expired Kogan 27" Curved QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560x 1440) $379 + Delivery @ Kogan


I've been tracking the price of this monitor since last month's Ozbargin post:


Seems others were happy with it, so I've joined the flock.

Panel is a 27" VA in 2560 x 1440 resolution.
Refresh rate - 144hz
Response time - 5ms
Brightness - 250 nit

I'll be driving this, if it's of interest to you, with a new gaming build. Ryzen 5 3600 and an AMD RX5700 (or 5700xt) non founders design which should hopefully be released next month. Gee, it's been a good few months for tech…

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    So tempting, I don't need one but….

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    So tempted but I'm going to wait for the Ultrawide version of this to come on sale again. Handing for $499 inc delivery.


    Good value for the spec and form factor.
    How much would a 4k monitor with similar specs cost?


      About 10x the price. (Not exaggerating). 4K monitors with 144hz typically run around $2000 USD, and are few and far between.

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        About 10x the price. (Not exaggerating).

        In fact, you are.

        4K monitors with 144hz typically run around $2000 USD, and are few and far between.

        Nope, and nope.

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      They start at about $1200 AUD, and they either need a dual cable config in order to get full colour at max res & refresh rate, or they use chroma subsampling to fake it.

      Basically just avoid those until they have proper single cable solutions, and until they've almost halved in price.


        Thanks for the info. Would you be able to recommend a decent 4k monitor 60hz? The cheaper the better however willing to spend up to $500.


          Not really, I've only been looking at high refresh rate monitors.

          Have a read of the reviews on RTings, TFTCentral and PCMonitors.info, they're quite comprehensive. I'd imagine there's some fairly pristine 4k IPS monitors well within your budget.

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    I have this, it's very decent for the price

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    Good monitor for the price, but perhaps the LG 32GK650F-B for $479 @ Mwave is a better budget option for $80 more

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    Umart have the Samsung version for $399.


    Are curved monitors good, or more of a gimmick? I've never had the opportunity to try one.


      Imho they are a gimmick. I have Samsung's 27" curved 144hz monitor and thankfully the curve is subtle enough that I can use it with a flat monitor in a dual monitor setup without being too bothered by the asymmetry. Personally, I would still prefer a flat screen.


      I tested one for a few hours at a internet/game cafe and after the initial shock and finding the best seating position I liked it.

      I wouldn' use one for predominantly writing tasks, as written above the curve isn't well suited for me. Our mapping and modelling teams love them though.


      They are more suited to ultrawide monitors.

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    Guys, I'll keep it simple. If you play games competitively or are the kind of person to focus more on scores and skill than visuals or immersion. Go for a high refresh, fast response, led. In such a case monitor size is not that important. Just get a 24, TN. If you like being in game worlds, visuals, and are willing to take a hit to response times. Get a quantum dot, adaptive sync, VA panel. You'll get some of the oled contrast, plus far, far, better colors than traditional LED.

    If you want the best of all the worlds, get a high refresh, fast response, high contrast va with quantum dot at around the 2560x1440 resolution.

    This monitor does not fit ANY of those worlds. It's a good deal for the raw specs. But the user experience, unless the user does not know better, will suffer as a result. And money can't make up that difference.

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