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HPM 12V Mini Garden Spotlight Kit - 4 Pack - Satin Silver - $40 (normally $109) @ Bunnings [in-store only]


Found on Price Hipster;
edit: also come with a 5-year warranty

A favourite in our collection for many years, these mini spotlights never fail to win friends. Use them to highlight all your pride and joys. Their easy 12V D.I.Y, so simple to install. Small, efficient low voltage spotlights with tilt and lock adjustment. Ideal for highlighting foliage, feature plants or garden sculptures.

Satin silver finish
1 X 10W Globe Per Light
Aluminium & glass construction
Includes 4 lights, transformer and cable

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    …these mini spotlights never fail to win friends.

    How do you win friends with spotlights? Do you shine it at them, shine it for them, or give it to them?

    Instructions not clear.

    • +3 votes

      you flash at them

    • +10 votes

      These spotlights actually induce epileptic hypnosis onto any passerbys by subtly flashing a specific frequency of strobing light that lowers inhibitions and increases production of dopamine and serotonin. This causes anyone who happens to glance upon these spotlights to become much more susceptible to friendship. I have 4 of these myself and there is a queue of randoms now pleading for friendship with me outside my door. Please send help.


      I don't consider insects as friend - but some people do.


      You don't win friends. The lights do. They're quite amicable. Your win/loss on friends is not mentioned, nor covered by warranty.

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    Note, these look to be 10W halogen bulbs (inefficient) with a old-school step-down transformer (also inefficient).
    You'll possibly save more money by buying a lighting system with LEDs and a switch-mode transformer.


      Especially given the LED version is only slightly more, this is no bargain.

      $49: https://www.bunnings.com.au/elluminate-warm-white-garden-spo...

      But if you like the metal casing, it looks like standard MR16 lamps inside, so you could throw them out and replace with LEDs.
      Ditto throw out the transformer and replace with 12V supply from your junk drawer.

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        The elluminate LED version has been on clearance for a while, so there's not much stock around. It's got pre-terminated cables, which allows only 1m between lights. I bought it, realised I could only stretch it 4m, so returned it.

        Correct about swapping out the globes. I've had this set for years and put in some cheap LED downlights and they haven't missed a beat.


        I'm a bit of a noob with electricity. With the LED set, why does it come with such a large transformer?


          In the past, it was a bit cheaper for them than a modern switch-mode supply.


      You will not get a switch mode PUS pass 2-3 years of outdoor life at this kind of price point. Most simple transformer can last more than 5-10 years.

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    • Nominal voltage: 12V a.c.
    • Globe type: halogen
    • Kit contents: 4 x mini spotlights, 4 x plastic stakes, 60W transformer, 15m extra low voltage cable
    • +1 vote

      no details on IP rating. I guess they're probably IP44 rated?

      • +1 vote

        The lights are IP44.

        Transformer is IP56.