Foxtel Retention Offer - Foxtel Slashes Prices for Customers Who Threaten to Quit

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Tell them that you'll leave and get almost half price…

… had already been paying a discount rate of $75 a month for the pay TV service, compared to the current advertised "limited" deal of $99. But when the hit HBO series Game of Thrones ended and she attempted to quit she was offered the entire Foxtel package for just $35 a month.

The iconic pay TV company has been facing a tough operating environment in recent months. News Corp's most recent quarterly results revealed Foxtel lost about 100,000 subscribers from its traditional pay TV product in the first three months of the year. And News Corp had to lend its subsidiary $300 million to cover debts maturing in April.

An earlier deal here …

Foxtel Now (All Packs) Plus Foxtel Now Box $79 Per Month (6 Month Contract, Total Cost $474)

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    Might as well do it for real and save $35

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    Tell em they’re dreaming.

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    They'll play your bluff and cancel sometimes.

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      Yep… which costs them even more! I don't get their business plan.

      Force someone to pack up their boxes and take them to the post office, wait a bit and then sign up as a new customer to the same (or better) deal they were on.

      They obviously make a lot of money from the 'apathy tax' some of their subscribers continue to pay, but if they simply dropped their pricing to a realistic level, they wouldn't have so much churn… and save a lot of money.

      It's a terrible business model.
      Get real with your pricing, and keep subscribers long term.


      Then just buy it off Telstra or vice versa on new sign up deal

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    The SMH article has been discussed other places like Whirlpool and the general consensus it’s that the deal is unobtainable.

    You can get a decent deal by using this method (Entertainment, Sports, HD and Drama/Movies for $39) but anything better is unrealistic.

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    So its $17.99/month for 4 Slot 4K Netflix or $35/month for 1 screen Foxtel The Full Package am I getting this right?

    Now my question is what is NOT included in The Full Package because there is always not included/missing in these so called "Full" bundles.. always.

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    Yeah, I was disappointed after whingepool told me how little I “should” be paying, then two phone calls later and the best offer was still worse than if I was a new customer.

    I did find it funny how when you start the conversation with “I want to cancel my service”, they don’t even acknowledge your request to cancel, but go straight into the scripted “we can offer you X for $Y” routine.
    It’s a stupid dance you need to do every 12 months

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    The quote by OP is misleading, as they cut the article short.

    He/She left out:
    “We were cancelling because we were using another sports streaming service [Kayo] for 25 bucks and that's why they offered it for nothing,” she said. “They were very easy to offer that as a solution to stick around with them.”

    They are aware who owns Kayo aren’t they?

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    This post should be removed. It's not actually a deal, rather a method for trying to obtain a discount (which by the way isn't possible).

    Perhaps something for the forums.

    Common price offered for threatening to cancel is $89 for the full package.

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      By definition a discount is a deal. Ozbargain is filled to bursting with these things. Whether it's obtainable or not is another matter.


      I'll wait 5 weeks till end of AFL home and away season and give it a go .

      trying to obtain a discount (which by the way isn't possible). Did you try ?

      I think not just a whinger :)

      BTW I know for a fact big discounts are on offer when leaving Foxtel .


        Yes I did try, two days ago when the article was first doing the rounds. Tried twice actually, with different service staff. Responses were the same, they were aware of the article, $35 platinum HD was impossible, etc.

        No whinging, happy to pay the $89 which they gave me for 12 months. Gets good usage in my household.


      Agreed - unobtainable


    They sort of made foxtel redundant with the release of kayo didn't they?


      Yeah I thought that to. Till I tried using Kayo with a 100-105mbps download speed and the quality was terrible. I get ridiculous good quality using Netflix, Stan, Amazon and whether the difference is the fact that the content isn't being streamed live I don't know but… It still left me in the position that AFL seems to only be a descent quality when viewing on a tablet or phone.

      If anyone knows about the quality issues etc and wants to add to this comment please do. As mine is simply personal experience.

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        and whether the difference is the fact that the content isn't being streamed live I don't know but

        Let me explain it for you: with Kayo you lose $25

        With Foxtel you lose $39. Allegedly. it's probably a lot more

        You are paying Telstra for a low quality service so that the high quality service is attractive.

        The braindead don't seem to recall that the only reason Foxtel was allowed to start broadcasting sport was because they pledged to keep major sport free such as cricket and AFL.


        I've seen people over on whirlpool have connection problems with kayo.
        I'm fortunate I've never had a problem.

        Even on adsl 2 at my work
        Must be the area I live in

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      Hardly redundant. Kayo is not 1080p all the time vs 4K in Foxtel…


        Oh fox has everything in 4k now?
        That's worth it then.


          Only a single channel with a mixture of Cricket/NRL/AFL


          Sadly not everything. Selected games only. A lot of the 4K content is the F1 Grand Prix races.

          The difference between streamed Kayo and 1080p is obvious on a big screen (75" in my case) unless your NBN connection is good which mine is not (FTTN <30Mbps at the best of times).

          The difference between true 1080p Foxtel and 4K Foxtel is night and day.

          The difference between Kayo and 4K is huge….

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    Unless you want more than sport

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    They said "Okay, See ya later" - Guess my subscription will end next month lol

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    Worked before for few lucky people now it's on the news and ozb they won't do it. Game over.


    Meh, I pay $50 a month and get every channel bar Movies……


    Didn’t work for me

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    Losing money to watch harmful advertising, what a deal.


    I can 100% confirm this is a real thing. I have been with foxtel for 9 years now. I had the original package they used to offer which had all the channel except sport and movies. In 2014 my other half went on maternity leave and we rang them to say we couldnt afford the current cost of the package, they reduced the $59 month down to $30. We have continued on that for 5 years now. This is with an IQ2 box too.

    Foxtel make you renew the discount every 12 months. All you do is ring say you want to disconnect (otherwise you get directed to india) the disconnects team is australian and they redirect you to discounts team (also australian). Then say you want to disconnect cause its to expensive and ask if they can offer you a better deal (once you have the discount you just tell them you want to have what you already have and not pay extra every 12 months).


    Seems like that Telstra $10 port in discount story again😛. Each customer get different outcome.

  • This is a negotiated deal that is not guaranteed to work for everyone, nor is the package price the same for every negotiation. Therefore this has been moved to forums.


    Getting a discount on threatening to quit is pretty common OzBargaining. I got 50% slashed off my Austar account almost 20 years ago and since then the tactic has worked for me with Telstra and Allianz, though at a different discount level.

    Can depend on the person you are talking to. Everyone can have a bad day at work, so if one person won't give you a discount then at least call back one more time and try again.

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    There's a massive thread on Whirlpool about fotxel bargaining if anybody needs something to read at work today.


    If you only want sport then just get Kayo. Most people who get Foxtel only want sport anyway. That's the reason everyone is leaving Foxtel. I left last month.

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    Their new business plan is to raise subscription fees and stop paying as much for sports broadcast rights. They have currently had a very high turnover rate of head of marketing staff as well so seem to think they have magic beans to sell at a very high price.

    This article is old news for those in the know and can you imagine the skew of readers trying this. An internal memo release would have been sent around swiftly to mediate this. They look at how long you've been a subscriber for and offer accordingly. I just query if they are going to be around for much longer. Love their product but it's priced way too high. 1997 Foxtel when they literally had zero ads was a dream compared to these days. First they started advertising their own shows then snowballed from there.

    This reply has no merit and is more a rant. Apologies if you read it.


      Every NRL game live (normal rounds) with no ad breaks during play. Easily worth $35 to get that in HD (and ocassionally 4K) every month for me. This is proper HD, not Kayo "HD if your Internet connection and our servers are up to it"

      However when the NRL is not on Foxtel (including the grand final) it's definitely not worth it.


    Love seeing lazy businesses go down the drain. Foxtel has been milking their monopoly for years before major competitors came to Australia. Instead of adapting they went crying to big daddy government to help them continue rotting customers. That didn't work so now they're clueless.


      Hardly 'milking'. Foxtel has been making a loss for years and is massively in debt.


        Ye but I meant before Netflix and other streaming services came to Australia, Foxtel were the only local form of paid TV and had exclusive rights to a lot of content. That's when they were milking it.


    I've been doing this since I got Foxtel about 4 years ago. I ring every 3 or 6 months depending on when the deal expires, threaten to leave and I get an epic deal. It's pretty dumb really. Every time I get a survey and I give them the same feedback that they need to fix this aspect of their business.

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