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[VIC] 20% off Most Items under $250 E.g $200 Gift Voucher for $160 @ Grain and Grape, Yarraville


Fathers Day Sale Australia Wide
20% Off most items under $250
10% off 10L, 20L and 50L Braumeisters
10% off items $250 and over
10% Off Beer

This 8 day sale starts Saturday 17th August. If you would like the sale price you will need to place your or order or pick up your goods during the sale.

The sale starts at 7am (online orders) and 9am (at the shop) Saturday morning 17th August 2019 and ends 1pm Saturday 24th August 2019.

The sale excludes pro craft brewing equipment including 200, 500 and 1000 litre Braumeisters.

The sale applies to existing stock only - if we sell out of items of stock, we will not apply the sale price to items for collection later when stock is re-ordered. Other discounts and promotions do not apply in conjunction with the sale.
The sale applies to walk in customers at the shop and also orders placed through our website until 1pm Saturday 24th August.

The sale applies to grain book top ups, maximum of 2.
Sale price does not apply to postage costs.
Expect some delays in the shop during the sale.
Our website displays the discounted prices during the sale.

Exclusions: The 20KG price break for grains will not be discounted during the sale. That means, there will be no discount on 25KG bags of grain or 22.68KG bags of Briess grain. Tilt hydrometers will not be discounted during the sale.

Gift Vouchers 20% Off During the Sale, maximum of 2 x $250 during the sale.
For example, $200 voucher for $160. For the relative who can't think of what to buy.
If a Gift voucher is bought with discount, a further discount is not allowable on the items purchased with that voucher. Vouchers cannot be combined to use on single items more than $250.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • This shop is amazing. Worth a visit if you are in the area. Have a free taste of something they have brewed while you are there!

  • remember it always pays to shop around.

    kegs are $148 (before discount)
    but only $95 at kegland.

    • I use the place for fresh wort kits, with a 20% discount on a $250 voucher I'm essentially getting one free which works for me.

      Agree about the shopping around though. I just bought a new 6kg CO2 cylinder from Kegland from an earlier posted deal. Just wish Kegland wasn't in Springvale (for me at least).

  • It might have been quicker to post what's included in the sale. That's a pretty hefty explanation of the exclusions…

  • What is with the ridiculous prices on the Braumeisters? $2025 for a 10 litre Braumeister?

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