Worst Mistake While Driving (Impatient)


Just wanted to share the worst mistake I've made while driving. Of course, I was being impatient and made the decision to crossed the intersection when it was about to turn red. Pretty sure the right light camera flashed me. Yes, I take full responsibility of my actions and have learnt from it.

Anybody else had similar experiences? Feel free to roast me haha

Link of my mistake

Edit: I've updated the link from start to end



    The camera does not face that direction of travel - it only faces the main road (you can see the additional camera sensors on the main road). You are lucky and got off.


    Was expecting video in .MMSP format (Motion M S Paint). Dissapointing.


    Probably would have been best to wait, but that's always easier said after the fact. It's a lot different during the incident. There was so much going on there that is less than ideal. I'd primarily blame the cyclist (not trying to be funny) as they appeared to cross a bit late, holding the turning ute up (who ideally should have waited a bit longer), which caused the pushy ute in front to apply the brakes, leading you to hesitate. The Hyundai probably thought you had stopped and after seeing the light was about to go red, wanted to quickly clear the intersection and before also getting held up.

    Would be interested to know how the vehicles behind you (if any) behaved, you may be able to argue that it was not safe to stop due to the events unfolding in front of you. After all, you didn't technically stop.

    If this is truly the worse driving you've ever done, then you're doing much better than many


    Honestly, OP, every OzBargain forum contributer is a perfect driver. None has ever made any kind of error or mistake themselves while driving.

    Every single one of them (er, us) is one hundred percent qualified to give flawless advice on all things motor vehicle-related.


    Unless you are a 15yo girl, this isnt that hot


    I don't see the red light camera there

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