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Brita Marella Water Jug with 2 MAXTRA+ Filters - $27.20 (Was $34.00) Shipped @ Brita (New Customers)


Looking for a water filter to use with my new (2nd hand) Rancilio coffee machine & spotted this on the Australian Brita website.
It's cheaper than current deals on eBay.

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    Buying a benchtop water filter that connects to your tap would cost a lot less in the long run.
    Brita recommends changing filters every 2 months.
    You can get cheaper deals than this, but this is what I am talking about:


      bohn that makes a lot more sense for the price. What's the recommended change term on those filters?

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        On the benchtop filter that I bought it has a recommended change term of one year. I also bought it for use with an espresso machine, but now use it for everything pretty much :)


      @bohn Seems like a good idea, I installed a reverse osmosis under sink system, while living abroad, because the water was very hard (high in calcium). That could be another option here, though not sure what they run for a 5 or seven stage filter

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    Has anyone tested these with a water tester that measures total dissolved solids?

    I tested Melbourne water in Northern suburbs and get about 45-55 parts per million, while eastern suburbs I get 20-30 parts per million.

    A fridge filter reduces the number by up to 5, so I'm guessing these would work similarly.

    It would probably be better to test where a filter is actually needed, since I think Melbourne water is very clean.


    It is a 2.4L jug rather than 3.5L which is better for family use


    TDS meter results:

    Melbourne Tap Water: 59
    Post Brita Filtration: 60

    In other words the Brita Maxtra doesn't seem to do anything regarding total dissolved solids, actually increases them by an insignificant amount.

    I followed instructions, dunking the filter in water and shaking it to let the air bubbles out, then discarding the first two fills.

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