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Avanti Corsa SL and DR Team Road Bike $2,999 (Save $5000) with Free Shipping @ MyRide


Some nice end of Tour/last season bargains on the Corsa DR (Drag Resist) and SL (Superlight) lines.

Looks like they're clearing out older group set bikes, and the discount is higher on rim brake than disc brake models. (From Avanti's website looks like all roadbikes now come with disc).

Sizes appear to be limited on some models.

Shipping is free nationwide and I believe you order on line and pickup at your local Myride shop.

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  • Only partly Dura ace 9100. Just as much 9000 components as 9100. It says 9100 crankset but quite clearly 9000 in the picture.

    • You're correct there @denwol.

      Done before my morning coffee. If you read the specs, they do call out that it's a mix of 9000 and 9100, but yes predominantly 9000.

      Initial post amended so as not to confuse :)

    • Which bikes have 9000 on them? Other than the images? The SL and DR rim brake specs say full 9100.

  • Huge discounts on Rim Brake bikes, I can see where this is heading, might be time to sell the rim brake bike and buy a new disc bike.

    • Most shops are now saying you can only get rim brakes by ordering in a frameset, everything in the stores are going to be disc. So unnecessary.

      • As my old professor used to say “it’s marketing bullishit”

        • doesnt feel like marketing bullshit when I'm doing 60 coming down a hill on wet roads on my carbon wheels with carbon braking tracks and I'm hauling on the anchors for a very slight difference in speed. Yes I have the wheels with the special braking tracks and the brake blocks made specifically for those wheels!

    • As mentioned above looks like all current Avanti road bikes are disc.

  • Really good pricing for new full carbon dura ace spec bike.

  • DA 9100 is now a 3 year old groupset FYI.
    Nothing wrong with it but note these are going to move to the road bike museum very quickly…

    • @goingDHfast.Still running 2011 10 speed 105 5700 here. Can you save me a display space at the museum please. 😂

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