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NSW Public Transport iPhone App 'Link' Promo Code Giveaway


Hey, back again with more promo codes for my app for those who missed out last time.

I write an app for iPhone called ‘Link’ which provides an interface for 131500. Recently, Apple has lifted the restriction on promo codes, and they are now available worldwide instead of just in the US iTunes store. As a result, I have a few codes to give away to you.

Anyway, check the link for more information. The direct link to the app on the iTunes store is http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/link/id383833328?mt=8

The first 49 eligible posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via OzBargain (sorry, I gave one away to a friend already). There are just a few conditions:

• As suggested by moderators, this competition is open to existing members of OzBargain only. Only users with an account created before today (20 June 2011) are eligible.
• Please post a new comment as opposed to replying to someone else’s comment.
• After you make a post here requesting a code, please contact me through OzBargain's contact form (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/32369/contact). Please put your username in the subject.
• As this app is only relevant to NSW, please do not ask for a promo code if you do not need it.
• If you got a promo code last time, please consider letting other people have a go. Thanks

I’ll send out the codes via e-mail as soon as I get the chance. If you've waiting for yours for a while, please bear with me. I'll post a list of winners once I've sent out all the codes. +1 also appreciated :) Thanks and good luck!

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    Yes Please

  • I'll have one thanks.

  • +1

    Interested in a code, thanks!

  • appreciated, would love a code :-)

  • Thanks, please give me one.

  • yes please

  • Code please…thanks! :)

  • I'd love one, Thanks!

    (Yay finally found the offer early on)

  • can i get one too? thanks

  • Code please! THanks :)

  • Code please.

  • me too please.. thank you

  • Please.

  • Yes please!


  • Code request please

  • Can I have one please ? Thanks

  • yes please

  • +3

    Hey guys don't forget to send me a message via the contact form so I can get back to you with the code. If you forgot to put your username as the subject, just send another one through.

  • TripView sucks. Thanks.

  • yes please!

  • yes please =D

  • yes please

  • Code Please, Thanks!

  • competitions are not bargains, but this isn't really a competition as everyone gets one..(well at least the first 49) so all good anyway. wouldn't promote it as a competition though

  • yes please

  • i want one please!

  • Yes please!

  • Yes please!

  • I would like one plz…. TY!!! :)

  • Please give me one. Thanks

  • Yes please

  • Can I have one. Thanks!

  • Yes plz

  • Can I have one please

  • hey my man hook me up please :P

  • Yes please! Can I get one?

  • could i have one please? thanks

  • Can I have one too please.

  • could I get one pls. Thanks

  • I'll grab one if theres any left

  • Can I have one too please.

  • +1

    I'm getting a few emails without usernames in the subject. Please put your username as the subject. Once again if you didn't do that, feel free to shoot me another e-mail.

  • One for me too :)

  • can i have one too?

  • Can you send me one too?

  • Me too please.

  • could i have one too? thanks!!

  • I would like one pleaes

  • Deleted Comment - Accidentally asked for the code twice

  • please.

  • Code please, thanks :)

  • I would also like one.

  • code please

  • Could i please get a code acky.

    • My basic count had you at 49

  • code please thanks

  • I would like one. Thanks.

  • Send me one please. Thanks

  • Could you please send me one. Thanks

  • yes please, thanks

  • one for me please, thanks!

  • 64th yes? :(

  • Yes please - this would really help me :-)

    • Oops - it might have Messaged twice. (internet glitch, then 2 "message sent" notification)

  • i would like one as well please.

  • me too please!

  • i'd love one thanks

  • Yes please too!!! :D

  • yes please

  • I'd love one if they're still available

  • Me please!

  • yes please

  • yes please

  • love a code if there's still any left!

  • got it thanks =D nice and quick

  • +1

    yes please

  • Yes please

  • Would love one too :)

  • yes please

  • Yes me :D

  • I want one.

  • Can I have one please? Thanks

  • yes please

  • Yes, please. Thank u.

  • One promo code please

  • code, please

  • pleasee if theres any left :D

  • If I could have a code that'd be great, thanks!

  • plz plz?

  • Can I please have a code?? Thanks

  • Can I have one also?

  • Code please =D.

    Some extra cache of your app would be even better. The app sometimes hang when i am playing around in a tunnel (i.e no receptions).

  • +1

    Android? :D

    • +1

      I'm hoping to be able to port it to Android soon if I can get my hands on one of those cheap Optus My Tabs :)

  • code thanks!

  • One code please!Thanks.

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