[In-Store] Sony Xperia XZ Premium $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $399. Check your local store for stock. Edit: Spotted at Bankstown NSW.

Happened across this deal by chance.
The staff member I was speaking to mentioned he had these on clearance but not advertised anywhere.
I thought I saw a glimpse of 0 black and 15 chrome ones in stock, don't know if this was store stock or JB wide stock.

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    Which JB did you visit?


    Is this better than LG v30+

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      For a moment, I thought this was the Sony XZ1 compact.
      That one, its truly a great phone, and stands besides the iPhone SE as the only small phones left in the entire huge industry.

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        I own one of these bad boys, and I concur. AFAIK, I don't think they were available local stock. I imported mine.

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          Yeah, I tried looking for one. Pretty sure Sony has closed-shop in Australia. Even today, they're hard to get and still expensive.

          But the XZ Premium isn't bad, it surely isn't premium though. I would say its it's about equal to the LG V30.

          The LG V30 has the edge in terms of battery life, fingerprint scanner, QuadDAC, FM radio, and storage.
          But the Sony XZ Premium gets the edge in screen quality, software, Selfie Cam, and Speakers.
          …they're very equal when it comes to Performance, Durability, and Rear Camera.

          Personally, I'm a big fan of the V30 but I would choose the Sony in this instance. Just the speakers and screen, edge it slightly over the impressive battery life and the fit/finish of the LG. So $400 is a pretty good value in this deal!!

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    A friendly reminder that post sale support from the manufacturer may be unreliable - allegedly there are only 2 employees left in the whole department which is not unexpected given they have basically left the Australian market. This is a true end of life product.

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      I had a Z1 once - unstable as hell and Sony couldn't care less. Camera crashes from the Z1 to the Z3, but no fixes. I wouldn't risk it.

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      Mine's running Android 9, and it's still regularly updated.
      If you have a hardware issue, you have the JB Hifi warranty. Network issue, call your telco.
      Other than that it's just Android.
      This is a fast, well built phone with great specs even in 2019. Prior to this I had the Z3 and again, it remained snappy, well supported and bug-free until Google wouldn't let Sony release Android 7 on it due to the 32-bit CPU.

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    a successfully failed phone imo. i would pass although $399 for the extremely high res screen may be tempting


    does this take 960fps slow mo video

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      Yes it was the first phone to do so

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        I remember when Apple and Samsung said it was just a gimmick feature when it came out. What do you think they both added to their phones the following year… :)


          To be fair it's still a gimmick. Haven't touched the feature our thought about it since using it when I first got my phone lol.

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            @baz3189: At least it's a function that was innovative and of use to many people. I would call the edge screen a gimmick. All it did was make it impossible to watch videos as the info bar would constantly come up when holding the phone.


              @Monstalova: Not debating it being innovative, just that it is indeed a gimmick. The 940fps mode only ran for 0.2 of a second so was tricky to capture what you wanted in such a short time frame. Sadly I don't think any phone company has really developed this feature further.

              No arguments in edge screen, more of a design decision that they tried sell as a feature.


                @baz3189: Just because you don't like it doesn't make it a gimmick. Capturing live super slow motion is like a Matrix moment. Which TV broadcasts, sports, YouTubers and millions of other use on a daily basis. A gimmick is something designed to trick you or lure you into getting with no real purpose or value. There has been a small improvement Sony has made with the 960fps capture, 1080p res instead of 720.

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                  @Monstalova: I never said I didn't like it. Liking it doesn't make it less of a gimmick. It's a cool feature that lacks any real world use due to its limitations. No one I know with this phone or a Samsung device with the same feature uses it. The XZ premium was heavily marketed on this gimmick and it's sales still tanked because reviewers although initially excited about the promise of super slow motion were quickly disappointed when spending time actually using it.

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                    @baz3189: Make up your mind, haven't touched the feature or even thought about it since I got my phone but you still like it?? It was hardly even mentioned in most advertising as the headline feature was 4K HDR. I don't know where you're reading that reviewers didn't like it. Most reviews and YouTube channels seem to love the feature. But I guess you'd say anything to support your view. Only reason it didn't sell well is that Sony sucks at marketing and Samsung is the best at it. Easy for Samsung when you spend all your money on advertising and steal all the ideas and tech from Sony and other companies for phones and especially TV's.


                      @Monstalova: It's really not hard to comprehend liking an idea but not using it due to its poor implementation.
                      Sony were indeed terrible at marketing but there are a heap of paid articles about the 960fps mode which along with the screen were the marketing angles of the phone.

                      Here's some quotes from written reviews:

                      "The issue is the handful of compromises involved with capturing such slow video that make it more of a novelty in the end rather than a truly differentiating feature." Android Central

                      "It was fun playing with this feature, but the slow periods are too short to really add value to any particular video." - ZDnet

                      "Using the Sony Xperia XZ Premium for slow-mo video capture is fun, but in practise you might be surprised by how few situations actually merit it. The effect is so extreme it turns most footage of people into a dull slideshow." -Wired

                      "The slow-motion trick is cute, but its novelty quickly wears off." -Verge

                      Again, the idea was great but the implementation is why it is a gimmick. It's simply not practical for use in the real world.

                      Have no opinion on your stealing ideas comment, Sony aren't any different to any other tech company in that regard.


          I dont think Apple ever said that and it still doesnt have this feature either.

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    Holy Bezels

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    For these interested
    5.5-inch LCD, 4K HDR
    Snapdragon 835
    4GB RAM
    Storage 64GB
    stereo speakers
    Battery 3230mAh
    Rear Camera 19MP Exmor RS, hybrid AF, 960 fps slow-mo, 4K video
    Front Camera 13MP Exmor RS, f/2.0, 22mm wide-angle lens
    Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, USB 3.1, GPS

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    Would never buy another Sony mobile phone after my Z3 died from exposure to water despite being "waterproof".

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    Had it for 2 years and it's a great phone unless you are allergic to bezels.

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    I own this phone and just recently upgraded to pixel 3. The phone was a very poor performer in my first 12 months of ownership requiring a restart at least once a day but android updates resolved all my issues making it a really good phone. I really questioned my need to upgrade. It was one of the first non pixel phones to get the android 9 update. It's still getting monthly security updates. The phones camera reviewed as being similar in performance to the galaxy s8. The phones call quality and coverage is much better than the pixel 3. The only cons of the phone are the front facing speakers that sound good but aren't very loud. The audio through the headphone jack sounds great but doesn't provide enough power to the headphones to make them loud. They are loud enough in a quite setting but on the train I struggled to hear the audio. Bluetooth headphones resolved the issue other users bought USB C to headphone cables.


      Agree. Sony phone is the only one when I take lift from G to L3 not been cut off. Super good on connectivity. My iphone 7 plus has been cut off when the lift lifting.

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    Sony does much better in terms of software updates.

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    Sony is basically dead and gone from Australia. I wouldn't touch any of their products now as their support is almost non existent.

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    I bought the XZ Premium just over a year ago, dropped it 4 times, and not a mark on it. It's a brilliant phone, but yeah, Sony Mobile's exited out of Oz. Real shame cos I love their phones.

    Just recently picked up the LG V30+ cos I wanted the QuadDAC, dual sim and 128Gb. Still haven't fired it up yet, waiting for the case to show up from eBay.

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    Yeah. Definitely a great phone. I am a sony boy owned z1. Z ultra. Z5 compact and xz1


    Does anyone know where to buy the official case?



    Old model, very old large clunky bezel etc


    So.. did anyone actually manage to buy one?


      I was wondering the same thing.
      Such a vague post with no concrete information about where and how many.

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