Hayman Reese Hitch Step $49 (Save $40.99), Hitch Step with LED Light $89 (Save $45) @ Repco


Hayman Reese brand Hitch Step $49 at Repco. Supercheap Auto is selling it for $89.95.

Most Hayman Reese products are discounted at Repco for the weekend.

Hayman Reese hitch step LED light $89 at Repco. ($129.99 at SCA)

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    Nice. I can’t convince Treasurer Mrs Entropy though on the grounds she would find reversing in the dark easier, as of course she never loads the roof box.


    Plus 20% off for Auto Club members.


      It was 30% storewide, over the weekend, for auto club membership, but couldn't get that to work on the HR gear.
      Haven't yet tried the 20% auto members discount or the promo code IPSWICH either


    I also want the LED varient, though my factory branded towbar has additional strengthening so the step cannot bolt on as it cant sit flat on the underside..

    Additional discounts do not make any difference to already discounted items. I tried, its also in the t'c.

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