Have you been able to discount a big ticket Bunnings item?

I'm looking at getting one of these Matador outdoor BBQ kitchens.


I know prices are usually "set" at Bunnings and not negotiable but has anyone been able to negotiate a price on something like this?


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  • Do they sell them anywhere else? If you can find it cheaper, you can price beat. I've had them price beat some Fiskars that were just under $100. Not the same price ballpark but 10% is decent change on that

  • Only way I've managed is if the same item is on clearance at another store though I've never tried just randomly picking an item and trying to negotiate the price. I don't think that'd work. Price match as above is you're only option I'd say.

  • My BIL in law was building a retaining wall and managed to negotiate down on the price. Not sure if that was based on quantity or price.

    Doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Buying display stock, I've bought outdoor settings at a significant reduction (after bargaining re the condition). It was the end of summer and the salesperson mentioned that it was the end of that line, but didn't bother me.

  • Powerpass might get 5% off. If you happened to be at my Bunnings checking out at the same time I could help you.

  • Also take a look on gumtree, there's always someone selling store credit …

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      Not something I would recommend unless you meet the seller at a local Bunnings to check the voucher’s validity and spend it immediately. I have had too many disappointed (and sometimes enraged) customers that have been sold worthless/non-activated or already redeemed exchange/gift vouchers on eBay, Marketplace or Gumtree.