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Samsung X5 Portable SSD - Thunderbolt 3 External SSD 1TB $707.01 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Cheapest price in Australia by far. Price includes GST and shipping if you have Prime. Mega-fast transfer speeds via Thunderbolt™ 3 with fast bandwidth up to 40 GB/s. Read/write speeds of up to 2,800/2,300 MB/s. Dynamic and streamlined shape highlights speed and a glossy top boasts premium quality. DTG (Dynamic Thermal Guard) technology helps maintain optimal performance and temperature.

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  • +2 votes

    About $50 cheaper from B&H inc. shipping. Which would mostly be the lack of GST applied.

  • Aside from looking a bit cooler, why would one be interested in this compared to any other external thunderbolt NVMe enclosure?

    Seems very expensive, I must be missing something.

  • With fastest M.2 PCIe SSDs going for under $200 I can't see how it's thunderbolt case is worth $500

  • Portable SSD is one thing, but this is absurd.

    It's extremely niche.

  • It looks like a soap.

  • Well I can't really downvote because it is a good price for the product… But holy cow I can't upvote it because this is a crazy rort from Samsung.

  • Are there recommendations for a good USB-C / Thunderbolt case and fast M.2 1TB SSD?

    I’m looking for something fast to use for digital photo processing on the road with my MacBook. Been using a Samsung T5 so far.

    • Which year MacBook? USB 3.1 gen 2? Thunderbolt 2/3? What sort of drive do you have in the machine already? There's no point buying equipment that will be bottle-necked somewhere.

      • Bottleneck unlikely.

        It’s a 2019 MBP 15” with a 2 TB built in SSD and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. I used to have a 2017 MBP but Apple swapped it for a new one after I had the keyboard replaced 3 times…

        • Do you mind me asking about that newer replacement? I’m about to have my 2017 MBP keyboard replaced for the second time.

          • @Strahany: As I said: had it replaced x3 and then insisted on having it swapped for a new one. Wasn’t an issue with them at all (Apple Store). I also upgraded to 32 GB RAM at the same time for a fee (which wasn’t available with the 2017 model).

            • @outofgamut: Ah, I see. I’ll see if I can do the same on this second replacement, otherwise will do it on the (practically inevitable) third time.

              Thanks for getting back

        • A Samsung drive with comparible read/write speeds to what they're advertising is the 970 EVO, which is $300 on it's own, then an enclosure like the TOOGOO is another $175 on top of that. The benefit here being the flexibility of drive choice. You could have a similar (likely the same) drive for ~$230 less, or increase the capacity, increase the speed, choose a cheaper drive, or you could even double up and get a second enclosure and split 2x 500gb if that helps your workflow or could add redundancy and still come out less than this deal.

  • This is still a better deal than the Apple $999 monitor s tand

  • When your external drive costs more than a pc (with x16 pcie slot equipped mobo) you know there's something wrong

  • That’s a $200 Samsung nvme drive in a $500 enclosure.

  • Damn, too expensive for a storage, even shits get transferred in the blink of an eye, not worth it. For the majority people, they aren't data thieves who need the speed, they actually are average Joe's who have plenty free time. This is gonna be a failure unless after 10 years it becomes as Che as an USB.

  • Please tell me the X5 means you get 5 of these because that's the only way to justify that price.

  • I know everyone thinks this is the worst value product on Ozbargain, but for me it works. I edit 4K and some 6K video material on a 2019 5K iMac for television and online. Having a super fast dedicated SSD like the X5 is suited to the massive files I'm reading and writing. I've tried the cheap simple NVMe enclosures with the EVO970 and I get overheating issues after an hour of editing. I'm finding the inbuilt heat-sink and magnesium frame is helping prolonged 4K editing and transfers. In the big picture it's not a big cost for the intended use. If you just storing videos and MP3's then of course it's a waste of money.

    • +4 votes

      Agreed, it's easy for everyone to mock the price, but if you were actually using it everyday to make money then it's a minimal difference to be assured of a decent workflow. Unfortunately this is a bargain forum so people understandbly judge primarily on price – which is fine – but obviously premium products, which inherently are overpriced by mainstream market standards, aren't going to be appreciated. I'd still purchase this from B&H for $650 something if I needed the portability.

  • Can I use this with my BMW X5M to play music? 😁

  • I've now looked at quite a few of these enclosures and count me disillusioned…

    I'm not forking out the money for the X5 but if I truly needed the speed I'd buy it. I've used (and am using) the T5 which is a superb product. Small, light, USB-C connector and it is fast (not X5 fast, obviously).

    It's like this for all upgrades you look at - incremental benefits cost more out of proportion to the return they bring. To some it's worth it, others don't mind how much they pay, others very much care and rather stick with the cheaper option.

    To each their own but I'm not at all convinced that this product can be had cheaper on a 'do it yourself' way :(

  • I built one using a 1TB 970 Evo Plus. The Thunderbolt enclosure alone is still very expensive, at about $280. But still, it is cheaper than the X5.

  • I just purchased the Samsung T5 1TB drive to go with my new Dell XPS and thought that was next level, didn't even know about the existence of the X5. How are the speeds of these external drives via thunderbolt 3 in real world usage?

  • Apple user = poor life choices

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