharge for some reason.

  • +3

    For anyone wondering about data rollover from another Boost prepaid plan to this 365 plan

    I have just recharged and I was on the following plan which expires today:
    Boost Anytime Plus
    20GB data
    15GB bonus data which I only used 5GB. So 10GB balance.

    I recharged on the 80GB 365 plan today and this is what the Boost app says:
    80GB expires 9/5/20
    20GB rollover data expires 7/6/19
    10GB bonus data expires 10/5/19

    So, the bonus data does not rollover. The regular data does rollover but the period to use it is limited to the next 28 days.

  • It it possible to buy and activate a Boost mobile sim and put it in a Telstra Huawei e8372 usb dongle and use this with my laptop as a data only plan? I already have a mobile plan and don't like hotspotting my phone - I'd rather have a dedicated usb dongle for data. This is a good price at $12.50 / 6.66 GB per month, even for data only.

    Anyone know if the Telstra dongle will work, and is this possible to achieve?

    • I think should be OK, I can use my phone to hotspot.

      • Correct me if I'm wrong - someone mentioned to me that providers can throttle speeds when they 'detect' hotspot use. Is this true?

  • How do I buy a $150 plan? It just prompts me to buy the $2 sim.
    I have a Kogan sim and wanted to port to Boost. Will I be only able to get this plan after I port and activate boost sim card? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • +5

      Many ways if you read through thread but here is easy way.
      - Grab a $2 Sim at Coles and while there buy a $150 BOOST Mobile top up (at express checkout). You get a voucher code number on receipt.
      - Insert SIM into mobile phone and follow the activation prompts. You will be prompted if you want to port existing number.
      Once your number is ported, you will be prompted to add credit. At this point, you can use your $150 Voucher code.
      Easy…and just one of many methods.

      Main thing is to get a $2 blank SIM and not one with credit. You can add the $150 once activated either by above method or even via Boost Mobile directly via Top Up once SIM is activated.

      • Thanks @Borg, this was very helpful!

      • +1

        Insert SIM into mobile phone and follow the activation prompts. You will be prompted if you want to port existing number.

        Insert SIM to activate? I though activate online with the SIM number, wait until the old number stopped working and insert the new SIM.

        • +2

          Good point and as I have spare mobiles around I chucked into one of those to activate. Once activated a SMS is received to the number to say it is complete and original SIM goes dead. I then put the SIM in primary phone. The benefit of this is that I could take both phones with me to ensure I didn't miss any calls during transition.

          If you only have the one Mobile, then you can activate online. Just keep the new SIM onhand if going out in case it happens during that time (assuming calls were important).

          Sidenote: Mine x2 ported within 10mins (from TPG).

  • +1

    Guys, I activated my Boost plan ON Friday 21st June. Was tracking my usage carefully through their app. Yesterday when I checked I had used about 320+ mb data, the balance on Plan showed about 950 mb deducted.

    I had a long chat with their team through their App and finally after long chat I got reversal of the data and they reset my plan back 80 GB and got the data which I did not use credited back. The chat history was long but here is snapshot when they finally confirmed they are crediting the data back…

    Have kept chat transcript for my records

    Me: History shows this 6729kbytes + 4178kbytes + 308354kbytes this is about 310 mb

    YEs. Im calculating how much usage consumed on our end in total.

    Me: According to me approximately I have used 320+ mbs whereas in balance 950 mb is deducted

    got that. As I can see here you are correct. Actually it was only for 329mb in total. Good thing that you have checked your account. Let me go ahead and apply the 950mb.

    Me: Sorry I never transferred large file, and when you say you have turned it off means what? I'm unable to understand

    You will not be charge again for those files since that you should not be charged on the first place

    Me: Which large files are you talking about, what if this happens in future

    BOOST :
    I already made sure of it. I can guarantee you that it wont happen again as I am doing doing this for how many years now.

    Me: I know it's 80 GB now, but I have 1 year recharge, I can't check everyday all this…. And now I don't trust the balance shown… Because you can imagine no one keep track of it

    BOOST :
    No worries, you can request for usage history documents every month you want. That will be give you the full details . You dont need to track it everyday. As I have mentioned that we are experiencing some credits issues yesterday,this might be an impact of itbut rest assure that it will be fixed since that it is now being handled by our technical team.

    • Hijacker please let us know how you go in future . And if it happens again

      Thank you

    • Now, this is ridiculous. Who will track if Boost is not stealing your data?

  • Does Coles Boost offer of $135 still exist?

    • No

      • Thank you
        You saved me a visit to coles :)

  • Ported from ALDImobile to Boost on a Wednesday at 4pm AEST. Took ~7 hours. Just another data point.

  • Just be aware there is a new SIM starter kit for $2 sold at supermarket and they are the new SIM and you may need to wait for 24hours before it can be activated on the Boost network - apparently these new SIMs needs that lead time before they can be activated. The old SIM cards sold at like 7-eleven can be used straightaway - that's my experience.

    From any Telstra MVNO to Boost porting is superfast - around 2mins to my experience. My friend's took 4hours to portout of Kogan.

    Lastly, I would suggest to use a voucher instead of recharge using your Cc as Auto Recharge can be a pain if you don't like that.

  • One more way to save $2 on $300 prepaid:

    1. Buy $200 prepaid sim card from Coles
    2. Activate it (6 months)
    3. Once activated give Boost a call and ask to top up with $100 and change to 12 months term

    Worked for me.

  • Does anyone know if I can buy 6months one off woolies with their gift card?

    • +1

      Yes you can use your Gift card to buy. Exception might be if there was a special, sometimes in those cases giftcards cannot be used. You can check in store or call them and ask if in doubt.

  • Quick qn folks -

    Can I just buy the $150 kit from Boost website and port from Lebara to Boost? Will that work? When I try to check out the 80GB 12 months plan, it shows the following in the check out screen - looks like sim card included? I hope I can port from Lebara to Boost using the below starter kit?

    $150 Trio SIM Starter Kit

    My current plan is expiring at the end of July. I'm thinking of ordering now and activating on 1st August once I have the starter kit in hand. Will that work? I mean will the 12 months counter start from the activation date?

    Thanks so much!

    • +1

      Thats fine. Lebra are Vodafone hence you would be porting to Telstra so should be straight forward.
      The $150 Trio is also fine. Perhaps wait until closer to the time in case any specials come out (unlikely)

      You could at anytime grab a $2 SIM (if not a $150) at Coles, Wollies, Target etc anytime. One can add/pay the $150 at time of activating/porting if needed hence no rush.

      • @Borg,

        Thanks much, so I can use Woolies e-gift card to buy the sim and recharge coupon at Woolies store saving 5%?


        • +2

          Yes you can. Just buy a rechange and select the preferred amount eg. $150 and you will get a Voucher number on the receipt. Us this once you activate the SIM i.e. apply the credit which will the kick off the 1 year plan by default as it is $150.

          • @Borg: Great, thanks mate.

  • Can anyone tell me if the roaming on these ones is okay?
    Lebara has no roaming?
    Does this one have roaming? If yes, then does it have roaming packs like in vodafone?

  • Did anyone port out of Lebara (to Boost) recently? How long did the port in to Boost take? My request was submitted this afternoon but Lebara still has my number..

    • Dont remember the exact time but was pretty quick. Under 2 hrs.

      For my optus onw it was like over 1 day

      • Confirming it's around 2 hours. Porting didn't happen on Sunday for those who are interested. Monday ported successfully around 10:30am.

  • -2

    CAUTION - Boost Prepaid excludes all "Premium Numbers" like 1800…, 13…., 19…. when you can clock up a lot of minutes waiting. I checked this with Boost online.

    • I can call 13 and 1800 numbers no worries.

    • @JJG… Would be more believable if you could link to the particular part of the t&c's that says that.
      The online csr's will tell you anything.

    • Only 19 numbers are premium.. https://boost.com.au/CIS_25022019.pdf

    • 1800, 1300, 13 etc are included.I call them all the time. 1900 numbers are however considered premium.

      • @borg

        For premium numbers. Does it just not dial through? Since it pre paid and they cant charge you?

        • Not sure what it will so. Give me a 1900 number to call and I'll test for you. :-)

  • i must say 12 month-$150-80GB is cheap which include Unlimited International calls…

    Another day my cousins talked about people out there who saw unaware these kind of deals and stick with big 3 Optus-Telstra-Voda or on PAYG Prepaid.I know on ozbargain can go cheaper price but not everyone able to do it…I might recommend Boost to those people.

  • Just wondering if this deal is still active?
    Still can see them on their website though.

    • +1

      Yeap and is standard pricing. On occasion has been on special i.e. $150 for $135 at Coles.

      • Thanks.
        Had it activated yesterday for mrs.

        Just realised the whole 80gb isnt monthly-blocked aka can be used all straight if not on wifi.

        Ouw well. :)

        • how do you planning to control the data usage? (so your mrs will not accidentally spend all 80gb in 3 months).
          also can we top up just data if we accidentally spend all quota in less than 12 months? what kind of top up?

          • @ChiMot: Control Data Usage = If using an Android phone you can set monthly data limits/warnings. If using an iPhone,I believe one needs to buy an app that does this (not sure as am not an iPhone user)
            Data Topup = No.You would need to buy another $150 or simular.

          • @ChiMot: I dont think I can.

            Tried to google everywhere to limit it on iOS but no joy.

            Might just revert back to Kogan 20GB/month after this finish.

            Just like @Borg said below, there isnt any “data topup” just need to recharge with any other 365-days plan.

  • How do you log in to see usage etc? My iPhone 4 is too old for the app

    • +1

      Type #111# and press dial. Follow the prompts for balance etc.

  • Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150 Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries

    is this still available? if it is where can I get it?

    • +1

      Buy a 2dollar sim and recharge through your mobile.
      Still available. Seems ongoing deal

      • Can I do this online?

        I'm currently with Telstra (prepaid) and I want to keep my current number, how can I do that if I move to Boost?

        • found this on boost website :
          If you’re a Boost customer and need a new SIM or if you’re porting from Telstra you will need a special blank Boost Mobile SIM. Please call 125 8881 (8am-9pm AEST, 7 days) and we will send one out to you.

          so buying a sim from shops or online wont work, right?

          • @angi81: …..and remember you could grab a $150 Woolies Wish/Giftcard for $142.50 via Cashrewards or Shopback links. Pay for the $150 topup or Sim at Woolies cig counter (not self check out) and all should be well.

            • @Borg: why is the problem paying at self checkout? i think in the past people said it was easier through self checkout?

              • @Triton: As I'm porting from Telstra to Boost, a sim from Woolies or Coles wont work. found this after some digging online

                • @angi81: One could port out elsewhere and then back into Boost. Probably not worth the hassle but is an option. On the plus side, saves trying to go from Telstra to Telstra.

                • @angi81: oh right thanks ( i didnt know)

              • @Triton: Might be fine and only noting this based on past experience whereby I tried pay with Giftcard and it wouldn't allow me to (was on special though).
                If a problem the just go to Cig Counter (actually easier rather than fumbling through the self check out menu to find it) :-)

                • @Borg: oh right thanks ( i didnt know)

  • Is moving to Telstra a good decision?

  • can we received sms/text while overseas? (without buying the add on)

    • Looks like you might have to buy the $5 add on. However receiving texts seems to be free (for China, HK, USA… haven't tried other countries)


      Edit - click on Show 100 entries to see all countries. Free to receive texts.

      "If you’re heading overseas then grab a $5 or $15 Add-on. You’ll be able to make and receive calls and texts while you’re overseas. Use WiFi to stay up to date with your socials and to use your fav apps and websites. Check the roaming rates for the country you’re visiting below. If you’re planning on using your phone a lot, sometimes it’s better to grab a local SIM when you arrive."

      Is this an open admission that their call rates are exorbitant?

  • Boost must be getting smashed by applications. Can't buy $2 sims, nor plans, from what I can see: error msg - THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOW UNAVAILABLE OR OUT OF STOCK: '119990'.

    However recharge seems to be working ok.

  • Successful ported my Vodafone postpaid service to Boost in around 40 minutes without any problems. Thanks OP.

  • Just ported from Kogan to Boost. All done in 1 hour, no problems.

  • Damn why no option in the middle between 80gb and 240gb…

  • Hi All,

    Anyone ported from Belong to Boost lately. Any feedback on times?

    Do they ask for the Belong account number since Belong is technically Post Paid? or do they use date of birth for the port?


  • Does anyone use Boost SIM with Xiaomi MiA1? Any issues with network as the phone doesn't work with B28 band (700MHz)?

    • How did you go with this? I'm thinking of porting from Kogan later this month, but not sure if it's worth it if I have no B28 on my Redmi Note 5.

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