expired Kmart Toy Sale - Heaps of Bargains!! Starts Thursday 30th June


Kmart is holding their massive toy sale starting Thursday 30th June. There are some great savings to be had and this is just a few of them that stood out for me;

Games $15 Page 36-37
Ipod Touch 8gb $209 Page 80
1600 Pieces of Lego $69 Page 41 & heaps more Lego specials
Dress Up Clothes $12-$19 Page 20-21
Roll Play Wooden Dolls House or Kitchen $89 Page 17
Wii with Mario Kart & Wheel $159 Page 2
Zhu Zhu Puppies $8 Page 1
Cat Tough Trucks $10 Page 50
Licenced Scooters $20 Page 59

I'm sure you will find other things that you like so you are best to go through the catalogue yourselves.


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    Looks like the $299 4GB Xbox + Kinect deal is back - nice :D

    "XBOX 360 4GB Kinect console bundle includes Xbox 360 4GB console, Kinect sensor, wireless controller, Kinect Adventures, Sonic Free Riders and Joy Ride."


    Interesting what they say about the whole layby thing:

    "You can layby anything in this catalogue for Christmas, even if it's not on the shelf, so you won't miss out."

    "Goods will not be available for inspection or collection prior to 1st December 2011."

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      Yeh, basically the whole layby for this catalogue is a rain-check.. Works great for KMart - they can order in bulk and have guaranteed sales, or, if they know a product will drop in price before then, they can save some dollars. Awesome money maker. =P

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    Nerf Guns on sale (pages 56-57)

    Maverick double pack $18!!!


    Wii's a great price

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    That is the link to view the catalogue online, which should be handy/
    Can we get the link included in the OP?


    Been waiting for a zhu zhu sale! One is not enough. :)


    Hi all, thought I'd post this from the forums.XboX Bundle for 229.00! (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/47402)

    shadowshriek 10 hours 47 min ago
    I think someone at Kmart has made a typo.. the XBOX 360 bundle in the picture says $299, but when you click it, it says $229? Maybe I should screenshot.. lol

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    ozf1 1 hour 59 min ago
    They have changed it now, it says $299.00. I actually did a screen shot (at 229), but I'm pretty sure they would not "honour" this price. I actually called Harvey Norman-Highpoinr re: price match, and a lady there said she would price match (at 229.00), however she did not have one of the games, so she couldn't as the whole bundle has to be exact. etc etc, she would not swap for other game, or back order the game :(, in stock items only.
    Hey if anyone tries and succeeds POST THE RECEIPT!


    guys I put the BigW catalogue prices in the forums if you want to compare.

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    Cranium WOW for $18. Pretty sure it sells for $60-70 elsewhere. Massive saving.

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