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Strawberries Punnet 250g $1.70 @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


Should be nationwide
Looks like the cheapest around
Grown in Queensland. In store picture

Mod: Prices vary in different states and also stores (Prices spotted in SA/NSW/VIC/QLD/WA are $1.70, $2 and $2.50). Set your local store online to check prices.

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  • NSW (Sydney) seems to be $1.80 or $3 for $5 at Coles
    $1.70/$2 each at Woolies (depending on location)

  • I paid $2 this morning at Town Hall

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    I bought a heap and made jam. It's dead easy, and I like it much better than commercial varieties.

  • Chazozz,

    That strawberry jam— how do you make it please?

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      Soz, only just saw this, hence the late reply. It can literally be as simple as washing and cutting your fruit, then heating it in a saucepan on a low heat until it liquifies, and boil it down until it's thick. This will give you a very tart jam, though, and not as thick as most people like it.

      My preference is to use jam-setting sugar, which will both sweeten the mix and also help it gel to the proper consistency. Here's a recipe I like to use; you can easily scale to suit how much fruit you're using, plus feel free to mix different kinds of berries together:

      500g berries, washed and chopped
      1 cup jam-setting sugar
      1 tsp lemon or lime juice

      As above, use low heat to bring everything to a boil in the saucepan until the desired consistency is achieved. To test it, put a plate into the fridge when you first start, then put drops of the hot jam on it and allow to cool. Draw your finger through it to test how thick it's getting.

      The next step is most important: sterilising your jars. Do a web search and read through some methods to find the one that works the best for you. I prefer to pop the clean jars and lids into a hot oven (~150C) for twenty minutes or so, then fill with jam while the mix is still hot. Cool the jars and ensure the safety button pops down, indicating a good seal has been made, then leave them somewhere cool and dry when storing.

      Be prepared to make a bit of mess in your kitchen (I never fail to get sticky splats and spills all over the place) but since it's mostly sugar it cleans up easily with water when it's cool. The juice can stain (I'm looking at you, Blackberries!!) so you may want to wear an apron. It's a fun activity that older kids can help with, just careful as hot jam can burn quickly due to the temperature it's at and it's sticky.

      The next part is the best: enjoying the fruits of your labour! (Pun definitely intended.) :-D

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