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Samsung EVO Plus 32GB Micro SD - 3 for $19.90, Qi Wireless Charger FAST Charging Pad - 3 for $14.25 + Del ($0 w/eBay+) @ SS eBay

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  • Was interested but $15 delivery.. pass

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      make a second account, get your free ebay plus, buy item, cancel ebay plus.

      Save $15.

  • Good price for 3x cables, only good cause I have + though…

  • +1 vote

    3 Nuglas S10 for $14.25 is pretty good too (normally $7-8 each)

  • I've added 1 SD Card but it says i need to add 2 more?

    • +1 vote

      Add 3 to cart, 2 will be free
      (Only the most expensive item will be charged, so doesn't need to be 3 identical products)

  • picked up 3 cards, thanks

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    if I get 3, can I glue them together somehow to make 96gs cos that would be nice?

  • Wireless Chargers for iPhone - $5 each - yes thanks.

  • Don't forget 1% cashback!

  • Any thoughts about the charger

  • Postage Kills it

  • Cheap wireless charging pads!! <3

    Thank you :)

  • That's handy, I was just looking for a few smaller cards today. Thanks.

  • I have had fake cards via Shoppingsquare before. It has been a long time though. Can someone confirm or otherwise?

    • I've never personally had fake cards from SS/Apus/iot/etcetc before. I've purchased quite a few from them over the years, either for myself or friends/family.

      I have had Chinese imports before, but they still test to the correct capacity and show no issues. Except for one with sector errors which equalled to about 1MB of problematic sectors out of 64GB, this was replaced by Apus.

    • They are legit. Just buy.

  • The wireless charging. Will it work if phone is with case? iPhone xr

  • Thanks OP got charging pads

  • Do these wireless pads fast charge the S10e?
    I've read on WP that the S10 range has a little different wireless charging protocol?

    • Do these wireless pads fast charge the S10e?


      If you get the wireless charging stand, don't use the included cable, the cable is of poor quality and cannot sustain power for fast charging, the wireless stand can though.

      No, the S10 series can charge at 10W, which is faster.

      Only Google Pixel 3 has its own wireless charging protocol..

      • Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the flat charging pads are different than the cradle type in terms of charging or just design variation?
        Do these take micro USB cable or type c?
        Thanks again.

  • $6.12 on Ali express for 32gb micro SD.

  • how many watts is the charging mat?

    • As soon as you click the link, the image shows in huge "10W".

      • thanks

        yeah i was paying more attention to the selection of color and compatability dropdown box..
        so i missed it.

        in regards to compatibility model…
        why is there so much difference options for the type of phones?
        even among the iphone there is one for iphone 8 and iphone xr/xs etc..

        Can we buy one compatibility model for one type of phone
        and use it for the other phones?

        I thought this it is just a charging pad, so shouldn't all phones just work?

        • I think it uses qi standard so will work on all.

          • @ChiMot: if that is the case
            then they should not have the dropdown list for all those phones
            cos it is confusing.

            any idea what brand this is?

            • @pinkybrain: i think: some buyers are really really noob so when they search they will search for their phone (ie. XR wireless charging) generic title QI wireless will not attract them. they trapped in apple eco so they have no idea what is QI, what is micro usb, what is android, etc. thats why…. its all marketing

              check the listing slowly read everything it says brand is baseus.
              im not 100% sure.
              google has baseus brand with circle logo in the middle, this ebay has fast charge word in the middle.
              hmmm… look at this

              if it comes unbranded we can go to ebay/seller to complain

              • @ChiMot: if baseus then that is a good quality brand
                also from the google search, baseus logo on the plate looks different
                and i don't think they would put the word "fast charge" on the plate (which looks unprofessional)

                all the baseus wireless chargers here

                You might be right that this is a generic one

                i seen baseus being post on here for a good deal previously
                so not hurt to wait for another deal..

                i think the title on their listing would have gotten the result for those noobs
                -Qi Wireless Charger FAST Charging Pad Stand For iPhone XS XR 8 Samsung S10 S9

                the dropdown is unnecessary or there is more to it then what we know
                maybe shopping square can clarify this..

                • @pinkybrain: yeah, im kind of think this is not baseus ah..
                  shoppping square is honest seller probably just listing mistake

                  • @ChiMot: Also SS would put baseus in the title
                    since that is a well known brand, and not just list it as
                    -Qi Wireless Charger FAST Charging Pad Stand For iPhone XS XR 8 Samsung S10 S9

                    this makes the deal less desirable

                    I wouldn't say 100% that they are honest sellers
                    I have seen them using misleading advertisement in their ebay listing etc..
                    also others have bought microSD cards from one of their other stores e.g. apu
                    and were sent chinese versions etc..

                    • @pinkybrain: I have bought from ShoppingSquare before, the wireless stand version can be bought from Aliexpress as well (from memory $12?)
                      But this is delivered from Australia (2-3 day delivery!)

                      Don't use the included cable, the cable is of poor quality and cannot sustain power for fast charging, the wireless stand is fine and can charge at 10W though, tested with a different cable and a Samsung S10 (It says either Wirelessly Charging or Fast Wireless Charging).

                    • @pinkybrain: i sent ebay email to them this morning, and i said if not baseus please cancel and refund. i mentioned the listing has baseus too. i guess i can just wait till i got it and then make ebay claim for counterfeit item/not as describe item but dont want the trouble.

                • @pinkybrain: Dear xxxxx,

                  Items are not Baseus items. These items are non branded chargers.
                  Our team has revised the errors in our listing.
                  We apologize for any inconvenience.

                  Best Regards,
                  Customer Service Team

  • Only one item out of three has been shipped today

    • I have only received 1 card in the mail.
      I used Samsung EVO Plus 32GB Micro SD $19.90 for 3 ($6.64 each)(ebay.com.au) link above on 13 Aug but I cannot find any proof of 3 cards in my ebay purchase history.

      Is it reflected as three items for anybody else?

      What would be the best approach to claim the other two cards?

      Thank You

  • 3 chargers are delivered today but non of them can do the 10w Fast Charging with Galaxy note 9.

    • Try a different cable to power the charging pad as it looks like the one they included in the stand version was rubbish.
      After the cable change, I was able to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy S9