expired [XB1, PC] Gears of War 4 $2.99 @ CD Keys


Good game as per reviews. Good price. Lowest so far

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    Isn't this free for xbox live gold members at the moment?

  • -3 votes

    yep as per previous comment ( that sum1 negged?)
    its free with gwg this. month so might b worth buying a month for 12.95 or $1 if u can get the deal

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      Note: XB1 free GWG titles are only playable while you have an active Xbox live gold membership


    Windows store is PIA to download from. I bought this key from last deal and still haven't downloaded the whole game. Always some issue with downloads.


    Anyone know a good price for the GoW Ultimate Edition for pc? Never played any fo them so thought it better I start at the beginning.


      If you're committed, perhaps Game Pass Ultimate for a month? That'll give you the full game for $1 if you clean it up within 4 weeks…

      I've collected them all via Games with Gold, so I'm not 100% sure if they're all via Game Pass or not. Probably should start the series myself.


    great game, but download size is ridiculous.


    The game was good, but the story was stupid. Monsters invade, steal woman, I spend campaign fighting to get to woman, save woman, campaign ends. Like do I not have to get rid of the monsters? It feels like it is half the story.


    A lot of people, including myself has issues launching the game, where it just crashes on start screen. Tried multiple fixes and does not work. Thankfully it was only a few bucks.