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Xiaomi Mi Automatic Umbrella $25 (+ Delivery) @ Dick Smith / Kogan


OzBargain’s favourite umbrella has hit another low price of $25 at Dick Smith, just in time for the end of winter. If $10 isn’t for an umbrella why not blow $30?

Say goodbye to old-school umbrella with the Xiaomi Mi Automatic Umbrella, which is perfect for use all year round.

  • Made from a lightweight, water repellent material
  • Aluminium and fibreglass stand for added durability
  • Provides excellent shade and heat insulation
  • Safety anti-rebound structure
  • Hidden umbrella tips for added safety

The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Umbrella is made from a water repellent cloth that is ultra-lightweight and durable. In addition to keeping you dry during the times of heavy rain, the Automatic Umbrella can also be used to provide shade during the warmer months thanks to the UVtex fabric coating – making it perfect for use all year round!

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • does it automatically open upon detection of tear gas?

    (asking for a friend in HK)

  • Dick Smith still exists? And what's automatic about it? Just the extension or does it retract automatically also?

  • I know it's a good idea to use an umbrella for UV protection instead of a relatively useless hat but I find it hard to break the gender shackles I am still bound by. But I am struggling to break free - maybe this summer.

    • Get a black one and pretend you are an art installation busking piece. Might make some money as well.

    • Maybe decades ago. Unless you’re at the races it’s not like women are using this or anything like it outside of a rainy day.


        I know plenty of women who use an umbrella constantly during summer because they “don’t want dark skin because they’ll look like a farmer”.

        Among certain cultural groups, it’s really common.

        • Among men? Somehow I doubt it. I associate parasol use with my mother. I can remember walking besides her when I was only 5 or 6 and thinking how weird it was to use an umbrella when it wasn't raining. Maybe I won't use one with a pretty floral pattern like hers.

        • Among men? Somehow I doubt it. I associate parasol use with my mother. I can remember walking besides her when I was only 5 or 6 and thinking how weird it was to use an umbrella when it wasn't raining. Maybe I won't use one with a pretty floral pattern like hers.

      • Do you not have any Asians where you live?

    • I'm dark skinned so it's much harder for me

  • Rihanna sang about this deal once

    • What, Diamonds???

      • +6 votes

        When the sun shines, we shine together
        Told you I'll be here forever
        Said I'll always be your friend
        Took an oath that I'm a stick it out 'til the end
        Now that it's raining more than ever
        Know that we still have each other
        You can stand under my umbrella
        You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
        Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh

        Under my umbrella

        There's also the Spidey dancing version

  • I got this one from ebay. One button press with up and down arrows opens and closes it. You still need to spring load it manually so it can pop out open the next time. The button is very very hard to push. The umbrella is ok for when you heed to get in the car during rain. Nothing else special about it.

    • Can you tell us some of the hidden umbrella tips?

      • Always open outside

        Useless against hailstorm, especially those big one as big as tennis ball

        Try not to Mary Poppin on it. Unless you also have a parachute it will end very badly to you

        You know that phrase everything is a dildo if you are brave enough? That doesn’t apply to umbrellas


          You're just not brave enough :p

        • You know, I haven’t heard the dildo phrase. I would quibble with you about umbrellas but they would need to be travel ones and, certainly not, automatic opening. I would also leave the cover on.

  • This video shows the size of umbrella

    For travel packing

  • I cannot see it same price on Kogan site?
    Why is it not the same price?

    • I don't know why, it's showing up the right price for me.

      • In KOGAN website too?
        Can you use Kogan credit in Dick Smith and Kogan free delivery offer from Dick Smith.

        Kogan support was we own Dick Smith….. Use that site????

        Edit: Kogan login works in Dick Smith and so does credit but how to get the month free shipping Kogan offers on the Dick Smith site?

  • Would love to get it but $8 delivery is too expensive for such a cheap item :/
    Quick search on eBay and found a few that were cheaper once added postage.

  • Does this have band28 and NFC?

  • Is this the version with Huawei 5G network embedded, GPS for tracking if I lose it, and Tap and Pay functionality?

  • Bunnings $10 umbrellas are automatic too..

  • For some reason i read "smart umbrella" in title and clicked in to check what is smart about it… em.. its an automatic… em.. i still don't know what it is? umbrella? Kingsman secret services?

    • It automatically retracts as well as extends, which I can't say I've ever seen in an umbrella… does that make it smart? hmm

  • How big is the canopy?

  • 42.1 inch

  • Very average umbrella, nothing special.

  • how strong is this in wind?

  • Snagged one the last time it was posted, multiple delays and it shipped… 2 days ago. :S


    Although I suspect these will just ship from the same lot.

    If it don't, well.. enjoy your "$10 off >$50 spend" voucher.

    • Yeah, mine from that deal got delayed like twice, and I got $10 vouchers both times for asking about it. I then gave up and cancelled that and just bought this one from Amazon during the free global shipping deal, which seems to be a legit Xiaomi umbrella packaged in a random box for $10 cheaper.

      It's quite odd, as the box is strange but the umbrella itself has the Mijia logo on the bottom and everything.


      How amusing that the ones from that deal only shipped two days ago.

  • For those with Prime, I can recommend this cheaper option: https://www.amazon.com.au/Newdora-Windproof-Lightweight-Refl...

    Auto open and close worked perfectly, and it stood up to some pretty heavy winds (talking in past tense because I recently lost it :( ). It did turn inside out once, but flipped back about a second later. The case is a bit gimmicky, but a nice addition none the less.

  • has anyone actually tried going through international flights with an umbrella?

    i'm sick of buying ones from 7 eleven. they are cool though.

  • The Korjo umbrella sells for $20 at most places, is just as good and is also automatic. (When closed, pressing the button automatically opens and extends the canopy. When open, pressing the button automatically closes but does NOT retract it.)

  • Umbrella is an umbrella. ¥100 yen and then dump it. I used umbrella many be 3-4 times in a last 9 years what's the point of it?

    • I disagree , I have had this Xiaomi one for two years now and use it any day that rains when I commute to work. Still lasts and no leaks .

      Has also taken a beating in string winds , most of your cheap ones will cave in when it gets hit by string winds and Woudl be a pain in teh Butt trying to find a replacement when it does stuff up and you’re getting hammered by rain .

  • I'm waiting for the Pro version.

  • Is this smart?

  • Is this tear gas and baton resistant? Asking for some pro-democracy and pro-human rights friends of mine.

    • +1 vote

      You’re better to get a yellow one in that case.

  • I would pull the trigger only if it can automatically wrap it neatly upon retraction. = )

  • Is that an umbrella in your pants or are you just happy to see me

  • Ordered this from Kogan/DSE last time it came on sale back at the end of May for the same price and it's only just due for delivery this week.

    In fairness to Kogan, they have given me 2 x $10 credit vouchers for the inconvenience.

  • haha!, it should have a radio built in, and solar cells on top to power it!.

  • Where can I find woodworm umbrella?

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