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[PS4, XB1] Resident Evil 2 $39.44 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


New low price for this game on Amazon. If you haven't picked it up, now could be the time. Enjoy!


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  • Thanks OP, added to my pile of shame :)

  • FUUUUUU bought this one last week for $48… any way I can get the price difference back? :(

  • For those unfamiliar or had forgotten.. some of the Resident Evil (edited) games are tough and will test your patience and skills. Ammo can be limited, enemies and puzzles get tougher as you progress and you often have to backtrack. I think I'm almost near the end of Leon's story and am considering throwing in the towel!

    • I love Residential Evil ;)

    • Yeah the trick is knowing which enemies you can avoid. You can grab most of the loot from rooms without fighting slow zombies, never shoot Mr X, using environment hazards whenever possible etc.

      Fantastic remake.

    • What in particular is troubling you during your playthrough?

      • Not one thing particular, except for the overall difficulty and feeling I'm often covering the same ground multiple times over. It's my fault though as I'm playing it in short bursts and will often forget what I've just done before the last save. Makes it worse when you take an extended break from playing it all together.

        I do think it's a great game and have been surprised aplenty as I never really played the original. Almost played all the other in the series (except for 6) so I do enjoy them and knew what I was in for.

    • I personally think Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was the best!

  • I like your profile picture and name :)

  • Been waiting for this to drop. Despite the original being one of my favourite retro games. I'm such a cheapskate. Cheers OP. 'STARS' {in a low growl}

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  • Just wondering, are there any stores (Target/Big W/EB Games/Harvey) can price match Amazon games?