expired Epic Music Bundle 5 on Groupees - US $2 (~AU $2.95) Minimum


A new music bundle has started on Groupees the Epic Music Bundle 5 music of an epic feel like hybrid electronic/orchestral music you would hear as a score on a movie or TV show. Featured artists include Markus Junnikkala, Atom Music Audio, Peter Roe and Amadea Music Productions with 20% of your payment being donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Evan King - Enchiridion (album)
Markus Junnikkala - Andromeda (album)
Soundcritters - Colonization (album)
Amadea Music Productions - Victorious (album)
Immediate Music - Existence (album)

For $4 minimum you also get:

Amadea Music Productions - Trapped in the Storm (album)
Soundcritters - ERA (album)
Peter Roe - Ronin (album)
Atom Music Audio - Breath of Gods (album)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $2,000 you will also get:

Atom Music Audio - EON II (album)

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    So it looks like you get more titles for $4. If that's the case what do you get for $8?

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      If you want to donate more than $4 you could be in the running for a top contributor prize. As things currently stand paying $8 for this bundle would also get you: Markus Junnikkala digital discography download, Amadea Music Productions ‘Wonderlands’ download, Atom Music Audio ‘Singularity’ download, Evan King “Apex Predator”, “From Other Suns”, + “Ballistics” download.

      However there is no guarantee you will finish in the Top 3 contributors by the end of the bundle and usually there is a bit of jostling between them in the final 24 hours.

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