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Breville The Aqua Station Hot Black Truffle $198 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Normally around $249-299. Even if it's on sale, that's the stainless-steel model instead of this black one.

Make your favourite hot beverages using hot filtered water at the ideal brew temperature, or simply stay hydrated with great tasting filtered water at the touch of a button thanks to this Breville the AquaStation Purifier Hot LWA200BTR2IAN1. A Custom setting allows you to set your preferred water temperature and volume. Designed to take up minimal counter space, this stylishly compact Breville water filter comes with a large 3-litre water tank for less refilling during the day, while fast dispensing of up to 1.3 litres of filtered water per minute means less waiting around. There's no plumbing required either - simply place your Breville water filter dispenser in your most convenient spot to stay hydrated.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2024.

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    I feel like we are just making products now so we can sell filters to it.

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      I don't get these things. Another power sucking device like the hot water urns that came before.

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        I share the sentiment, but TBH, depending how it works and how it's used, it might be saving energy. See how people fill up and boil 1-2 litre electric kettles for a single cup of tea.

        The other thing is that it's a new kind of device, for consumers at least, and there's going to be demand while people already have kettles or coffee machines with hot water outlets that can do the same… But, you know, the novelty factor.

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          You could just stop filling the jug at 250ml or however much you use for tea.

          • @doobey1231: IKR!

            The point was: people who don't care boil (much) more water than they need, so this device may actually save electricity for them.

            Not that those people would buy it for that paricular reason.

            • @pizzaguy: Yeah I guess thats where the contradiction comes in, if you cared enough about electricity usage you stop filling your kettle to max long before you invested in a 200-300 dollar device to do the same thing.

              • @doobey1231: Most kettles have a minimum fill level of about two cups. So you're always wasting 1 cup worth

                • @10101010101: Can't say I have ever had a kettle with a minimum 2 cup requirement, the ones I have had just say don't run the heating element without it being submerged. Having said that, I wonder how many cups of tea are required to make your money back on a product like this, if you are wasting one cup of water per jug boiled.

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        These actually result in saving power.
        They heat water on demand much like instant hot water units. They aren't urns that constantly boil and reboil water. They heat only as much as you need and nothing more.

        It's a much cheaper and cost effective option than plumbing in something like a Zip hot water tap that offices normally have. Those actually work like urns I believe.

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    personal gripe - I dislike the way products like these trickle water out like a leaking tap. It's fine for a coffee maker, but for a water dispenser it grinds my gears.

    I know it doesn't make a huge difference but I kinda wish it maybe started dispensing later, waiting until it has a sufficient quantity to dispense quickly.


    • "Fast dispensing of 1L per minute" lol

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    Bonus Mothers Day Gift Pack with this Breville Water Station

    receive x1 BONUS 350ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle valued at $24.95

  • Just checked good guys commercial, same price 198 for those wondering

  • Bought one and ended up leaving it aside because the "boiled" water seem to be around 90c more or less.

    Just remember that the water tank is not dishwasher safe. I learnt a hard lesson and luckily they sent me replacement for free.

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      hot filtered water at the ideal brew temperature
      A Custom setting allows you to set your preferred water temperature and volume

      The water temperature for black tea should be 90 to 98C and for green tea around 80C

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    With JB HI-FI Perks this was $179 (Extra 10% off home appliances). But offer finished 9am this morning.

  • Bought one of these a while ago, first one had some error message, second one leaked terribly, third one is going fine for 7 months now. Probably just got 2 from faulty batch.

  • I use some cheapo brand one from Catch and it's awesome. Avoids wasting precious time filling the kettle and boiling more than you need for a cup of tea. I think most kettles have a minimum boil level of two cups. So if you go down the kettle path you end up either drinking double boiled water each time you top up or you throw out the remaining water and boil a fresh two cups worth.

    • Do you mean cheapo of Water Dispenser or filter? If it's the later, can you share the link? Thanks.

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    Looks like a good machine, but the filters will probably cost you… The Philips machine doesnt look as good but at least that uses filters that are Brita compatible, which there are lots of different options for. And it can be used without a filter if you wish to do so.

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    I have this thing. It is amazing, especially as a parent of a newborn. I love being able to choose how much water (hot or otherwise) I want and then just set it to pour while I do other things. It's a 2-in-1 Kettle and Water Filter. One less thing on my counter.

  • One thing you might want to know is that the ones other than the 'stainless steel' colourway are not constructed with metal.
    This is what I learned when buying their Nespresso Creatista. I bought a greyish one because it looks phenomenal in the boutique, but upon close inspection, the cladding is plastic instead of metal which I see on the 'stainless steel' colourway espresso machine.
    It is not to say that they are inferior, but the metal one is more scratch-resistant upon regular cleaning.

  • Add a $8 descaler and use the $20 voucher from Student Beans brings it down to $184

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