out of stock Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml $46.74 + Shipping at Boozebud


Johnnie Walker white label $60 or more elsewhere but cheapest at present at Dan Murphy’s $54.99
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  • -1 vote

    Have you ever heard of Costco?


    This is a really tasty drop that works well in Coke/Pepsi.


    What is this based on? I assume it's just relabeled black/double black? They didn't make a new scotch just for GoT did they?


      They sure did, I haven't had the double black to a few years, but similar from memory. There's also 2 more coming a fire and an ice.

      This one sold out relatively quickly, then they produce more but it hit the market too late


      I think it also has a vanilla flavouring or something added to it as well. From what I read, not as good as the Black Label.

  • -2 votes

    Is this crappy as the show is?

    • +5 votes

      yeah, a little bit. when u first take a sip its one of the best whiskies u have EVER tasted. and it has a lingering deep taste that last quite a while, really enjoyable. but the kicker is the after taste. its HORRIBLE, ruins the whole thing. and u start to wonder why u ever stated drinking this crap in the first place…

      • +3 votes

        Also the after-taste is horribly forced and tries to convince you its good and knows best, better than the original.


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    taste like burning.