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[Android] Free - Speed Cameras Radar Premium @ Google Play


Rated 4.5 with over 1 million installs.

1) install app
2) select settings and then promotional code.
3) enter promo code in OP.

Discover all the fixed speedcams, mobile speed traps, radars and red light speed cameras with this map!

The map has one fixed speed camera database and another dynamic radar database built by all the community users. Every user can contribute reporting its own speed camera or radar location that will be displayed on the map of all the active users of the app.

Note: VERANO19 O is not numeric 0.

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  • I'd say waze is a better option

    • -55 votes

      I am just curious. Why cant we stick to the speed limit?

      • why should we stick to the speed limit when we can post about the fine on ozbargain?

        • +36 votes

          People always complain. If you go above the speed limit you are entitled to a fine (if you get caught). My basic rule is that, I am just curious why you all think that speeding above the speed limit is ok but getting fine is bad?

          • +36 votes

            @darshu: Because nanny state. Can't nobody tell me what to do. I'm an adult. I don't want to be a part of the system. Happy birthday to the ground!

            • +27 votes

              @Munki: I agree with you. Im not opposed to such apps, I was bit curious about the behaviour of the OZBargainers. And the people who negged my comment, Have you ever lost a close friend, family member or a loved one due to an overspeeding drive or by an overspeeding driver?

              • @darshu: Have you ever heard of the saying, it’s ok until it’s your family then it’s not ok?

              • @darshu: I would think drink driving is a bigger problem than someone driving 10-20KM/h over.

              • +25 votes

                @darshu: Personally I do not think speeding is the problem. The skills of the drivers is the problem. The shitty test that what the gov is called drivers test? Its a joke.

                • @LennyT: Problem is almost everyone believes they're good drivers. Even those on Ozbargain

                  • @gimme: Does it matter if they think they're a good driver? If we have a robust system, they wouldn't have gotten a license to begin with and would not have the chance to even think that they're one.

                    • @LennyT: There's different levels of good. Even if you get a license under a robust system it doesn't mean you have the ability to think say 5+ steps ahead which in my books is a good driver beyond the obvious motor skills etc.

                      • @gimme: Yes ofcourse. But back to my point being speed isn't the 'killer'. It is one of the reasons/causes of an accident but I do not think that it is the leading or primary factor and people shouldn't be ramming that into everyone's head that it the cause. I'm not condoning speeding btw. I'm just stating my opinion that the way that the gov is approaching this is wrong (to me).

                        • @LennyT: Laws are for the lowest common denominator and whatever can be easily measured and enforced. I know poor drivers are far more dangerous within the limits of the law than a good driver going a few kms over but sadly the latter is easily enforceable and therefore the bigger target

                          • @gimme: So going the easy way which doesn't change anything for generations to come is the best way for our country and government? and I doubt changing driving test isn't that much more complicated. Plenty of countries having more robust tests that can be used.

                            • @LennyT: I'm not disagreeing with you. All for making driving requirements tougher. Just don't expect the enforcement criteria to change.. for the better anyway. Most likely will regress further.

            • @Munki: You can't buy me hotdog man!

            • @Munki: There's this thing called physics. Based on the average reaction time of drivers, there's only so much time you have before you hit something you don't anticipate depending on how fast you're going. So speed limits (at least in Victoria) are based on safe breaking times.

          • @darshu: To be honest with you man, I don’t have an answer to that. I also speed when I drive but I’m just lucky that’s I havnt been caught yet touch wood. I’m pretty sure one day I’ll get caught and I will come to ozbargain and rant about it like everyone else. See you guys soon in the forum section.

          • @darshu: @darshu It's good for society as it saves lives etc, but it's bad for me I want to drive fast but not pay for it, simple!!

          • @darshu: |speeding above the speed limit is ok but getting fine is bad?

            I don't think that's the stance. I think it is that speeding is bad but getting a fine doesn't always represent a safer outcome, or an outcome that fits the situation.

            Speeding includes going 1km/hr over the limit at the bottom of a hill (111km/hr in a 110km/hr zone). By the letter of the law you can get fined for that. It is a speed limit, not a speed target. At least in NSW the police have a decent amount of flexibility in enforcement to try to provide a safer outcome. I would feel hard done by getting a multi-hundred dollar fine for going 2km over.

            I think there is also the disconnection between the risk (crashing, hitting something) with the action (speeding) as people see other people speeding all the time and not getting punished, so feel hard done by when they get caught.

            An article from NRMA on the notion some drivers have a of a tolerance.

            If there was more of a focus on that kids, animals and other drivers can make mistakes and that break distance is directly related to speed then maybe people would speed less. I would love for break testing to be part of schooling or the licencing process. I remember when they did the advertising around going from 60km/hr to 50km/hr in residential areas in NSW and showed the decrease in stopping distance - similar to stopping distance for school zones 40km/hr).

            I think you really need to see the car they are driving fail to stop at 60km/hr but stop at 40km/hr to get the message across.

          • @darshu:

            you are entitled to a fine

            Fines should be means tested so that the wealthy are punished according to their means.

          • @darshu: smoking is ok, cancer is bad

            coal power is ok, pollution is bad

            sugar is ok, obesity is bad

            drink is ok, drive is bad

            raw sex is ok, abortion is bad

        • Accidents are caused by bad drivers, not by going over the speed limit within reason and taking into consideration the condition of the driver and driving conditions.

          I understand the need for restrictions in school and residential areas but I believe you should be able to drive over the speed limit in 60-100km/h zones.

          There should also be common sense in the system eg. Someone who drives below the limit in the fast lane should be fined and given equal demerit points as would someone who goes over the speed limit where dangerous and unpredictable driving conditions are created as a result of such actions

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia_V_tcOFNY

          Speed camera social experiment was done, they have 10% built in before flash will go off.

        • +1 vote

          why should we stick to the speed limit when we can post about the fine on ozbargain?

          If you come off second best in a collision involving speeding, you likely will not get a chance to post about it .

        • The speed limit was set in what decade?

          Cars have gotten much safer since speed limits were set.

          We can drive at the speed limit and beyond easily in modern cars.

          The roads are so boring and if you do not keep the speed high, one might fall asleep (not good) if you do not concentrate on what you are doing; that keeps me wide awake and alert. It does not mean I go over the limit by 30 or more kilometres, you have to drive to the road conditions.

      • +19 votes

        Because I've travelled and driven a large part of the world and Victoria/AUD is one of the most militant.
        I say this without bias as someone who had 1 minor fine (temp speed drop zone) in 300k of driving. Takes a lot of wasted focus just eyeying the speed to avoid going over 3-5km

        Btw the road fatality rate has been increasing recently, not decreasing. Seems like the main gains to this point were in better car safety tech and not agressive speed fines.

        • Not to mention the speed limit can change so many times in such a small stretch that if you happen to miss one sign, you can be screwed over if there happens to be a radar in that small stretch.

          Pacific Mwy in QLD is a joke at the moment with the constant jumping between 80 and 100. I feel like it causes more issues than it prevents.

      • Why cant we stick to the speed limit?

        It's a revenue raising exercise.

        There is a much cheaper and effective way to enforce the speed limit: regulation that forces speed limiters (which can be disabled).

        Then simply remove the license of anyone caught speeding after they chose to disable the speed limiter and place other road users at higher risk.


          It's a revenue raising exercise.

          They cannot raise revenue from you if you stay under or at the speed limit though 🤔

      • Because I am an experienced adult and I have proven myself capable of driving to my own abilities. Depending on the vehicle driven, weather, conditions, visibility, area, pedestrians and other cars on the road, sometimes this means driving over the speed limit and sometimes it means driving under the speed limit. The fact is, there is not always an in depth analysis of every road in our country. In some cases, speed limits have been changed from 70 to 60 in the past, simply because of a blanket rule change that made no sense. The rule was cancelled but signs were already changed and it was too costly to change the speed limits back to 70 so they remained at 60. Is it safe for me to drive 70 in these 60 zones that are technically still meant to be 70? Well, yes it is. There are also plenty of roads around the country, where you look at the speed limit and wonder what the hell they were thinking when they set the limit (Sometimes too high, sometimes too low) and they will only get changed when accidents start happening, they will also rarely get changed up. Of course, we have to set specific limits because we have too many idiots. Ideally, everyone should be sensible enough to know there own car and driving ability and drive at a speed that is safe for them. Unfortunately, that's not the case for most people so there are limits set and they are not always reasonable.

      • …relax Darshu lol

      • I like how hypocritical everyone is on here.
        It's not outlandish to ask people to stick to the speed limit, yet you get negged.
        But when someone makes a forum post complaining about how to get out of a speeding fine, everyone tells the OP to eat shit and pay the dam fine for speeding.

        • That's not hypocritical. I believe most "pro speeding" commenters would just pay the fine if they got one. You can either drive within the speed limit or accept possible consequences if deciding not to. By the way, "possible consequences" might be much worse than a speeding fine if you end up getting involved in an accident while speeding.

      • He got a valid point that I guess everyone is dancing around but no one has an answer to it.

    • Yep. Or TomTom Speed Cameras app overlayed over Google Maps.

  • +18 votes

    I think this feature is built into Google Maps now. I was driving and it was warning me of mobile speed cameras and asking me to verify if it was still there

    • How popular and accurate is Waze in Australia? I think previously I found that Google Maps was better.

      • +18 votes

        I used it for a trip from newcastle to melbourne and back at easter time.

        every cop on the side of the road was marked.
        in fact, I had a police car in front of me (200m in front of me) for about 5 kms, and when he pulled over, I went to mark it, and someone else did before I did

        • Google maps or Waze?

          • @knobbs: Waze is owned by Google. Waze is really good on major highways and cities with a lot of users. Not so much community reporting in smaller areas. The GPS is better then my fords built in Sync 2 and our Santa fe's maps.

            Definitely saved me a few times on the trip to sydney.

            • @worthy1: I find waze does have most speed traps marked, but the only issue i have with it, is that it warns you too late, so if you are doing a little more than the posted limit the cops would have pinged you already.

              This was last year not sure if they have fixed it yet.

              • @mixo: Yeh i can imagine in city driving where you cant glance at it as much that would be a problem. Its been good to me on highways where i do have the luxury of being able to look at it more. I wonder if there is a distance setting for notifications?

              • @mixo: Agree with this - But I think the issue is that whoever originally marked the location, marked it 100m later (this is what I have found). The warning is usually spot on otherwise.

                • @Marty131: I guess the benefit of google maps over that then is that GM will tell you well in advance i.e., at the start of the journey it shows all mobile speed cams on the trip.

      • Both are user-influenced alerts so one technically you'd think isnt better than other…it was on Waze before GMaps though

      • They all have it really… I've used Sygic and it was warning constantly - even when cameras had been removed. (Better that than not reporting ones that are still there.)

        However this app seems to 'wake up' when you start driving (probably activated by the acceleratometer in your phone registering too fast to be walking speed) and it starts warning about speed cameras. i.e. How often do we turn GPS apps on when we know an area fairly well? We don't. This thing turns on and warns you itself. (I think.)

      • Waze is friggin awesome. My 2018 i30 can put it up on the info unit via Apple CarPlay which is brilliant

    • Agree, received alert for the first time yesterday. Driving north of Melbourne.

    • Google maps is slowly integrating Waze.

    • Google maps doesn't show fixed cameras though

    • Google maps I find to be highly unreliable when notifying me of police cars or speed traps. It does it when it feels like it, which is rare.

      Waze is exceptional. I can run it in the background if I need maps for directions and still receive waze notifications. It also notifies me of objects on the road and other hazards.

      ++ Recommended.

    • Do I need to turn on some options in Google maps? I've never had any alerts on iOS.

    • @Darkii: Google Maps sometimes show the mobile speed cameras, but I haven't seen any fixed cameras yet (I am in VIC)

    • Waze was bought by Google a while back.

  • Does this app integrate with Google maps? I'd want to know where the speed cameras are while i'm driving to locations I don't know very well.

  • Do people actually pay for this crap? VicPol have a map of every single camera in the state updated weekly as well as their types, certification documents and other stuff and it's all free. Then there's Waze which is also free and is updated in realtime using data from other members.

    This app is just crap.

    • It seems to turn itself on automatically when you start driving and then reminds you about radar traps. Good for those who don't turn GPS apps on in their local area, because - why would you - and/or when you drift too high in speed and/or forget about one.

    • link? all of australia or just the vic state?

        • Thanks for the link, but this only gives you an approximate possible location, not the actual. It's not much help.
          Are you suggesting to study this spreadsheet every time I need to drive? I don't think this is practical.

          • @DJohn: Yeah of course it does because it's published weekly and the cops can choose the exact location on the day. If you want a map of every single fixed camera location (the only real possibility) then you can check here. If you want live mobile camera locations (if reported) then use Waze.

            • @Tacooo: It says: "An up-to-date list of approved mobile camera locations is published here monthly." Doesn't matter much I guess.

              I'm more interested to know why you think this app is bad compared to Waze.

              • @DJohn: Because they charge you a fee for a service that is completely free from multiple other sources without actually adding any convenience or usage to it.

  • Which app tells the locations of red-light traffic cameras? It will be helpful for all the drivers to be more careful.

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