This was posted 2 years 11 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Boost Mobile 12-Month Prepaid: 80GB $150, 240GB $300 - Both with Unlimited Calls & Text, Including to 25 Countries


Deal starts today

Looks like you need to buy $2 sim, then choose this plan when activate, pay $150 or $300 at check-out.

There is no word about deal expire or how long to activate the sim unfortunately

Critical information summary

$150 Plan 80GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada,
Chile, China, Colombia,
France, Germany, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United
Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland, Greece, Guam,
Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Kuwait, Laos,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico,
Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru,
Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Spain,
Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

$300 Plan 240GB

Unlimited national call and text.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,
Canada, Chile, China,
Colombia, France, Germany,
Greece, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,
Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New
Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,
Singapore, South Africa, South
Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand,
United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
Afghanistan, America Samoa,
Brunei, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran,
Iraq, Israel, Kuwait,
Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia,
Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto
Rico, Romania, Slovak
Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden
as included above

Thanks cdawgz's link.

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        • WW has $250 discount on s10. It is better deal as you get free finance for 24 months.

          • @PareshJ: If you do the math, it beats paying full price on the phone and having to buy a plan separately.

            But that is assuming you pay full price instead of waiting for a deal. By year's end, there will be a significant discount.

            If you buy it a month after it launches and pay with a CC that has shopping protection, you can wait till S11 releases and the S10 gets discounted heavily, and have the difference refunded to you.

            $844 for S9+ 256GB with Samsung EPP right now. That's how much I would have paid for the S9+ after shopper protection refund if I bought the phone outright, which would have been $1499. A refund of $655.

            So if you factor in hacks like that, you can beat the Woolies plan. But this will cost $300 for 2 years with Boost at 80GB a year on top of that.

            • @lostn: Woolworths plan comes in $50 cheaper than going with the 150GB option and buying outright for $1349 and get TRS 10% and cashrewards 5% (eg. from Amazon).

              I'm probably going to pay the $50 extra just for full Telstra and AFL Live pass, even if it means 40GB less data over the year.

              • @katatoniq: If you know someone with access to Samsung EPP, you can get the phone for 20% off on top of your TRS. The caveat is you won't get the preorder free Buds.

                There are people on OzB offering to buy the phone for you if you don't have access.

  • Can you get free access on AFL NRL live pass with this? If so, How?

  • In my work location where it is lower ground i dont get reception for voda and also for optus.

    Used a colleague telstra and can receives reception for data access. Planning to activate boost sim card with $10 for 3 days and based on coverage will decide but if it is good can i buy the above plan or is it for new customers only?

    Will this qualifies me additional 15Gb data as per the website.

    Also how good is roaming for receiving text messages? Planning to visit Singapore and india

    • From the looks of it, it's a new regular plan available for new and exisiting customers.

      15GB bonus data is for the 28 days plan (excluding $20/Mo), not for 365 plan.

      International roaming is available, receiving text messages is free, but for calls and sending text, you'll have to check

    • Ongoing, I'm an existing Boost customer and it's visible in my recharge menu.

  • Spent ages trying to do the calculations about going on a plan with WW mobile to get an S10 compared to outright plus the Optus deal … this solves a lot of my problems! Great post OP.

    • So are you keeping your old phone, or getting a s10 out right?

      • Maybe just keep the old phone and wait until the S10 comes down a bit. The wildcard is do I need the free Galaxy buds and how much would they sell for from people who don't want them …

        • And wait for the 20% discount on ebay.

  • +1

    Daaaamn, my parents will be all over this - mum calls the family in the Philippines all the time, and their current deal only has 300 mins a month (older Optus $40/month plan) which they use up every month.

    • +2

      Belong is 15 dollar a month if your mum is kuripot.

      • +1

        That's $180 for 12 months compared to this Boost deal. But will definitely suggest that to them as well. Btw love your name!!!

      • +1

        All filos are kuripot on daily stuff (oh unles if she loves herlouis vuitton), but galante when we throw parties.

  • +1

    I'd expect Aldi/Woolworths/Telechoice etc to follow up with their competitive offers in the next few weeks - this seems to be the way it goes!
    So if you can, hold out a little bit.

  • Is this 12 month's or 6 months???

  • -2

    My mum and sister would love this, only their Kogan yearly plans finish in May. Would get this if i could activate in May.

  • -1

    My current Lebara finishes in Sep 2019…would love to sign this up if it’s still around or may be better by that time 😀
    Very yummy deal though 😜

  • Can I activate the $2 SIM and port my number without choosing a plan yet? Thanks.

    • Thats the way you go about it. Once activated you add the prepaid plan.

  • +11

    Been sitting on this all day. Asked several questions in here.
    Spoke to the online chat people a few times.

    1. If you use all data before the 365 days is up. You can still use your unlimited calls/texts.

    2. You cannot add on any packages or data. (Good thing I asked a second time, first time the guy said yes and gave me a link).

    - you must “recharge” and in turn changes your expiry date and changes your sim plan.

    1. 15GB bonus on top of the 80gb/240gb before 13 May 2019.

    2. SIM cards can be purchased anywhere. Just ask for the $2 boost card. I went into Telstra and they gave me one free because they didn’t handle cash and I didn’t have my wallet :/

    3. Apple Music free data streaming only. Just as Telstra only does.

    • Now I’m more confused.

      “Boost Add-Ons: Active recharge is required to use Add-on. $5 Add-On Credit excludes content purchases. $15 Add-On UNLTD Int’l calls and texts to 10 eligible countries and International 100 minutes and 100 text to 40 countries excludes satellite, premium numbers and video calls .”

      What is an active recharge? Paying $20 to roam for 30 days with unlimited international calls & texts would be unbelievable.

    • say you buy the 12 months one, and half way you've used up all your data.
      you cannot add data to use? so you're stuck with mobile with no data for the next 6 mths (if dont want to buy another plan)?

      • That’s my understanding

        • thats bit sh*t then

      • will you use all 80GB within 6+ months ?!

        if you're worried, then get 3x more DATA, at 2x more cost then.

    • @Owgasm

      are you saying, we got to "recharge" with boost after the 365 ends?

      • I don’t understand your question completely.

        However, after 365 days your sim cars will expire unless you “recharge” with a new “plan”.
        Let’s say in a years time this plan is available again, you would have to recharge with the same plan.

    • I still wasn’t sure about 2.

      So I asked again, they said you can “recharge”.
      Say $50 gives you 55GB. You can add that on and your expiry would be at the end of your 365 days still.

      Sorry folks, either way. 255gb should be enough for me.
      If it works out that I need more. I will try to add more data and see how I go.

    • OWGASM wrote —> You cannot add on any packages or data. (Good thing I asked a second time, first time the guy said yes and gave me a link).
      - you must “recharge” and in turn changes your expiry date and changes your sim plan.

      What do you mean by this? If I have the $100 60GB plan for 6 months and used all my data in 3 months, there are 3 scenarios from my interpretation:
      1. Do I have to recharge the same plan ie another 6 months for the extra data, bringing my plan to 12 months?
      2. Can I recharge an extra 20GB on a 28 days plan, bringing my plan to 6 months and 28 days?
      3. Can I recharge an extra 20GB on a 28 days plan, cutting my "contract" short from 6 months to 3 months & 28 days (assuming I recharge midway into my 6 month plan).

  • Is the data rationed evenly over 12 months, or is it available to consume all at once?

    • Oh looks like post above answers this :)

    • yes, you can eat all at once

      • To me this is a downside, especially if there isn’t a way to buy more data cheaply (without have to buy a whole new 365 day block).

        • +4

          Set a monthly data limit on your phone if you want to avoid using more than 1/12 of the yearly plan each month.

  • +2

    Did anyone else notice that Boost advertises their network coverage to be better than Telstra's? 5 stars vs 4!

    Anyway I've ported from Vodafone. Took literally 10 minutes to port without issue

    • Better coverage than telstra? How?

      I wonder if someone buys out Australia's complete telecommunication including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone ….then it would become a monopoly game….
      They can charge whatever they like… that possible?

      • ACCC & Gov wont even allow that to happen

      • It used to be that way until 1992.

    • +2

      That's a customer feedback score provided by canstar, not how they rate their own coverage.

    • Maybe it's Boost full Telstra coverage (5 stars) vs Telstra wholesale (4 stars)

  • Thanks

  • Sorry but how do I actually buy this? There's no add to cart option for anything but the $2 sim option. Can someone please spell the process out for a laymen like me?

    • +1

      To be honest, go to your local Telstra or potentially Woolworths. Easier and faster than ordering online if you’re going grocery shopping anyways.

    • +3
      1. Buy sim card at shops (woolies, servo, big w)

      2. Activate online

      3. Select option to recharge whilst activating online with either $150 or $300 option

      • When I activated there was no option to buy a recharge/value??

        • Post activation. After porting.

  • Will Boost get access to Telstra 5G Network?

    • lol

    • I really hope so, that's why i'll be switching over to boost, when i buy a 5g handset but if the past is in indicator for future, then no, at first only Telstra customers will get 5g, and eventually Telstra will give it boost customers.

  • Activated at 3:30 with $150 and still waiting for it to done, it said 4 hours!

  • 80GB or 240GB nothing in the middle :(

    • +4

      There is $100 plan for 6 months with 60GB. Others commented above that you might be able to recharge it twice to get 12 months so this equates to $200 for 120GB.

      • +1

        Though, as this is apparently the new normal pricing for the long plans you would be better off just grabbing 6 months so you are not locked in if a better deals turn up.

        • Thanks I am still stuck at Kogan year plan for another 2-3 months I am looking to move to Telstra network, Voda or Optus are hopeless in some areas.

  • Isn't it actually 95/255Gb if activated before 13/5?

    Apparently confirmed on chat above.

    Might be worth putting in the OP if that extra 15Gb means you are happier with the smaller plan.

    • +1

      I didn’t get the bonus 15gb on the $150 recharge. Did anyone else get it?

      • Just activated, not seeing any bonus 15gb, would love an answer to this too.

    • +2

      I'd say the chat person made a mistake. It looks like 15GB only applies to Anytime Plus plans (28 days/monthly):

      *15GB bonus data on $30, $40 $50, $70: For Boost customers only who activate or swap to Boost Anytime Plus from 26 February 2019. First recharge by 13 May 2019, with remaining four recharges by 2 September 2019.

  • What happens when you go over the data limit and can you call 13/1300 numbers.

    Trying to find the most safest bill shock prepaid plan atm for a friend and I.

    The unlimited calls and text to India is very useful for my friend but I just need Australian text and calls to all numbers including 13/1300 numbers otherwise no deal.

    • I think data stops until you recharge so keep an eye on usage. 1300/1800 seems included, they have exclusions in the CIS.

      • Can’t recharge anymore data. You will lost your 365 expiration plan

        • Which part is saying this?

  • +1

    How can you utilise the unlimited calls and texts? I hardly use international calls as Facetime is better. Last time I texted internationally was 4 years ago.

  • Can I port from Belong?

    • Of course you can

  • +3

    Looks like Boost is going to grep away lots of existing Kogan customers with these new competitive deals, the most important thing is using Telstra network which is triple plus !!!

  • +1

    Still waiting for activation, recharged yesterday

    • Seems to be taking a while for me too, porting from Aldi mobile

    • Took 24 hrs for my old man.

  • How much better is Boost in terms of coverage and speed in CBD and Metro? I haven't notice bad reception with Aldi mobile at all

  • In case this information is useful to anyone… the five countries with unlimited calling on the $300 plan that aren't included on the $150 plan are Cambodia, Greece, Laos, Mexico and Spain.

    • Curious. Why do they include some countries and not others? Is it due to costs?

      • I suppose they wanted to provide even more of an incentive to choose the more expensive plan (for some people, those countries would be the difference)

  • Hi has anyone ported over to boost and can tell me how long it takes?

    • +1

      Ported from Virgin Mobile yesterday, activation website didn't work but I used the live chat and it was ported within 10 minutes and activated.

    • Anyone porting from kogan run into trouble?

      • Ported the other day from Kogan, took 5 minutes, no issues

    • Took approximately 4 hours from Vodafone.

  • +1

    5 minutes

  • -1

    How is porting from belong to boost?

  • As a few have suggested you can sign up using a blank Telstra sim I picked one up today from a Telstra store, but I get an error that the sim serial is invalid when trying to activate (though it does start with the requisite 8000).

    Looks like you can only use a Boost sim for this, unless there's something I missed?

  • Thanks OP!
    Activated today. I was having trouble recharging via PayPal. Tried 2 times but it wouldn't let me complete transaction. Ended up just directly entering card details.

  • I purchased the Optus $180 Starter SIM pack on the deal and it was delivered yesterday, SIM pack is still unopened. I prefer this Boost deal for the international calls.
    Does anyone know if I can give the Optus pack to a friend? Is there anything that ties the SIM to me as I purchased it online?

    • Yes you can. The ID issue occurs at activation so you're fine.

  • Thanks OP, i opted for the 12 month $150 offer when i recharged by existing Boost service. Awesome deal.

  • Told my cousin about the Optus $120, 60GB and 12 months the other week and she purchased it although has not activated. Wish I knew about this as she needs to call Vietnam and Taiwan but Optus has no international calls.

    This is a very good deal.

  • 24 hours and have not been ported

    • Did u try chat to rep?
      From what carrier did you go from if u dont mind me asking

      • Yeah I’ve just spoken to them. They’re double checking.

        I was with Optus.

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