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Bosch SMS66MI02A Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher $1080 Delivered @ Appliances Online (RRP $1499)


Great price on the Bosch SMS66MI02A Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher $1080 Delivered @ Appliances Online.

Retail price is $1499. Highly rated at Choice.

Includes removal of old dishwasher too.


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  • It's slightly cheaper to buy on their eBay store (no price jack), $1026 with PATPAT coupon (I don't have eBay plus benefits).

  • Recently got this dishwasher for 1089 after price matching appliances online with goodguys. it's a great dishwasher, very quiet and everything has come out clean. i think it was the cheapest stainless steel base with a cutlery tray from my research.

  • Can you hook dishwashers to the hot water pipe? Because they only added a bit on the hot water in my joint.

    • Yes, you can hook this Bosch dishwasher up to just hot water, provided it's between 40 and 60 degrees and is mains pressure (ie not gravity feed).

      • It feels hotter than that sometimes. I guess I could adjust the gas heater tonlower the temp.

    • You can but from energy savings perspective it's pretty much useless. I have the same model and when I first got it upon checking the manual the hot water pipes give you peanut savings compared to the cold water pipe. Some mode using hot wateraactually consumed more energy lol. Was about 0.2kwh difference. Better just stick with intensive mode and look for energy saving somewhere else. Eco mode consume about 0.7kwh, intensive mode 1.2kwh.

  • Is there any reason not to go integrated?

  • This dishwasher is available for around this price from just about everywhere that sells it.

  • I chose to get the siemens iq500 instead of this. Its afaik virtually identical, but the siemens is $100 more, but you get a 5yr manufacture warranty.

  • I got in from eBay Good Guys sales two months back. It is quiet during the cycle, and I would highly recommend it.

  • FYI, this came in at 14th in Choice's latest dishwasher review (April 2019). Still rated as 'Recommended' with a score of 77% though. For comparison, the top rated dishwasher was the LG XD3A15NS.

  • I purchased a series 8 Bosch Dishwasher (SMS88TI01A) just over 2 years ago, and have found it to be quiet, reasonably good with washing, and the design of the trays seems to be efficient (offering some configuration adjustments).

    When it stopped working a couple of months out of the '2 year warranty' I was disappointed that they bluntly stated the warranty is for 2 years only, and would not review the case, offering paid service only, and offered no sympathy or tact.

    I thought the fair trading reforms from a few years back put a stop to this.

    I paid for the repair and have put pressure on them to reimburse the cost (and it will happen), but am a little disgusted that they offer a shorter level of warranty than a $300 Aldi dishwasher (that comes with a standard 3 year warranty).

    The dishwasher cost around $1400 when purchased.

  • They just came back in stock on the appliances online ebay store and I managed to get one but are out of stock again.

    Powerlandau has them for $934.15 delivered with the PANTHER code https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bosch-60cm-Series-6-Freestanding...

  • I bought one of these 6 months ago, and did a lot of price checking in stores and they came in around $1000 +/- $80, plus delivery. So while I praise the OP for finding a good price, it seems to be a pretty common market price.

    My local Betta got the sale because he always offers the best price price out of the gate, but Bing Lee was also good. Strangely, stainless was cheaper than plain white, but I understand this can fluctuate.

  • Can this be used as under bench?

    • Yes, I believe, you can use it under the bench too. It is freestanding so you can install where it fits.

  • Those who have this dishwasher, does it make a louder sound when on auto 65-75?

    For example you can hear the machine with a like humming now and then when it’s in certain modes?

  • PANTHER not working with this deal?

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