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Complete Receipt Survey and Receive Free Small Fries & Small Soft Drink with Your Next Burger Purchase @ Hungry Jack's


When purchasing something at hungry jacks. Keep the receipt and head to www.myhjexperience.com. Complete the survey and receive a small chips and drink with any burger purchase

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    Not like KFC, I see staff punched in the code that we get after completing. So no shortcuts here folks. Must do the survey.

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      That's really dependant on how lazy your local staff is I'd think.

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        Doesnt have to be entered, IF you can somehow convince the whoever at the register they can bypass the code by simply selecting on the screen. Irony is as of yesterday I'm no longer associated, so any questions or hacks I can help with :')

        Also if you go during rush periods they will most likely bypass it's as simple as they select the drink you want and it applies instead of the enter code button. Which doesn't work have the time anyways.

        Had to click assosiciated cause it wouldn't let me post. :/ ???

        • I've removed your association.

          • @RichardL: Thanks Boss :D

            • @Gravehaunted: So the code is actually just the date then store number and then #### for the order number the date part is in reverse im pretty sure, someone can surely verify by posting a receipt

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    It is running for years. Same with mcdonalds and kfc.

  • Can use this with HJ phone/voucher offers for extra bang for your buck.

  • they never pass me the receipt. NEVER. always straight to the bin. lol.

    • Just ask for receipt, they do that at my local store every time too.

      • It's their trick I guess, hate it.

        Some ask if I want it, I say just give it to me!

  • Pick unwanted receipt in store

    • Or get a freebie with the shake & win app to get a receipt.

  • You can stack this with the Vouchers (Eg: Two Whoppers for $8.25).

    • I used to do that all the time too…. I've recently met ONE staff member who claimed that I couldn't stack it with the vouchers. I have yet to try it again. Rest assured I will try again the next time.

      • But have to be buying Burger, right?

        • Yes. Chicken Royale for $3.10 makes for a good meal with the Free Fries and Drink.

      • just add a cheesy cheeseburger

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          One if the staff at bankstown HJ on the weekend refused to honor it. He told me its been the case for 6 years. Caught him on his lie and told him it used to be free cheeseburger at that time.

    • the HJ i go to never lets me. they say you cant use it with Shake n Win and Vouchers. Only if you buy burgers at the menu price

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      Apparently, you aren't supposed to do this.
      I've been doing this with shake and wins/vouchers for a while but then got told no by the same store.

      Then the manager explained that the system can allow it at the moment but it will be fixed "very shortly" so they said don't expect it to work next time you come.

      It's a shame, I'm going to miss my $1 small meal deals.

      • Did they stop it for shake n win burgers yet?

        • I haven't tried for a while tbh. As of early September they were. But that was a month ago.

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    I can confirm that they've been doing this for years. The benefit sometimes changes. I remember when the freebie was a cheeseburger instead of a drink and fries.

    Anyway, I can also share that some stores POS systems don't enable the promotion or aren't able to accept the code. The manager just comps us the fries and drink anyway.

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      Yes I remember it was the cheeseburger previously. I actually preferred that. Also it doesn’t work with a stunner meal or the one HJ I went to wouldn’t let me. I tried it with the two for one burgers and one staffer let me use it. Another staff member refused me

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    Used to rock it when the prize was a cheeseburger, but since the only real value items are the Stunner Meals, I've usually already got my fill of chips and drink at the time. Plus whatever the phone wants to throw at me.

    Was way better in the day when you could just hit the enter button over and over to skip the survey and get a code, good times.

    Was even better when the app would give me a Bacon Deluxe for free, and then I'd snag it from the food court, and quickly run outside to the other one there and grab two of them for nothing. Free Red Rooster and HJs is to blame for my gaining 20 odd kilos in the final years of high school, not my lack of control. Thank God someone stopped them.

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    Who was the genius who came up with this domain name?

  • HJ bondi doesnt accept this promotion

  • I'm guessing it's not available through app ordering?

    Edit: I just did the survey with an unknown store number (no store numbers on my app orders), but it's telling me that my validation code is 00000 :|

  • Are you able to redeem this in the app? I just code a code and tried to redeem it as a coupon code, but didn't seem to work.