AMAZON (US) - Cancelling Order

I've ordered something from AMAZON(US) and I'm looking to cancel the order. The product hasn't been dispatched yet but it doesn't give me the option on cancelling the order…

Can't seem to find much information aside from 'refusing delivery' which in turn would send the package back to the States.

So if I refuse delivery, would Amazon charge me the shipping fee back to the US?

Anyone been through something similar? Any other way to cancel the product prior to shipping?

Thanks in advance

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    what happened when you contacted amazon and asked them?

  • Refusing delivery of something you ordered and paid for. Because they are big or rich and money grows on trees or why? Contact them and maybe it can be stopped, but why not treat it as a lesson to change behaviour from impulsive spending?

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    you can usually do an online chat and sort it out.

  • Amazon customer support is pretty good. That being said, they have absolutely no obligation to cancel the order for you. No idea what would happen if you refused delivery.

  • Is it the 3600mhz ram that was on sale last month that still hasn't shipped?

  • Sorry you appear to have posted a forum post on Australia's foremost bargain sharing community, rather than contact Amazon to resolve your query.

    I'm sure you must be pretty embarassed about this.

  • With Amazon AU you are able to cancel items in an order after making it.. not sure what the time period is for cancelling items but for Amazon AU it was possible for me to cancel items but not add any to the existing order.

    Amazon US and Amazon UK though no idea only tried this with Amazon AU.

    • Amazon US you can cancel orders too, and I have done it before. But I only bought items fulfilled by Amazon, so I don't know if it is possible to cancel orders from Marketplace sellers.

      • Yeah I'm not sure if fulfillment by other parties NOT Amazon US allow cancelation of orders but I know of fulfillment is done by Amazon themselves be it Amazon AU/Amazon US/Amazon UK or otherwise that changing your order is possible cancelation wise but adding items not sure.

        I was able to waive the delivery fee by contacting Amazon support and showing I had multiple orders in a similar very close within a day time-frame but the orders are still technically on paper separate items and not combined into one big order according to the orders page.