out of stock Merge Corner Workstation $187 (Was $347) and More @ Officeworks


1- Merge corner workstation 1500mm x 1500mm RRP $347, went down to $249 now it is further down to $187.
I had one of these and really liked it (had to sell as it was large for our new place).Greenacre and Glebe stores in NSW have some in stock.

2- Had to replace my Merge workstation with this oxford desk which is down to $57. highly recommended for the price. Some say it is a bit flimsy, I put mine together properly and I believe it is very firm. limited stock. In NSW Glebe and North Ryde store still have some left. West Ryde had one as well (ring the store before heading there to confirm as they usually won't sell desks and this was a returned item). Was previously posted at $67.

3- this 1200 mm Bakken Workstation also on sale, RRP $199, Down to $129 and now further down to $97. North Ryde and Glebe stores in NSW still have some left.

4- I also bought one of these Horsens 4 Cube Bookcases and it looks really good. standard size so can fit Ikea and bunnings boxes in. Down to $25 from $49. Also limited stock in Glebe, North Ryde and Greenacre NSW.

5- In Glebe store they also had this Matrix High Back Ergonomic Chair for $49 (Down from $199) Ex display or damaged

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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    Highly recommend the merge corner desk at that price. Had it for two years and love it. Relatively easy to disassemble and keeps it strength.

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    Upvoted for quality post


    How solid is it? I saw particle board and thought that isnt really that strong, MDF would of been more ideal wouldn't it?


      I partially disassembled mine 3 times when move house and it kept strength. The Merge workstation was one of their high quality desks. Top coat is anti scratch too.

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    Recently actually tried to get one of the merge corner workstations, store only had display stock as did all the surrounding store.
    Pretty cut, really wanted one, great price :(

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    Would love to have a new corner desk but i have not found one that fits my requirements at all. Looks like ill have to settle for making a custom one i guess.

    I do like thw look of the bakken but yeah too short on both sides.

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    This is a solid desk, I bought the exact model back in 2010! Used it as a full time work desk for 7 years working from home, now only occasional use since moving to a city job, still going strong! Only paid $240 back then..

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    Oh man, I have been hoping for the 1500mm Toro Workstation to go on clearance. I can do without the cupboard and drawers as the table will be used to hold gaming consoles, a PC and a TV.

    But for that price, I could live with a cupboard and drawers underneath the table.

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    Can't seem to find any store with stock in Melbourne area. But you have to search by store.. Can't just seem to see only stores that have stock available.


    What adjustable desk do people use for their gaming PCs?


      I have to pass on this one and leave it to the experts to reply …


      No one games standing up?


      I use a recliner and a PS4

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      If you want adjustable desk you could have a look here.
      For gamer like inspiration ideas on a gamer setup.

      I have a pretty simple and basic desk that uses Drawer Units and a Benchtop to make a desk:

      2x Alex Drawer Units to fit on either end of the countertop link @ $120.00 each
      1x Karlby Countertop link @ $249.00
      1x Adils legs (optional) link @ $6.00

      It is a good setup for me as I have plenty of drawer space to put stuff in and the benchtop has plenty of space to hold 2x 27" monitors and a desktop PC tower (if you so choose to put that on the benchtop). I have no sag issues since I place my PC tower on the end where the drawers are underneath it. If you are planning on putting anything really heavy in the middle, best to get the Adils leg to support the weight of the middle section.


    Any chance of a zoomed in picture of the matrix high back chair? Showing as $199 online; trying to verify if same as current model online.

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    In case you were wondering which stores still have stock of the desk:

    - Hoxton Park
    - Lewsisham
    - Glebe
    - Bondi Junction
    - Chatswood
    - Port Macquarie
    - Dee Why
    - Mona Vale
    - Tamworth
    - Taree
    - Kotara

    - Belconnen

    - Stuart Park

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      Just to add:

      Limited - please call

      Don't just leave for the store without making a quick phone call to confirm they do indeed have stock available.


        Correct, but limited can also mean several in stock, it only will show as available when there are quite a few there.

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    I just tried a click & collect with Kotara and they rang to say it was out of stock but they could get it via Sydney somehow (they're "diverting" the order to the Sydney warehouse"). Will supposedly take about a week, will update if it gets cancelled.

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