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Buy One Get One Free Big Mac @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Just received this offer, not sure if targeted. Let me know if it is.

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    My offer is a $2 McFlurry, no Big Mac deal ☹️


      Not a bad offer if you like McFlurry's especially the apple pie one thats on a limited promo run again.




    Is there a limit on how many rewards you can have at one time? Like you need to finish the previous rewards before it gives you new ones?

    I still have two from awhile ago.

    $3 Big Mac (expires tomorrow)
    Buy 1 Big Mac, Get 1 Free (expires in 6 days)

    No idea if they can stack but I'm not getting any of these new targeted ones popping up in other people's my maccas rewards so wondering if there is a 2 reward maximum active at a time limit.

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      There is around 8 rewards in rotation at the moment. It's completely random what you get. You may have just got unlucky and got the same reward that has been in rotation for a few weeks. Everyone gets the rewards at the same time. It's no different if you use them or let them expire. My advice would be to create multiple accounts so you have a better chance of getting a decent offer.


        Any tricks or tips to apply when making a new account like using a different payment method or name or address etc?

        I only have 1 debit card, 1 PayPal with the 1 debit card linked so if I make multiple accounts with the same payment details will it trigger some kind of warning system and invalidate or cancel my multiple mymaccas accounts or can I really just make like 10 accounts with the only thing needed to be changed being the email address?


    I got two of these offers at the same time, is this common?


    I used my 25% off today and then got the bogof big Mac voucher woohoo


    Is this a weird way of getting lots of people to promote your brand by setting up a large range of non-identical 'offers' to get screen real estate on OzBargain?

    It certainly smells that way to me.

    Please excuse me while I ask the big clown to help me dial down my paranoia levels. Ta.


    The 10 nuggets and large chips deal I can get at any time at Hungry Jacks with the voucher is my go to when McStingies don't have a decent deal. Often a hungry jacks shake and win nabs me a $3 chicken tendercrisp in that deal and my diet is ruined.

    McDonalds deals are so unreliable I find.

    All I get at the moment is a $2 double cheese burger when Hamburgers are only a dollar anyway. I am paying an extra dollar for that cardboard pattie and some plastic cheese?

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    Nothings beats the $5 small Double Beef & Bacon meal!

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