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ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout 60 Serves - 2 for $74.95 Delivered + $5 Back in Store Credit @ Amino Z


OzBargain exclusive deal - not advertised anywhere else

Here's another deal for the site, thanks as always for the support!

Buy any two ON Gold Standard Pre Workouts (60 serves) for $74.95 delivered. For every unit, you'll get $2.50 back in store-credit (Z Points) with this offer. If you order 3 for example, you will get $7.50 back in Z Points and pay the same price per unit ($37.48).

Available in Blueberry lemonade and Watermelon.

Some key notes:

  • Normally $54.90 ea plus $9.95 delivery
  • One of our top-selling pre workouts
  • Rated 4.4 stars on our site (385 ratings/reviews)
  • Backorders are welcome - if your flavour is on backorder, the dispatch date should be within a week or so.
  • A clean pre-workout - free from banned substances
  • Long expiry dates ranging from November 2020 - January 2021

Add a total of 2 (or more) units and apply coupon code OZBARGAIN-GSP in your shopping cart before checking out. Bonus Z Points will be added within 5 days of your order being shipped out.

PS. This is a product I personally use so any questions I'm happy to assist. A tip on the flavours - watermelon is a typical watermelon. Blueberry lemonade is nothing like a blue raspberry, rather a mix of blueberry and lemon, so it has a sour undertone to it.

  • Jay (Founder/Owner/The Deals Guy @ Amino Z)

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  • +13

    Does this contain Ligandrol?

    • Ligandrol isn't on the label. Here's a list for reference (I have copied it from our site):


      Creatine Monohydrate (as Creapure®)
      3 g

      AstraGIN® Proprietary Blend [Astragalus membranaceus Extract (root) & Panax notoginseng Extract (root)]
      25 mg

      L-Citrulline Malate
      1.5 g

      Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®)
      1.5 g

      N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl
      375 mg

      250 mg

      175 mg

      Citrus Bioflavonoids
      100 mg

      Other Ingredients: Natural & Artificial Flavours, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate, Caffeine (from Tea and/or Coffee Bean), Gum Blend (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan), Sucralose, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, FD&C Red #40.

      • Jay
    • +4

      Good one mate, I don't think rep got it… Haha

      • Hah nope, just saw the news articles!

        • Jay
    • +1

      Shayna, that you?

    • +1

      Lol, not for pre-swimming

  • +1

    In Jay I trust. Copped.

    • Hah! Thanks for the order Fredfloresjr - 2 tubs coming your way!

      • Jay
  • +1

    Good product, great price!

  • -1

    extreme warehouse has it for $25 on ebay with the code PLUNGE or $30 without. Plus free shipping and a free shaker. Safe to say they have you beat here, unless you can do better?


    • +4

      Note this is a 30 serve you have referenced, we are doing the 60 serve size. Ours works out better :)

      • Jay
      • +6

        Yep you're right. Sincerest apologies about that. In that case it's a great deal!

  • -1

    I've had this product before it's fine. I think C4 Original by Cellucor is far better. This product has 3g of Creatine/scoop, which is a total waste as Creatine is the best supplement on earth and you should be having 5g a day, even on off days.


    • Fair observation. For a single serve you're looking at 175mg of caffeine, which is a fairly moderate amount for a pre-workout. Many people double it up for 350mg (you would consider this high stim) and thus yielding 6g of creatine. If you did however want a lower amount of caffeine, I'd recommend just adding some creatine monohydrate on top of that amount. Creatine per kg is relatively cheap.

      Having said that, C4 is also a solid product.

      • Jay
  • Good post mate! On a side note, curious to know if you guys will be selling Evlution Nutrition products?

    I have switched from C4 Ripped after years to Engn Shred and I feel a big difference as I am looking to cut and get lean! I am guessing this one is similar to C4 and not C4 Ripped?

    • +1

      Thanks aspirepranesh. Yes we do stock EVL but it looks like we only have a limited range - we'll need to update our catalogue as I believe we only have a portion of the products listed here that our supplier has available.

      Also yes, the Gold Standard Pre is similar to the standard C4, it doesn't have the fat burners in it, though it does have acetyl-l-carnitine, however I wouldn't consider it much of a fat burner pre.

      • Jay
      • Ah! explains why I couldnt find it under Pre Workout!

        I'll keep an eye out for your emails if you ever start stocking them up. Need something with a fat burner and the C4 Ripped doesnt have the same buzz anymore :)

        Cheers Jay.

        • No worries. I've forwarded this over to our data team so they can update the website. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

          • Jay
  • This thing keeps me up at night. I had to reduce the dose.

    • How long before going to bed do you take it?

      • Jay
      • Pre workout at 7pm. Workout from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. Go to bed at 11.

        • Ah okay, makes sense. I believe the half life of caffeine is roughly 5 hours after consumption (variable from person to person).

          • Jay
  • I do quite a bit of sports most evenings and currently only taking Hydralyte Sports powder pre and during, would this be any good for me? I also have my daily coffee fix prior to exercise so I'm not sure if any extra caffeine would be any good?

    • +1

      probably not to be honest

      • that's what I thought. Thanks

    • If you're having some caffeine already it may or may not, really depends upon how tolerant you are. I would avoid too much caffeine in the evening though.

      • Jay
  • Pre workouts don't work for me anymore :(

  • Ordered Watermelon Pre-Workout! It's on back order now though.

    • Thanks for the order luannyboyz!! Delay won't be too long and we'll give you an update once it's shipped out.

      • Jay
  • Thanks OP!

    • My pleasure!

      • Jay
  • Great deal thanks. Already bought 2. This is what I use for my pre-workout. Just gives me enough caffeine to wake up.

    • No worries and thanks for the order Jacko1235!

      • Jay
  • Any idea on how long the deal runs for?

    • +1

      Hi Pattiemate15 - it ends today.

      • Jay
      • What time?

        • Hi Pattiemate15 - ended 11.59pm. We generally just advertise the day, in which case it will end at the end of that day.

          • Jay
          • @aminozcomau: Crap, I missed it! Any chance of a late order Jay?

            • @ichigogogo: Sorry ichigogogo missed your message! We can't extend this one, but keep an eye out here and in the newsletter also, we may have something in the future on this one.

              • Jay
  • Just got my order in time! I requested one of each flavour I assume that's not a problem? Great deal!

    • +1

      No problem at all! Thanks for the order!

      • Jay
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