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[QLD, NSW, ACT] Frozen Yoghurt Cup (No Serving Size Limit) $5 @ Yogurtland


Every store is celebrating NFYD:

Belconnen, Coffs Harbour, Erina, Glendale, Greenhills, Harbour Town, Macarthur Square, Manly, Marketown, Penrith, Tuggerah & Wetherill Park


$5 Cup offer is valid in celebratory 8oz cup. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Cup can only be filled once. Only available at Yogurtland Australia stores on 7 September 2019 during posted trading hours.

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    Unlimited Frozen Yogurt

    Cup can only be filled once.

    • wait….what?

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      Technically it is unlimited if you can stack up the swirls in the cup? You can fill the cup up with however much you want?

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    I knew it, we're in the bad place.

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    Not unlimited "Cup can only be filled once"

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      You can fill the cup up an unlimited amount in that one time though?

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        You are still limited by the capacity of the vessel, you can only stack so much frozen yoghurt on top before you run into issues like the stack tipping over and ending up on the floor.

        A more appropriate wording would be 'no serving size limit'?

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    Change the topic- It is not unlimited. ""Cup can only be filled once"
    One time fill up only for cup size so it is not unlimited.
    cup size is smaller than unlimited.

    • The title has been changed, thanks for your input

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    I remember them popping up everywhere with Yogurberry, Moochi and etc.. now there's only handful of stores open.

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      Yeah, sadly it was just a trend that quickly died out. I remember there was like 3 seperate froyo stores in Parramatta on the same street, there's none of them there anymore ):

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    Friends, the trick is you use your hands to support the frogurt and have a donor container at the ready. Also keep in mind that the toppings contain potassium benzoate.

  • So you can fill it up with yoghurt and toppings for only $5?

  • is byo cup allowed?

    • I doubt it :(

    • $5 Cup offer is valid in celebratory 8oz cup

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    I went today

    You need to be very strategic to get the best payoff which I failed at today. As the store is very busy it is a very hot and slow wait in line; you need to get the denser flavours at the bottom of the cup because they will not melt by the time you get to the bottom (I think the densest chocolate flavour). I made the mistake of filling the base mostly with red velvet which tasted awful and melted by the time I even got to the checkout because that flavour is basically just vanilla soft serve with red dye. Then once you fill in the base you can add the interesting flavours in spirals on the top.

    If it was like 9AM and not busy at all then you could use the strategy of using wafer sticks as artifical walls and reinforcements - Dense chocolate base and then build the fence to fill in with more dense yogurt (otherwise it will leak out the side)

    If your yogurt looks precarious and tall then the staff will ask you not to put any loose toppings (like crumbs etc) on it because they won't stick to the sides of your tower

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