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Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray $3.98 USD Shipped

  • Create vampire-themed, fang-shaped ice cubes for Halloween
  • Perfect for adding to your Bloody Mary while watching True Blood or Twilight
  • Molded from super-strong, pure silicone
  • Coffin-shaped mold with 5 fangs
  • Dishwasher safe

Buy 3 for $3.00 each

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  • do u have any other shapes?

  • Are these original from Fred & Friends?

    • I'm afraid not, it's another brand called L.H.S

  • +1

    I bought 6 of the colour changing spa lights in a previous deal and, after nearly 6 weeks wait for them to arrive (too late for the holiday for which they were intended so already useless to me), ended up with all of them being pink instead of the specified green (bad enough) and ALL of them had broken seals, so they were completely USELESS. You literally could not even sit them in gentle water without water getting in, let alone in a spa. Their 'customer service' response:

    "Thnx for purchasing on our website.
    I feel so sorry about the color, there're so many similar orders that we might ignore the notes.
    As for the broken water seals you mentioned, the light is adjustable, you can adjust the cover to a better place"

    Or in simple terms: "stiff shit, deal with it".

    I would strongly advise against buying ANYTHING from m189. They make DealExtreme customer service look like a grand casino concierge.

    • Dear Ferretallica, if the items you purchased still does not work after adjusting, you can apply for refund, we will surely value your voice. Would you mind sending me you order number? then I can handle it for you ASAP. Sorry for the trouble.

  • +1

    Good work Ferretallica, with so many of these chinese companies posting on Ozb it is important
    that bad customer service is publisized. I am in the process of a complaint with DealExtreme for a product that does not work at all, it wasn't faulty, just crappy and they want a photograph of it before they will do anything, even though i told them twice that is wasn't broken!

    • Good luck with that. I had the same issue with iPhone cables that didn't work (they provided power but no data connection). There's still 2 things I ordered in 2009 which haven't arrived yet and the artificial limitations on disputes and feedback are a total pain in the arse. For the $20 or so I preferred to write off the loss and just not buy from them any more. Their loss.