Question - Trick to trigger Qantas Lounge Pass?

Hi all - I remember a while back I read here that there was a trick method that we can use to trigger Qantas Lounge Pass, instead of purchasing a flight. Could someone please shed some light on this?



  • huh

  • on a black credit card?

  • Carbon Offsetting at Qantas?

    • Ahhh yes! i think it was this one! Thanks buddy!!!

      • your welcome

      • How does this trigger a lounge pass

        • yeah im wondering that too?

          • @idanzzz: If you have a Credit Card that gives you 2 Free Lounges a year, you need to purchase a flight for it to be activated. By doing this it somehow activates your 2 Free Lounge. Not sure if it works but still trying out.

            Read on this forum that it worked for alot of people so no harm trying

        • Certain cards give you two lounge passes once you spend money on a Qantas 'flight'. However as the system can't differentiate between spending on a flight and spending on a carbon offset, you pay a ~$1 carbon offset on a random flight (which you don't need to be flying on) and it triggers the passes.

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  • Did anyone manage to have this carbon offset purchase to get Qantas Lounge invites work recently?
    I bought carbon offset about 3 weeks ago but do not see any lounge invites in my qff account yet.
    Thank you.

    • Still nothing on mine. :( probably not working anymore.

      • Did you guys register here first?

        About to buy some carbon offset myself.

        • I have Amex Qantas card so it's not the same as Westpac offer.
          The Amex card is not very good. $450 credit on Amex travel for Qantas flight only but international airfare is around $100 more expensive.
          Sales fares on Qantas need to wait a day to load onto Amex travel. After 24 hours availability of a hot sale is mostly gone.
          I was hoping booking Qantas flight on Amex travel would trigger the lounge invites but it turns out they charge money by themselves not through Qantas. Looks like I really need to book an airfare ticket with Qantas to get lounge invites.

  • What is the expiry date of the lounge pass? Is it based off when you make the eligible spend, or the anniversary of the credit card?

  • I'm testing this today and will report results.

    1. new Westpac Altitude Qantas Black Card arrived today
    2. activated card
    3. registered it on
    4. spent $1.04 on carbon offset on random SYD>BNE flight (Westpac pending description is "QANTAS AUSTRALIA AU"). Reports on AFF suggest this spend needs to be > $1.00 to activate the passes

    Now waiting to see if lounge passes arrive

    • Exactly what I did. Received it within 2 weeks.

    • Do you need to show your boarding passes and be on a qantas flight to use them?

    • tomclancy, any progress? Thank you.
      I did the same steps (3 and 4) with $1.53 spend on 30/08 and still waiting … Maybe the loophole has closed?
      Repeated steps 3 and 4 on 10/09.

    • I did the exact same thing on 26/08 - still no lounge pass. Here's to hoping!

    • Got mine today using this method. Done on 24/09/19. Unsure if triggered by first lot of qff being sent into my account from my amex card..

    • Final update: this method still works, however as alluded to by veryveryverycheap the lounge passes appear to only trigger after the sign-up bonus QFF points have posted to your account. I tried the exact same method three times to obtain lounge passes and it worked only on the third time - which happened to be after the sign-up bonus QFF points had posted.

      So final timeline of the third attempt:
      1. new Westpac Altitude Qantas Black Card arrived 4/9. Card activated and made qualifying spend. Sign-up bonus QFF points received.
      2. 27/10 registered card on and then spent $1.04 on carbon offset on random SYD>BNE flight
      3. lounge passes were received on 30/11

      Hope this helps others 😊

      • Very frustrating trying to get the 2 Qantas lounge passes on a Westpac Altitude card. Tried to call them, ended up speaking to 9 people over 6 calls, got hung up on (twice), bounced to Qantas, bounced back to Westpac. They really don't know their own product. I eventually got someone who sounded like they knew what they were doing, who said it was looking for the words "QANTAS AUSTRALIA" in the transaction description. The offsets appear as from "QANTAS AIRWAYS LTD MASCOT AUS". That person sent it to the Investigations Team, said it would be resolved in 2 business days, then called back during a work meeting so couldn't take the call, said they would leave notes and to just call the number on the back of the card. Did that, and they said there were no notes, then put the call the hold, and transferred it to Qantas (who have no clue about this, since it's Westpac who set the criteria for the lounge passes). At this point it was over 1.5 hours chasing this, which is longer that the time that would be spent in the lounge! Gave up in frustration and closed the card. Good luck to anyone trying to get these. And the "14 business days" timeline is a joke, it was twice that and still no passes.

  • Has anyone had any luck with this lately?

  • Happy to report that I received my passes yesterday (22/09)! I did two carbon offsets on 30/08 and 10/09 respectively, not sure which one triggered them.
    Anyway, it still works, so I hope it works for you!