expired Buy Any Burger, Complete Receipt Survey and Receive Free Small Fries & Small Soft Drink on Your Next Visit @ Hungry Jack's


From 26th June the Guest Trac receipt offer will change to

'Buy any Burger and receive a free small chips and small soft drink'

you must have a receipt to get this deal.
visit myhjexperience.com and do the survey
write down the verification code at the end of survey.

next visit at hungry jacks simply give them the receipt and you will get the deal.
the best value would be buying a bbq cheeseburger for $2.50 and it will become a bbq cheeseburger meal for $2.50

not as good as the free bbq cheeseburger deal but better than the buy a whopper and get free drink and chips.

this can also be combined with shake and win app

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    Yeah alright we'll give it a go. Does this work with shake to win items (burgers) also?

    If so, could have a bbq cheeseburger + shake + drink + chips, not bad for $3!

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    Will this work with the voucher deals?

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    I sometimes feel bad using the HJ Vouchers.. the deals are so cheap!

    Yet, if I don't use vouchers, the burgers are terribly expensive for what you get.

    I wonder what is the profit margin the franchisee makes with vouchers.


      I sometimes feel bad after HJ. Like, in general. How adulterated the ingredients have to be.

      Then, can't say no to vouchers deals.


        yeah, I don't feel too well afterwards.. fortunately I don't eat it very often.

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      I wonder what is the profit margin the franchisee makes with vouchers.



    they used to give a free cheeseburger, which I used a lot.

    Then they changed it to free fries and coke with whopper purchase, and I never bothered with the survey after that. I never bought whoppers so it was useless.

    Not that I don't like whoppers, but they have your daily caloric intake in one meal.

    Btw, I only did the survey a few times. I took a photo of the number to enter, and just kept reusing the same number every time. Unless I had something new to say about the service I got, which admittedly happens quite a lot. The service is usually terrible. The poor kids are overworked. They have their backs turned to you staring at the burger chute, waiting for the next burger to come down, meanwhile no one is being served. They don't take new orders while they wait for the burgers. They definitely could use more people, but when there's a big queue and only one girl or two girls and they're both ignoring the people in line to instead wait for burgers to come down the chute which isn't actually going to speed up their progress, it's just bad training.

    I only do a new survey when there's bad service, because I'm too lazy. But ironically, bad service happens all the time anyway.

    I don't blame the kids. They are overworked and underpaid. I blame the fast food industry for the culture they've created. I'm willing to pay more for better service, and if it means better working conditions, good.


    imho this is better than the free cheeseburger, they are awful, they seem to use tasteless meat in the HJ ones that is not the same as the meat they put in Whoppers etc. Maccas cheeseburgers much tastier, but HJ chips heaps better than Maccas, so can't win them all i guess! (unless you go to both on a drive thru trip lol)


    I'm new to these survey things and wanted to know how to go about it? So I need to first make a purchase before doing the survey right?


    It looks like maybe they changed this to any purchase not just a burger. I bought chicken nuggets & it still had the survey offer printed on the receipt. Although it says 'buy any burger' on the receipt i was able to complete the survey ok. I have not tried to redeem it yet as i don't live cloe by a HJ, i only go if in the area, but really are they going to look & check if i bought a burger or not?

    also the T&c does not mention burgers either:


    Once went to combine the receipt stuff with a shake and win burger

    The cashier refused and even called the manager who backed him up

    I was pretty sure I had done it in the past in the same branch. The cashier probably had to punch in more buttons but wasn’t tempted to do to

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