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10% off $250 WISH/Coles Myer Physical Gift Cards @ MotorOneRewards/Good Guys Concierge (Membership Required)


10% off $250 WISH Physical Gift Cards (WW, BigW, DM, Caltex etc)
10% off $250 Coles Myer Physical Gift Cards (can also be used in Kmart, Target, OW, Coles Express etc.)

Deal expires at 4pm TODAY
4:25pm edit: looks like it is still available, not sure about actual expiry

only available on $250 gift cards, only available on Physical Gift Cards, normally 5% off
Paypal payment only
Free ordinary shipping, +$5.5 for Registered post
Takes 28 business days (6 weeks)

I am not a member of Good Guys Concierge, but comments from previous deal suggest they run the same promotion as motor1
please correct me if I am wrong

GGC login page here
Happy Savings~

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    I am not a member of Good Guys Concierge, but comments from previous deal suggest they run the same promotion as motor1
    please correct me if I am wrong

    You are correct. Logged in and they are running same Promo

    Will stock up

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    After the fee it's only 7.8% discount. And you have to wait 6 weeks for the card to arrive. Hardly worth it.
    Easier to get e-gift card at 5% off from Shopback, Casherewards, Suncorp, etc.

    • -1

      What fee? There is no fee with concierge rewards

    • +7

      Buy 4.
      Anyway, it is too much trouble - thinking 6 weeks about them..

    • +3

      Suncorp is only 4% now I have gone back to cash rewards and RACQ as they are still 5%

      • +2

        Damn it! When did Suncorp become 4%?

    • That's the minimum effective discount if you only buy one card and have it delivered via registered post.

      If you buy the maximum allowable 8 cards, the discount only drops to 9.725%.

  • how to get membership then?

    • +4

      Buy a car from a dealership that’s part of Motor One Rewards program lol!

    • You can buy something at Goodguys & pay membership for Concierge.

  • I am a good guys concierge member but the login doesn't work on that website. Anyone similar situation?

    • If you bought something via their ebay store and your ebay account on a different email - try it.

    • Username is your mobile number

  • I logged on to Concierge and it's showing as 5% still.

    • +1

      10% for phisical Wish GC I see.

    • Is there any link to sign in?

    • My bad, I was looking at the wrong denomination. It is 10%

  • Anyone know how long the Concierge acct takes to come through if I order a product now? Will it be ready to go before 4pm?

  • Cheers OP. I got some of the 7.5% off deal last time using GGC. will stock up

  • 28 days??

    • Up to.

    • Work days.

      • Mine wasn't posted until 28 "business days" were actually up. So its around 6 weeks in the real world.

  • Any idea why they ant simply use e-gift card option?
    Rather sendingnphysical card with 28 days time period ?

    Has anyone got horror stories of not receiving the cards?

    • Woolies egift would be good, but with the Coles Myer ones a few of the brand's don't have the facilities to do egift cards yet so it would limit your buying options(First Choice and LL don't, not sure which others)

      Not from these guys, but I never recieved $1000 in Coles gift cards from Blatchys blues a couple of years ago. 100% do registered post.

    • It seems like you do get them eventually, but there was someone in the other thread who had problems.

      And thats 28 business days, so its more like a month and a half.

    • +1

      There is only Coles e-GC, but not Coles Myer e-GC
      Coles e-GC can only be used in Coles, not OW, not Coles Exp

      There are some stories of further delays, mainly because they don't have enough stock
      but never heard of not receiving

  • -1

    Purchased 11x coles and 11x WOW. I wanted to purchase more but maxed out my Amex! Damn

    • +2

      If your order exceeds the Fair Use Policy it will take longer than 28 working days to be delivered.

      Excessive Use
      You must not use any of our services, products or offers in a way that we deem to be excessive (in
      our sole discretion).
      In relation to pre-paid store cards:
      We consider that purchasing more than $2,000 of pre paid store cards (for all stores combined) in
      any one calendar month or more than $24,000 of pre paid store cards (for all stores combined) in
      any 12 month period is excessive use. Any use over these amounts is deemed excessive.
      We will notify you if we deem your use to be excessive, and in breach of our Fair Use Policy and may
      ask you to reduce your purchase accordingly.
      If you continue to attempt to use the service at excessive levels following this request, we may
      suspend or cancel your access to the services, products or offers immediately and without any prior
      warning or notice given to you.

      • $2000 is the value before discount or after?

        • For this particular deal it doesn't matter as it's 10% off the $250 gift cards only.

          However, my guess would be that the $2000 limit is for the printed value of the cards, not their cost to you. (This is also the "safe" guess 😉)

    • Have you received your order? I did order the similar amount but I did not notice the fair use term.

  • I am not a member of nay of these. Can i still purchase?

    • +1


  • +1

    Anyone finding when you add your address in GG concierge that it doesn’t mention your suburb in the address, only the street name and postcode?

    • There is a field for city

      • Yes I put my suburb in that field, but when I save my address is shows my name, street address, Vic, post code, Australia. No mention of the suburb I typed under the “city” field.

        Might try a different browser.

  • +1

    Takes 28 business days (6 weeks)

    Are they shipping them from the moon??

    • It's difficult to see why a simple gift card would take that amount of time to dispatch. I think it's more likely they are using the lead time to earn interest off your money while it sits in their account.

    • I guess anything is better than from Uranus, lol.

  • I made the payment and just received email with title Receipt for your payment to Pegasus Group Australia Pty Ltd

    So is it correct?>

    • I guess it is why the promo is in both MotorOneRewards/Good Guys Concierge. They probably just outsource their reward programs to Pegasus ….

  • Waited 2months, still no card

    • lodge it with paypal.

  • thanks, ordered.

  • +1

    My order from the previous deal said 7 - 21 business days delivery. Its been 26 "business" days now. Any way to contact Pegasus (the company fulfilling the cards)? There's nothing on the order and the "contact us" on the web page doesn't do anything.

    Want to try and call before contacting Paypal. Won't be taking up this again, its too much hassle.

    • +1

      In my Paypal receipt — but you need to get receipt number!

      Seller details

      Pegasus Group Australia Pty Ltd

      [email protected]


      • Thanks

        • just please update after you call them — as I made order this time….in case..

          • @baron33: They told me I have to wait a full 28 business days for "discounted" orders, despite what my order email says. So I'll give them til next week then I'm raising the dispute.

  • got a 3 for 1 deal from wish! the first crap, the only crap and the last crap order all for lost money!

  • My old work social club benefits program uses this platform and has this benefit there also, so others may want to check that also.

  • I haven't recieved my order yet. I has been 4 weeks.

  • is Good Guys Concierge different from Good Guys Commercial?

    • Different — one is for commerical buyer.

      But I don't like commerical site — as I can bargain price in-store — like free delivery

  • what is the cheapest product i can buy to addon Good Guys Concierge?

    i bought tv and concierge is 180 for it!

  • Kettle for $19 + $8 postage + $30 3 years membership . All are included on purchase .

    But won't get benefits for today they are slow .

    • I ordered this morning, mines active as of now.

      • Rang them they said active on delivery . Some time next week .

        Pickup had a chance today .

        • Mine shipped at 11.54am, active at 3

          • @Soluble: Tks for that ordered 4 of each just in time :)

            BTW order 11am wasn't working 1 hr ago .

    • You only get access to rewards for 1 year.

      • +1

        $10 for 1yr, $30 for 3yrs…..take 3 years and you don’t need to buy something every 12 months….

  • The offer is not expired and is still there in my concierge awards.

    • Refresh now both gone to 5 % .

  • anyone received anything yet?

    • Nope

  • +2

    Thank you for your email.
    Your order has not been sent yet.

    Your order was placed during our discount promotion.
    Orders placed during this time take 28 working days to process.

    that's Thursday, 12 September 2019 for most of us.

    • I work part time. Must be 18th for me.

  • Haha I was in such a rush to get the order off spent $2 K and no $5.50 for the registered postage .
    I hope they are not dumb enough to send unregistered . I made sure paid by PP .

  • Concierge showing 10% discount on the $500, $250 and $100.

  • This is the response I got when I inquired about my 3rd August order…

    "We have had a little delay with receiving our stock. We are hoping to receive stock early next week."

    • Ya, they are never delivered on time…
      That's the thing I hate
      But they do deliver eventually
      Unfortunately there is no alternative website where I can purchase Coles Myer physical GC…

      • What is the discount for Coles and myre physical.gift card?

  • Has anyone had their order delivered from this deal?
    I ordered 2nd Aug but nothing received as yet.

    • "Thank you for your email and apologies for the delayed response.
      We have experienced a delay with receiving our physical cards.

      Would you be okay with receiving your whole order 4 x $250 Woolworth's Wish in electronic form?

      If this is fine with you I can get these sent to you today."

      I'm planning to write a letter to the Good Guys, this is unacceptable.

  • +1

    Ordered 2/8/19. No correspondence, no updates, no apology, nothing. Lame service from these imbeciles.

    • Start a PayPal dispute. It will get their attention.

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