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The Russia story is nothing more than an elaborate lie conducted by the HRC campaign to justify her stunning loss after spending more than...
16/07/2017 - 13:05
Pity about the inferior interest rates. Seriously are you a MacBank rep?
16/07/2017 - 01:46
I understand where you are coming from however I think from the OzB value perspective, there is a distinct group of "bargain professionals"...
14/07/2017 - 21:47
Mac Bank is only 2.3% (not counting the temporary introductory rate) and a minimum balance of 25K. Am I missing something here? Their...
14/07/2017 - 20:16
Just received the notification. They have updated their site to reflect the new interest rates....
14/07/2017 - 14:14
and the X35 will probably be well over 2 grand on launch. Depends how deep your pockets are or how patient you are when it comes to price...
08/06/2017 - 01:11
You could try this:...
31/05/2017 - 13:15
VAT (tax) is removed on checkout. Add to your cart then proceed to payment and shipping confirmation and the final price will be shown
23/03/2017 - 10:26
Cobalt_ was awarded a badge.
28/02/2017 - 20:59
SLC reliability at MLC prices? Any reviews to confirm such bold claims? Would love to see how this SSD fairs under a real torture test
22/12/2016 - 00:28
Should I switch the deal to the Logitech G633's instead? Close to all time lowest Amazon price. The 933's were $100 USD only a month ago :(
09/12/2016 - 11:01
Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Pro $94 USD Delivered from Amazon [$126 AU]
Wireless option: [Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930]( All time lowest price according to Camel X3...
09/12/2016 - 10:40
Cobalt_ was awarded a badge.
09/12/2016 - 10:40
Does the computer have multiple graphics outputs? If you transfer the display from output 1 to output 2 (or 3 or 4), windows should detect...
03/10/2016 - 16:44
I've had 4-5 WD drives fail on my over the last 10 years and every time the replacement drive warranty was aligned with the original. I...
23/09/2016 - 09:47
It appears the deal has expired
16/09/2016 - 09:58
Yes that will work fine. As long as you sign into the Origin account that you purchased Battlefield 4 on, it will be available on that PC.
15/09/2016 - 16:54
[@hollykryten](/comment/4006177/redir): Very sure As per Origin notice: Requires Battlefield 4™ This is extra content for Battlefield...
15/09/2016 - 11:39
You can add the DLC to your Origin library without owning the main game. Once you buy the game the DLC will still be available to you
15/09/2016 - 11:35
Wait for the next $5 BF4 sale, it's been that price a few times already this year
15/09/2016 - 10:22
Hasn't been an issue for me and I'm running Win10 1511 still. Are you letting Windows do driver updates for you or have you nominated to...
10/08/2016 - 22:52
[@njukiller](/comment/3912739/redir): Also it's worth noting that the EVGA GTX 1070 SC is an overclocked card and draws an additional...
09/08/2016 - 16:11
[@njukiller](/comment/3912716/redir): That is running awfully close to the line of the minimum recommended power specs. It is also...
09/08/2016 - 16:00
What sort of PSU do you have? If your power supply only comes with one 8-pin PCIE rail, I'd take a guess that it probably has insufficient...
09/08/2016 - 15:41
Tried a different PCIE 6-pin rail first? Worth a try before going to the effort of sending it back. 1st edit: Wait what?! Just double...
09/08/2016 - 14:26
It appears to be a common problem based on the support threads on Samsung Forums....
09/08/2016 - 10:36
I'm still waiting on a delivery from JB Hifi from NSW (via Australia Post), been almost 2 weeks. Compared to Amazon my item was shipped and...
08/08/2016 - 18:05
[@vid_ghost](/comment/3898429/redir): No matter which camp you sit in, I think we can all agree that the market needs some healthy...
08/08/2016 - 17:25
As far as I know, those cards are the easiest and most convenient. Alternatively contact your current financial institution and ask them...
08/08/2016 - 17:12