[PC] 10% off Borderlands 3 - Super Deluxe Edition (and Other Editions) (RRP US $99.99 on EPIC Games) - $116.95 AUD - Fanatical


Thought I'd share this deal since it's the lowest price I've seen for anything other than the standard/base edition.

Don't forget to use shopback or cashrewards as well.

Borderlands 3 - Standard Edition (You're better off getting it from previous deals but I'll link it anyway)
Borderlands 3 - Deluxe Edition
Borderlands 3 - Super Deluxe Edition

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    Super Exclusive Edition more like it.

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      Agreed. Frustrates me a bit that for consoles, you can get any edition, but for PC you can only get standard edition from retailers.


      Welp, by the time it launches on Steam, me and my friends should have finished with all the DLC in BL2 and TPS… or even after, when there's a sale.

      I don't feel like paying over $115 for what may not be the complete game.


        same, replaying BL2 with my mates now.

        I also may be the only person that considers TPS the best in the series :) (Borderlands with space bogan Australians ?! whats not to like ?)


          Have to agree with you, honestly. I find myself continually crouching in BL2 to slam down… and nearly falling off of platforms instead. Really love the gameplay in TPS more than BL2, and the co-op skills make it really amusing. The dialogue in TPS also made me laugh more than BL2, and the Claptrap DLC made me feel very bittersweet.

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        Looks like everyone is doing BL2 and TPS while they wait for the exclusivity to expire.

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    whats the rush to play this exclusivity trash


    What, we're not doing the boycott anymore?

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    For those that don't bother with cashback / cashrewards, its $115.66 at GMG for the Super Deluxe.


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