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20% off LEGO @ BIG W (20% off Toys (Some Exclusions) )


Don't forget WISH gift cards to get another 5% off.

Exclusions -

  • price dropped and clearance items.
  • outdoor and aquatic toys, gaming, nursery, sporting, cycling, skate or scooter.


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  • need that new technics control+ off-roader

    • Target Online have it for $329 currently.

      Excellent price considering it hasn't even officially launched anywhere and Lego's [email protected] launch price is $379.99

      I was pretty excited about this set too as it finally looked like Lego had made a decently-fast RC truck with independent suspension, but be aware however, despite the fact it's powered by three of the new Power Functions motors (2 x XL Motors + 1 x L Motor) and the new Smart Hub, it's top speed is still rather slow and the turning circle is a whopping 49cm. It's definitely an improvement over the old Power Functions motors, which were horrendously slow on larger sets like the Bucket Wheel Excavator or the 6x6 All-Terrain Tow Truck, but Lego's motors and overall design of powered Technic sets (in terms of drivetrains and gearing) still leaves a lot to be desired.

      If you were looking at something like the 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader because you really want a properly fast RC toy car, then you need to look into BuWizz or SBrick, as those will give you the power to make RC vehicles that can give hobbyist stuff a run for its money.

      It does have independent suspension for both axles though and a live front axle, something which has been noticeably lacking from most so-called heavy-duty/all-terrain/off-road Technic vehicles they've done in the past 10 years or so, which is an improvement.

      • Good comment.

        Looks fun but wouldn't think lego purchasers would be trying to compete with real rc stuff.

        They aftermarket stuff you linked is pretty exciting though.

        • Looks fun but wouldn't think lego purchasers would be trying to compete with real rc stuff.

          Yeah but if you've dropped serious dough on the bigger, Power Functions Technic sets in recent years like many AFOLs have; the disappointment is pretty universal. Not only are most of them dog-slow, but the power delivery is so jerky and inconsistent as well thanks to Lego's poor choice of gear reduction and overly-complication drive trains and sub-assemblies; it's definitely a big let-down for sets that retail in excess of $300-500 dollars. For that money, you can buy yourself several blazingly-fast RC cars.

          It's not that you can't build fast RC vehicles with Lego motors; heck I used to build wheeled RC cars with the Lego Mindstorms 1.5 set back in the early 2000s that actually ran faster than any RC car I owned as a kid; it's just that Lego have a habit of needlessly over-engineering and over-complicating things in the design of their larger Technic sets, to make more "animated" models that seem good in theory but come off rather lacklustre in reality.

      • Thanks for your great reply.
        I have already ordered a buwizz as my buggy motor struggles on power functions, looks like free same week express delivery!
        I have also ordered the off roader from build and play for $285 delivered.
        I'll probably post feedback on OzLug on Facebook.

      • Are you sure the turning circle is 49cm?? Because I wouldn’t think that was ‘whopping’.

  • Ugh, literally just bought the UCS Y-Wing over the weekend. Looks like I’m going back and getting the price difference.

  • LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V only $119.20, one of the best value sets you can get, could of easly been sold for $200 +

    • GL Hoarders have been doing that for over 2 years now . Lego being happy producing huge amounts with the 50 th Moon Annv .

      Don't get me wrong its a nice set , major problem is too many out there = poor investment .

    • Says online only but then "home delivery is not available on this product". Doesn't seem to be any way to buy.


    Now if you have a Woolies Staff Card you get 10% off. So 5% e-gift, 20% toys, 10% SDC. Quite a deal!

  • Will it be all Lego and does Jack work at BIG W?

  • Wondering what's the most any ozbargainers have spent on a single Lego model or for that matter total spent on all Lego they have ever collected?

    • I have collected for about 3 years and spent $3000 ($2999 to be exact) on about 50 sets across Lego Friends (24 sets), Lego Creator (12 sets), Lego City (5 sets), Lego Creator Expert (7 sets) and some Lego Classic. All up there's about 33000 pieces.

      My most expensive set that I bought was Assembly Square and it was $279.

      Favourite Sets in each line

      Friends - Heartlake Hospital
      Creator - Recreational Vechile (RV)
      City - Bus Station
      Creator Expert - Assembly Square

      The thing is, there are so many different bits, I still dont think I have enough to build what I need to build when I want (or I'm just bad at lego). One reason I've slowed down and hardly bought any in the last year or so. I haven't mixed the sets yet though, I keep them separate, I might just mix them within the same Lego line.

      Also I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but its been pretty quiet from Lego this year. Last year they were coming out with a massive set every month or two months. Perhaps they're not selling as well, which honestly makes sense to me, it was getting ridiculous for a while.

      Hope other people can share their collections or their thoughts on Lego in general.

      • Yes I don't think I've got enough to do "whatever I want" but that's because my ideas are all supersized now. For a kid you made smaller stuff and can be very happy with it.

        Eg: I just bought two rollercoasters because I wanted the pieces. If my wife hadn't stopped me I'd have bought four. It's the first lego to excite me about freeform building in a long time.

        Joke is on her as I bought the carousel and alot of star wars micro sets to substitute for the normal ride-on pieces instead ;) with enough 28 degrees cashback claims and amazon apology credit to hide almost all the financial (but not physical) evidence.

        I'll pretend I've had some in the cupboard for a while and play the birthday present to myself card lol.

    • You won't find that many hardcore AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) on OzBargain. There's more of them on Whirlpool.

      For an individual set, the 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon is going to be the single biggest recent Lego purchase and all-time purchase for quite a lot of AFOLs. There's a couple of reasons for that, namely that all things considered, despite the fact that it launched for $1,300 AUD, it's still quite a lot of brick for your money (7,541 pieces works out to about 17 cents per brick, which is the de-facto Lego standard for brick-cost ratio, and if you picked it up on sale for $900, like I did, then you're looking at 11 cents per brick, which is astoundingly good value) and two, it is the largest Lego set ever released and is likely to remain the largest for some time (it's just physically difficult for Lego to design sets bigger than this without running into serious stability/strength/weight/profitability issues). Plus it is one of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars universe and comes with a pretty good selection of mini-figures. Also, there have been plenty of really good deals for the UCS Falcon, as low as $831.97, which is the all-time record low in Australia.

      I'm still a sucker for the 10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer from 2011 and was very close to pulling the trigger on a sealed, brand-new set a year or two ago for $1,700, but thankfully I managed to talk myself out of it. They're still going for around that price for sealed, new sets on eBay. Same goes for the UCS Imperial Shuttle from 2010. Don't get me started on the 10030 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer from 2002; new, in-box sets start from $3,000 AUD on eBay.

      In general, the resale market is coming down in price thanks to Lego doing regular re-releases of popular sets and AFOLs doing less Broden-ing and hoarding of popular sets to flog online.

      • Lol. Owned most of them. 10221 star destroyer sucks by the way, the magnets really aren't strong enough to hold it together and the rest is fragile too.

        Unfortunately when I sold 10221 I accidentally included the supporting stand for the ucs shuttle with it.

        Thank goodness I paid only 600 for the star destroyer then sold for 1200. And only 250 for each of two shuttles. Must be time to sell the second shuttle.

        I don't buy to make money per se but occasionally buy a second one. Has worked out well so far but generally I'd say I've learnt which sets will be valuable over the years.

      • Hey Lego dude.

        I can't see any Star Wars Legos worth buying on BIGW for the sale?

        Are they just out of stock of the good stuff? I wouldn't mind buying a detailed Y-Wing and A-Wing but not on the website?

  • Well this sale is disappointing.. no new sets listed and set exclusions also..

  • Can someone explain to me how to get WISH card with 5% off? I want to get the Taj Mahal set which I think isn’t too badly priced.

    • Same price Amazon . Use SB for 8% off the best price I can find .

      My target only allowed 1 and not at good Amazon price : (

      LEGO City Trains Passenger Train - 60197 @ $119.20 less 5 % wish if can find it .

  • On the bigw website theyre showing the passenger train for sale. However.. its not available in any store in my state and its not available for delivery. Why even display it?