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Lenovo HT10 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones US$43.49/ A$64, Xiaomi Mi A3 4+128GB US$237.91/ A$350.53, Shipped +More @GearVita


1. Lenovo HT10 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphone Super Bass Qualcomm AptX HD 20m Bluetooth Connecting - US$43.49/ AU$64, Shipped

Coupon Code: LHT10AU


2. Xiaomi Mi A3 4G Smartphone 4GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version Gray (Snapdragon 665, B28,6.088 inch AMOLED Screen) - US$237.91/ AU$350.53, Shipped

Coupon Code: A3M128G


3. JZIKI Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - US$25.99/ AU$38.29, Shipped

Coupon Code: BloodMT


4. Xiaomi Mijia 12-in-1 S2 Bits Electric Screwdriver Kits - US$39.5/ AU$58.19, Shipped

Coupon Code: MJ12in1


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  • +3

    Are these the 'holy grail' for budget true wireless? Ip rated, aptxhd, usbc, 8 hours. Too good to be true I reckon.

    • Get yourself redmi airdots… amazing value, mine work a treat :)

      • They don't have aptx though right?

      • +3

        I just got myself a pair of redmi airdots, more than disappointed. Do you suffer from very noticeable Bluetooth lag? It makes any video content unwatchable

  • bought the earphones, they look good (spec wise) for their price

  • +2

    Any reviews on the earphones? They look really nice.

  • Uh oh a budget Xiaomi phone with band 28, what will ozbargain complain about now?

    • NFC is also needed, for legitimate OZB kudos. Extra bonus for sdcard support.

  • Anyone got the scoop on the Lenovo Earbuds? Based on the specs alone this is worth jumping on.

    Also how reliable of a seller is GearVita?

    • Gearvita overcharged me for an order, promised a partial refund and then never issued a refund - makes me wary, even though the prices are pretty reasonable. If you're buying anything with their codes, make sure you order all the items separately.

  • I bought one however still no update whatsoever on whether it has been shipped vs not. Looking shaky right now…

    • Yeah I made my purchase on the 6th and it says it takes 3 days minimum to process the order but taking that into consideration the max delivery time is about a month because it's up to 20 business days which is quite long. The communication is a bit odd as well I'm used to blow by blow updates with eBay and Amazon but this one only told me I successfully paid for it. Then it's been stuck at processing for 3 days.

      Anyone else who's shopped with GearVita know of their typical delivery times to suburbs in Aus?

    • So my order has now progressed from processing to shipped if that will ease your mind. The processing took 3 days and now we await delivery updates. GL on your pair. Can't wait to take these bad boys out for a spin.

  • +1

    Received my HT10's today. First impression are that they're an improvement over the Soundpeats TWS earbuds(which was also replaced with foam tips) and are super snug and comfortable in my ears. Build quality appears much higher - probably just my impression given these things don't feel like they're full of air.

    Haven't had them long enough to comment on the playtime battery life. Also, contrary to online reviews the earbuds do allow for play/pause/skip song/previous song/volume change. Single click to pause/pause, 1s hold for previous/next, double press to decrease/increase volume. Triple click for siri/google assistant.

    Signal strength is good. Around 15 meters connected to a OnePlus 5 through 2 concrete walls and 2 wooden walls; 20 meters probably with clear line of sight. Voice calls are much clearer than the Soundpeats and don't sound muffled, but will pick up background noise if you're in a noisy environment.

    Well worth the money, probably the best budget TWS earbud to date.

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