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Long Expiry Prepaid Plans eSIM: "Ultimate 12" 365 Days 100GB $87.50, "Beauty 360" 360 Days 420GB $198 @ EzySim


Ultimate 12

$87.50 for 100GB of Data for 365 days
UNLIMITED standard national calls, text MMS
VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling
eSIM or Physical sim
BYO number & device
All for use within Australia
Vodafone 4G

Beauty 360

with International Inclusion and more data!
$198 for 420GB of Data (35GB per 30 day)
UNLIMITED standard national calls, text MMS
250 Internataional minutes every 30 days
VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling
eSIM or Physical sim
BYO number & device
All for use within Australia
Vodafone 4G

Update June 5 2024: Original deal title was for the same price for both e-SIMs and physical SIMs, but the price for physical SIMs has increased

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  • Anyone used this mob before?

    • +5

      nup but happy to see sub 100 for the year finally again. Had to settle for ~100 for most of my family members despite getting $53 for a year for myself under a year back with Amaysim.

      • -1

        Got kogan 120gb/365 for $90 plan. Better than this but not bad

      • -1

        are there still any $60 or less 365 day plans? need a long expiry plan but dont use any data or calls

        • Nah $100 is the minimum with Kogan as the guy above said (can't find it for 90, unless there's some trick?) and also Catch Connect if you go to their site through one of the comparison thing it reduces theirs also to 100 i think. Haven't seen under 100 for quite a while.

          • +1

            @Iggemo: thanks i did an hr of digging and seems you are right $100 is the cheapest now :(

            so outside of "saving" 10% a month on groceries via woolies, to offset their annual plan. this is the cheapest

            that or PAYG via aldi

          • @Iggemo: Kogan has $10 reward for First members

        • If you just want to park your phone number, for $12 Optus Flex Plus buys you 7 days of service plus 186 days of keeping your number and just being able to receive SMSs. So $12 every 193 days.

          • @semtex: Thanks, didnt know about optus

            Also amaysim and aldi are similar right? about 6 - 12 months

            amaysim has $0 plans and aldi has their $5 sim, so should work out cheaper than optus

        • +1

          Amaysim, but you need to sign up pay as you go first. One year is $60 unlimited calls and sms

          Also flipconnect $4 a month for a little bit of everything https://www.flipconnect.com.au/mobile

          • +1

            @fozzie: omg flip connect is what i needed. Thanks!

            this is perfect for my elderly relatives.

            appreciate the share!

            • +1

              @furythree: No worries mate. Please do research a bit more, I think it’s a postpaid so your relatives need to make sure they don’t go over allowances to avoid extra $$

    • i used it before.
      their app sucks its legit a website and also you have to verify ur email or number every time you open the "app".

      also the 5G plans doesnt give you 5G.

      • +2

        What about their services mate? And Internet speeds?

        • their service is on the Vodafone network.

          speeds was good for me in Newcastle i gotten over 400 mbps on their 4G but it can vary in different areas, cities and states.

    • used before, quick and easy also cheap.
      the only problem is no customer service at all, never reply my enquires.

    • Yep, got it ~2 month ago, works. Vodafone though if that matters for your use case..

  • +1

    Seems to be $119 for me.

    • its working can you please refresh and add again

  • +1

    $119 when added to cart.

    • +1

      its working can you please refresh and add again, i can see successful transactions

  • When does it have to be activated by?

    • +1

      60 days from Purchase date

  • +3

    I know it's a typo but it never fills me with confidence when websites get this wrong;

    Our UNLIMITED mobile plans make choosing a mobile plan simple and all include unlimited standard talk and text Australia-wide. Just >choose your plan and you’re ready to go.

    SAVE hassle by turning auto renewal on! Plans auto-renew every 30 days.

    From the CIS

    Any form of video calls

    This doesn't mean FaceTime etc, right?

  • Does the $9 plan renews for $9 and for how long? thanks

  • I've never heard of this company? What happens when you buy a 365 day sim and the company closes shop a week later?

    • If it's anything like the first iteration of Kogan Mobile, lots of annoyed users lose money.
      Not implicating these guys but I did have the same thought.

      • if you pay using Credit card, I believe you can still do a chargeback?

        • I'd say so.
          Honestly, I'm just bitter about losing $50-something on Kogan Mobile over 10 years ago.

      • That's not true. Kogan refunded everyone, before they were even asked. I was one of them. And Kogan never closed shop, their middleman to Telstra did.

  • The website is stupidly going in loops back and forth the same pages. Crazy.

    • If that doesn't tell you it's all class the plan names certainly will: Legend, Beauty and Ultimate lol

  • I've purchased the esim and received the email in regards to the e voucher. However, SM DP+Address, Activation code and Confirmation code are all blank. What's the reason for this?

    • -1

      for the lulz?

  • +1

    It says $99 now is that also an error?

    • Looks like 87$ is eSim and 99$ is sim… and it's misleading…

  • +1

    Deceptive says 200gb data bank on Ultimate 12 landing page, then follow link to critical info summary actually says - Data banking is not available on the 365 Day plans.

  • @scotty Could you please activate the referral system for EzySim? Thanks.

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