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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Charcoal $31.72 + Delivery (Free with $49 Spend on Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


If you can’t afford the other deal that was posted for the Lamy 2000, here’s a cheaper alternative.

Excellent fountain pens. Once you use a fountain pen, you never go back. Especially if you experience a black one like this.

Guaranteed to improve your handwriting by 173%.

It won’t improve your actual writing though. Your fanfic still sucks. It’s time to give up and move out of your parent’s house too.

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  • I did carry a Lamy Safari for work for a little while but ultimately it wasn't suited to the task. I went back to a Bic 4 colour biro.

    Nice pen, however.

  • Also to note, the fountains pen that are linked have a 'Fine' nib size.

    (Stores like Officeworks usually stock mainly the 'Medium' nib size. Specialist pen/stationery stores would tend to offer various nib sizes)

    • Specialist pen/stationery stores would tend to offer various nib sizes

      Additionally, Lamy Safari and Al-Star pens have removable nibs so you can easily swap between sizes, should you desire. Specialty pens stores stock them for ~$25 for stainless steel nibs and $100+ for gold ones. (Yes, the gold nibs generally are much superior to S/S.) Here is what Milligram offer.

    • Generally, European fines are broader than Japanese fines and could sometimes be comparable to a Japanese medium nib.

  • Upvoted this deal, despite not being a fan of fountain pens, purely for the last 3 sentences.

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    This is quite a large and chunky pen. I didn't like the ergonomics when I got it for $5 from Coop Bookshop

  • Does it require thicker paper to write on or is the nib/ink comparable to normal pens?
    I'm concerned about bleed through as I use the cheap officemax notepads and won't be writing on $80 leatherbound journals.

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      Works fine on normal paper. You can change the nib with a different sized one if it’s too fine.

    • Stick with the good old Papermate Kilometrico pens then.. no point having a $30+ pen using a 10c notepad.

    • Your choice of ink will have a big effect, too, but I suspect anything is going to bleed through one of those pads. You could treat yourself to one of the decent Rhodia pads which has fountain pen-friendly paper, and which seem to have gotten much cheaper lately. You don’t need to spend heaps to get FP-friendly paper that won’t bleed.

    • my medium nib Lamy works 'well' with spirax paper and some of my Japanese fine work with other generic branded paper.

  • How fine are they and do they suffer from much bleed?

    I like really fine pens, and enjoy these 'disposable' Bic fine liners. The type Japanese people like so they can draw their ideograms really small.

    • I find them to be on the thicker side. A Japanese fine would probably be more suitable - have a look at the Pilot Metropolitan.

      • Depending at where you look, but I would spend an extra ~$10 for the prera. They're lighter, look nicer (imo) and are more smooth.

    • Lamy nibs are quite thick, I would say a fine lamy nib is equivalent to medium Japanese nib.

  • Now I can add inkblots to my illegible handwriting.

  • Upvoted for the thinly veiled “once you go black…” reference 😆

  • My job doesn't require me to write much but I got myself one of this years Safari limited editions in powder pink and I'm eyeing the macaron blue one too. The other I own is the Line Friends Brown limited edition.

    There's something nice about writing with a fountain pen.

  • I don't think this is a super good price but these are very nice pens. I recommend also getting a converter and ink bottle rather than using cartridges.

    • Think of this as a try before going in the deep end. One of my boys uses the cartridges - while I always use bottled colour.

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