Worst Mistake While Driving (Impatient)


Just wanted to share the worst mistake I've made while driving. Of course, I was being impatient and made the decision to crossed the intersection when it was about to turn red. Pretty sure the right light camera flashed me. Yes, I take full responsibility of my actions and have learnt from it.

Anybody else had similar experiences? Feel free to roast me haha

Link of my mistake

Edit: I've updated the link from start to end


  • Wow…

    • In response to the video or the topic Spackbace? Haha.

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        Let's see:
        - There's a late car turning right from the on-coming lane
        - This car is impeding a driver from going straight
        - OP has green light to turn right
        - There's a pedestrian crossing after the pedestrian light has turned
        - Another vehicle from the on-coming lane is trying to beat the red light for the turn
        - OP's traffic light is turning from green to amber to red

        …yeah, many things going on at once. The smarter move would've been to just wait.
        But kudos for not hitting the (stupid) cyclist, or getting into a fender bender with that Honda/red-light crosser. A fine is least of your worries, but its good to post/share this to learn from your experience so another kudos.

        • "There's a pedestrian crossing after the pedestrian light has turned"

          yeah that's not a pedestrian. that's a cyclist, and as usual they have no regard for rules of the road.
          they are also an uber eats delivery person (or similar), and as usual they have no regard for the rules of the road. cyclist shouldn't be riding on the footpath in the first place, let alone crossing on the red.

          "Crossing Roads on a Pedestrian Crossing: (Rule 248) – The rider of a bicycle must not ride across a road, or part of a road on a children's crossing or pedestrian crossing. Cyclists must dismount to use pedestrian crossings."

          the turning ute breaks for the illegal crossing of the cyclist which then stops them in the path of the through travelling ute.

          the OP probably should have pulled further forward while giving way to the cyclist but also still be inside the intersection while it was still green. then the right turning vehicle would have known the OP intended to move after the cyclist and given way properly.

          • @antikythera: the right turning vehicle after the ute stuffed up most never should have gone. cyclist stopped three cars but its an ubereats style cyclist not a real one ala i have no ducking idea waht im doing wait till i get behind the wheel

  • Honestly, your worst mistake here wasn't impatience but indecisiveness. It's generally legal (at least where I am) to queue across the line when waiting to turn left or right but giving way, and to complete the turn even after the light turns red.

    You'd have been fine if you had just went across the line as the lights were green, waited for the cyclist/other car, and then finished turning.

    (Above is not legal or driving advice, etc etc).

    But kudos for taking responsibility - that's good to see.

    • waited for the cyclist/other car

      Except OP had right of way in that situation, though the other driver would've figured that OP would stop on the amber light (as they should).

      • Yeah - the other car should've given way to OP. OP would've still needed to wait for the cyclist (even if the cyclist shouldn't be on the footpath?).

        • Eh cyclist has a flashing red, they were in the right.

          Was only OP's actions that fked it up for everyone here. No one could've predicted they'd go through the light

      • What? The pedestrian has right of way. Flashing red man means to complete crossing the road but do not start crossing the road.

    • It's generally legal (at least where I am) to queue across the line when waiting to turn left or right but giving way, and to complete the turn even after the light turns red.
      You'd have been fine if you had just went across the line as the lights were green, waited for the cyclist/other car, and then finished turning.

      Where I live it's a common thing for drivers to be very timid and not "claim their intersection" (that's what i call it). These appear to be recent arrivals to AU and I assume have simply swapped their overseas licence for an AU without a driving test (is that how it works still?).

      Whatever means they got their licence they stay behind the white line and want a personal invitation before they make the turn. It slows the flow of traffic quite badly.

      • Might be how our driving tests are constructed, at least for right hand turns, I was told off for queuing behind another car to turn right in an intersection (like everyone does in practice in busy places) and instead was advised not to cross the white line until the other car had completed their right turn, as otherwise I might be stick in the intersection blocking traffic, or turning after the arrow has turned red.

        Of course if you actually drive like this in heavy traffic it would mean one car turns right off the major road per light cycle, rather than the 3/4 that manage in heavy traffic.

        • You can't queue. Only one car is allowed to wait "in" the intersection

        • I've never heard of this in SA and can't find anything that says there's a one car limit here. Happy to be proven wrong but it seems like a pretty impractical rule that wouldn't be enforced either way.

    • I think OP just wants to get more views in his/her Youtube channel….

    • It's generally legal (at least where I am) to queue across the line when waiting to turn left or right but giving way, and to complete the turn even after the light turns red.

      I lost points in my driving test for not going over the line to "giveway" once. Makes sense considering the impact it has on traffic flow.

      • Makes sense considering the impact it has on traffic flow.\

        Yup. At some lights where there's no turn light, if you don't go over the line when you can it effectively restricts it to one car per change-of-lights, or freezes traffic altogether.

        • Drives me insane now when they don't go over. Or those who want to go forward and stay behind those turning.

  • Off topic: You might want to rename your YT account name to avoid doxxing yourself.

    • Well, I made a joke about OP's YT account name and a moderator removed the comment so it is definitely a sensitive subject here on OzBargain.

    • You know OP's name and that they drive a red car. I probably could give you the full name of over a hundred people and the colour car they drive. Not sure how this is doxxing yourself…

    • I doubt that's their real name unless they have taken on your advice and changed the name already, but their YT username is like "little Johnny", so quite generic to me.

      • Depending on your login credentials, it is possible to login to YT using a Google Plus social networking account. If my real name is Scrimshaw on my Google+ account and I logged into using those credentials, the youtube account that is created may have Scrimshaw by default.

        that said G+ is dead nowadays but many people will have G+ account information on the interwebs one way or another.

        anyway, marked as off topic now.

      • OP changed the channel name already - I saw it but I don't want to end up like hey aj….. he's never been quite the same since.

  • Iv'e done it, don't feel too bad. I was coming home from work after a really long day and there wasn't any traffic, I saw the white flash twice of the camera but never received a fine, I am thinking that because I was turning left the camera couldn't read my rego.

    • I think because of the complexities regarding giving way/etc, a lot of the time the red light cameras don't apply if you're turning. I haven't been caught enough times to have any kind of usable sample to go off of though.

      • Turns with a red arrow definitely receive fines. There's a red light camera on my regular commute that catches at least one person per day whilst I'm in the queue to run right. Money printing for the gov!

        Agree that turns on regular intersections without red/green arrows might be handled differently :|

  • i haven't seen any redlight cam pointing towards turning lane

  • OMG that is the worst mistake I've ever seen.

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    Don't worry, OP, that's pretty minor. To make you feel better, take a look at the latest compilation at Dashcam Owners Australia.

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    I made a similar mistake, was a partly obscured stop sign and I was looking at a map on my lap. Trouble was there was a BMW coming the other way - both cars written off, and luckily only minor injuries.

    • OP turned slightly too slow. You were distracted, went through a stop sign, and wrote off two cars. THAT IS NOTHING ALIKE!

  • I was just curious and saw this https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/speeding/speedcameras/red-light-speed-cameras.html#faq6

    It says:

    The camera is programmed to take photographs of the rear of any vehicle travelling over the stop line or entering the intersection after the lights have turned red. The camera is not triggered by vehicles crossing the stop line on yellow (amber) or green lights

    Do you still get fined even if your car was already over the stop line? cause It looked like you were over the stop line during yellow phase.

    edit: I read that FAQ a bit more, and it says that

    Revenue NSW reviews all images and will only take enforcement action when it is clear that a vehicle has proceeded through a red light at an intersection.

    Looks to me you were already in the intersection

    • I actually looked this up once but I can't remember the links so take with a grain of salt - but the reference to "crossing the stop line" refers to the whole car fully passing across the line, so that if your car wasn't FULLY over the line when the lights turned red, you'd still be caught, because that's still counted as "travelling over the stop line".

  • Aren't fixed red light and speed cameras easy to see? Of all places to commit an offence, you do it right in front of one?

    • Generally yes, but if you are driving in unfamiliar areas you may not always notice. Very easy to spot them on the same route you use every day.

  • Aw you went around the corner so slowly. I would have rushed through after the ___ on a bike went past.

  • Submit to dashcamsaus

  • I got confused at a changed tram stop and ran in front of a tram. The guy hit the brakes, checked on his passengers and wasn’t well pleased with me. I wasn’t well pleased with me either.

    A friend of mines brother fell asleep riding his motorbike home after late shift, went through a t intersection and hit the gutter on the other side. He was OK and no one else on the road but, man, that could’ve been bad.

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    So the cyclist:

    • rode across the road against a red pedestrian crossing
    • which caused the 1st ute to brake suddenly in the middle of the intersection
    • causing the 2nd ute to brake and invoke an evasive maneuver
    • which caused the Honda to hesitate and turn late
    • which caused the OP to hesitate behind both the 2nd ute and the turning Honda, which meant the OP got flashed by the Red Light camera.

    I blame the cyclist.

    • No evidence to suggest cyclist started crossing on red but legally must dismount.

      painting with a broad brush as this is an meal delivery rider as well

  • I did a right turn at a sign where it said no right turn at a specific time (think between 3:30 and 6?), but there was no oncoming traffic at all so i took the risk and got done by an undercover right behind me. Took the fine on the chin, nowadays I rarely even do u-turns across double solid lines.

  • What kind of dash cam is that? Good quality video!

  • Is there even such thing as a left turn red light camera?

  • I think your worst mistake was posting this in this forum,

  • The camera isn't even for traffic in your direction… Unless it works differently where you are, I'm pretty sure it's only looking at traffic going the other way (left to right in your vid).

    Wouldn't worry about it.

    Also everyone saying that car turned in front of OP is a bit harsh.. OP did completely stop and then go again.. safe go assume the other driver assumed op wasn't going to go, so started their turn (as they were already in the intersection, and entitled to be in it).

  • What camera? Unless there's one behind the line they can't get it. As it won't show up clearly on the photo. So many things wrong with that sequence but surprisingly you were probably least to blame!

    • The camera is located on the left side across the road near the Holden Commodore Ute

      • I saw it. I don't think the camera is covering your area. I've never seen a red light camera take shots of a car from the front / side. It's usually from the rear

      • Yep red light cameras only get rear facing so consider it a nicer lesson :)

      • Pretty sure you'll find that camera is only covering east bound traffic on Third Avenue. You possibly just saw a reflection off the lens. So consider yourself lucky!

      • Either way mate, you should avoid that intersection and just go through the backway behind officeworks ;)

  • your car is so shiny! <3
    If I was in your position, I would have crossed the line on yellow and waited for the cyclist to cross, this way the other car won't be cutting you off either. Knowing there's a camera there I would have played it safe and stopped.
    Since you already stopped at the lights, you shouldn't have kept going.
    I agree that this is indecisiveness rather than impatience. I expect impatience to be speeding up past the line and beeping at the cyclist to hurry up haha.

  • My worst mistake: hired a truck for a house move, drove it down a small suburban street, corner of the truck a big tree branch that was hanging over the road causing some pretty substantial damage. And in case you weren't aware, rental insurance doesn't cover overhead damage.

    So yeah, pretty sure your fine won't be as bad as that. I've just hired removalists for every move since then :)

  • Just curious, where is the red light speed camera on your side? Maybe the flash was for another car going in a different direction? I didn't see any signs and no speed cameras!

  • um ah erh yeah well

    you are aware you ran a red light

  • This wouldnt have happened if you drove Nissan GTR

  • How come you're not blaming anyone else!?

  • You're such a rebel, running a red like that!

  • Something is wrong with that traffic light timing.

    The pedestrian crossing is blinking which means its time for Pedestrians to hurry across the strip or not start crossing because cars need to cross, however it stays blinking yet the traffic light goes red for the car?

  • Nearly made my worst mistake.
    But then thought better of uploading video to OzBargain

  • Worst mistake would be texting and driving.

  • How unAustrayan of you not to overexaggerate your cusses at the other road users. Half of those videos are from impatient drivers getting it wrong and thinking they own the roads.

  • Camera monitors Third Avenue not Prince Street.

  • Eh, while a bit dodgy it should be fine. You were already past the white line before it turned red.

  • Ah hah, I was in exact situation 3 years ago. My heart stopped beating for a second seeing the flash splashed. But so far have not received the fine yet. Still not sure which number to call for checking about it.

    • It's possible that the camera didn't have film in it or the photo didn't clearly display your number plate. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • i take that to court you most like win

  • Picked up my phone at a red light to check a msg and coppers rolled up next to me …cost me almost 500 and 4 points

  • How much you think is the damage to your wallet once the fine comes? (if it comes)

  • lol blacktown

    there was a calamity of close calls in that 5 seconds.

    just move on and learn from your impatience