Neighbours Dog Has Broken My Fence

Hey All,

I have recently moved into a house and has been relatively peaceful for about 1 month. In the last 4 days my two mini dachshunds have been barking at a dog in my neighbours property through a fence. They can’t see the dog and vice versa as they are separated by a 6ft colorbond fence.

Today there was a loud commotion and lots of barking. I walked out to investigate and saw that my fence has been broken and pushed in from the other side. Initially the fence panel hole was large enough to fit my fist through, I have since given it a push and now can only fit my fingers through.

The damage is pretty noticeable and I’m worried that the neighbours dog (quite large maybe staff x unsure) will break through and attack my two. I’m not worried about the fence damage as much that I’m worried about the size and aggression of the dog that caused it.

Looking for some advice as to how I might approach this with my very new neighbours?


  • A few boards where the neighbour dog likes to push against can be reinforced with chicken wire and staples for a bit more tensile strength.

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    Approach the neighbour's dog. Strongly but firmly utter "Bad dog".

    • Talk to your neighbours - you may be surprised by how nice they are.

      OTOH we already know how nice you are

        • Ah, the binary option.

          Here's a third option:

          3 The topic of discussion was the fence and potentially extends to the neighbour's dog. You've went out of your way to criticize others. You're a dick.

            • @thevofa: Look at the very first comment.

              Of course, you're not too interested in reading, you're just looking for an in to rehash your vegan crap.

              Not at all, it was quite easy really, and on topic.

              No wonder it took you decades to figure out where milk comes from.

                • @thevofa:

                  why don't you go and YouTube search some slaughterhouse footage and find good excuses for the next time you jump on one of my comments.

                  Or you could perhaps quit the self-righteous brigade and debate your perspective like an adult, instead of asking someone to watch a video to make your point.

                  Debate - If you make a weak point, you'd be shot down. Maybe that's why you're meticulously using cartoons like a child.

                  Videos - When you cannot make a point so you need captive audience and a one way dialogue.

                  The majority of people have nothing against dietary choice. No one is bashing Buddhist and Hindus for not eating beef, nor Muslims and Hebrews for not eating pork.

                  That's because they're not being a dick at every opportunity.

                  Try it.

                    • @thevofa:

                      Killing them for nutrients available from non-animal sources is another.

                      I just wanted some clarification on the above. Are mini dachshunds yummy?

                      • @hey aj: Food preferences are most often like religion - they most often depend on how you were raised and what's easily accessible, much less on objective measure and reason. So make your own mind up about that, but it's no less legitimate than asking whether cattle or pigs are yummy.

  • Have you considered stopping your dogs from barking at the other dog?

    Because I assume the other dog was there already, the fence was there already, and the only reason the fence is now damaged is because your dogs are riling up the other one.

  • Keep your pets inside.

  • Looking for some advice as to how I might approach this with my very new neighbours?

    You could tell them that their dog broke your fence.

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    fix the fence lol

  • knock knock

    who's there?


    neighbour who?

    neighbour with 2 dogs and a broken fence. We need to talk before this problem becomes bigger. Come over and I'll make you a cuppa and we can look at what's happened.

    • Spot on.

      How about talking to the neighbours??

      Who negged the post above? WTF. lol

    • Would you accept the invitation? The new neighbour could be a psycho

    • knock knock

      who's there?


      neighbour who?

      Neighbour gonna give you up.

      Neighbour gonna let you down.

      Neighbour gonna run around and desert you.