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Sara Lee Ice Cream 1 Litre (Indulgence Rocky Road Overload, French Vanilla, Hazelnut Chocolate Ripple) $4.50 @ Woolworths


Enjoy :)

  • Sara Lee Ice Cream Indulgence Rocky Road Overload 1l Tub
  • Sara Lee Ice Cream French Vanilla 1l Tub
  • Sara Lee Ice Cream Classic Ultra Chocolate 1l Tub
  • Sara Lee Hazelnut Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream 1l
  • Sara Lee Ice Cream Salted Caramel 1l Tub

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  • +2

    Miss the blueberry cheesecake flavour…

    • Me too, and i never even had a chance to try it, sounds bloody delicious

    • Their cheesecake flavour was nice! and custard rhubarb.

  • Any recommendations on best flavour/s? Never tried these ones before!

    • +1

      Just go with Vanilla first.

      • +3

        Rocky road is the bomb

  • +1

    Does the rocky road have nuts?

    • Yep, crushed peanuts IIRC.

  • use to love the hazlenut one, but they've changed the formula sadly its pretty woeful now..

  • Where did the Strawberry & Cream flavour go ? I used to stock up when on special

  • Whats the regular price?

    • $9 according to the website

  • +4

    Sara lee is budget tasting icecream, not worth this price. The joke is on you if you buy it.

  • +5

    Agree, this stuff is rubbish. They put it in a smaller tub to make it look expensive. Worst bang for buck icecream in the freezer.

    • +6

      Hopeless ice-cream addict here:

      Yeah Sara Lee is marketed as premium, but most flavours (except rocky road maybe, which is OK, IIRC) are actually worse than more ordinary/standard brands. Which are also cheaper than this per litre, even with this sale price.

      Save your money for the next time connoisseur goes on sale.

      …or the Reese's ice cream tub if peanut butter desserts are your thing (they sure are mine).

      …or Ben and Jerry's if you're willing to pay double-premium price for almost-double-premium quality.

      …or haagen daz if it's really really discounted.

      …or Peter's original Rainbow for the kids or pride day.

      …or for stanndard vanilla at a great price, Streets blue ribbon with real buttermilk - very creamy and "airy".

      …or Bulla creamy classic, but ONLY if on sale and ONLY mint choc chip OR boysenberry.

      • I agree with most but Peter's is bottom of the barrel, home brand quality, very poor flavour, texture. It is the one of the worst icecreams and I love icecream.

        • +3

          Yeah but they are the only ones who do "rainbow" flavour. We buy it occasionally to bring joy to our toddler.

      • Agree, but reeses stuff is made under license by bulla IIRC, which is the definition of budget

  • +3

    Yeah, big no to Sara Lee. Their ultimate chocolate doesn't even taste like chocolate. Yuck.

  • Good post. Luv Sara Lee products for decades now.

    • +1

      Eh everything they make is good except their ice cream.

      • +1


        They should stick to what they know.

  • Following the yellow brick road to Yummy ;)

  • When did their quality go down? O.O We've still got strawberry from the last sale.

    • It never was quality. So if you like it then you'll remain satisfied.