expired [Android] $0 4 Goats Forever & Toy of War @ Google Play


2 Fun casual games. No ads, No IAPs. Rated 4.5 & 4.1

4 Goats Forever - rated 4.5, expires 8/8/19

Toy of War - Rated 4.1, expires 5/8/19

The original Jump 4 game is back! With bigger Goats, more bonuses, jet-packs and extra lives, it has never been easier to get into 4Goats.

Features 3 ways to play:
BLITZ : Avoid obstacles and collect fruit to unlock bigger bonuses, earn points and unlock cute customization's to change your Runners and the Environment

HEADBUTT: Challenge your friends on a single device in a head 2 head bee bashing battle

CLASSIC: The original Jump 4 game in all its frustrating glory

Welcome to your childhood! We’ve all imagined what if our toys were alive, haven’t we?
Toy of War is a third person role play action game. The world is under control of bad toys, Orcs! You start alone and you need to rescue your soldiers from bad toys. Collect them and grow stronger. Open chests, upgrade yourself and get stronger. Attend boss fights and clear the world from bad toys.

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